Arsenal need to win but must be cautious against Swansea

Arsene Wenger needs to get his tactics bang on for when Arsenal face Swansea City in the Premier League tomorrow night and I reckon the Frenchman needs to make sure his Arsenal team do not go on all out attack even though we desperately need to win the match to keep our EPL title hopes alive.

Being too intent on attack has cost us dearly in the last two games against Barcelona and Manchester United and if we push too much and get hit on the break they will defend for their lives, and we have seen how hard it is for us to break down a determined defence recently.

Swansea are not at home but after losing to the Spuds after leading at halftime there will be pressure on them to try to score. They won’t be too forthcoming, though, as a point against the Gunners will be seen as a good one in their relegation scrap.

An early goal would be a massive bonus for Arsenal tomorrow and would set the game up nicely and get the Emirates crowd buzzing but if we fail to get it then we must have patience and manage the game properly. We just have to trust the defensive side of our game and hope that one of our struggling strikers can find their shooting boots.

Will Wenger make sure the players do not make it easy for our opponents for a third game in a row?

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    1. Arsenal vs Swansea

      Venue: where visiting kids Love to play and AngeLs fear to Tread…. L()L

      1. Leicester dropped two points tonight.way to go..we win tomorrow and were right back in it. I wasn’t expecting a slip up from Leicester tonight.I was thinking bthey will drop points around week 36-38…I’m very happy..we win tomorrow and we are right back in it.we just need to get a result at apurs

    2. 1 Play El nieny and Coq behind Ozil and grill them to maintain discipline at all times . Only 1 of them should even bother crossing the halfway line at a time .

      2 If the fullbacks bomb forward both DM must maintain discipline.

      3 drop Ramsey

      4 play Joel Campbell on the right . He has the best understanding with Belerin in that team

      4 play welbeck at the top with Sanchez behind him

      1. If you play Sanchez behind welbeck then what happens to our very own Ozil??? Out of position or on the bench?? Isn’t he available?

    3. 1 Play El nieny and Coq behind Ozil and grill them to maintain discipline at all times . Only 1 of them should even bother crossing the halfway line at a time .

      2 If the fullbacks bomb forward both DM must maintain discipline.

      3 drop Ramsey

      4 play Joel Campbell on the right . He has the best understanding with Belerin in that team

      4 play welbeck at the top with Sanchez behind him .

      I want people to stop this lack of leaders bull crap . There is no chemistry in the current first 11 and the midfield lacks creativity . Ramsey is out of his depth and coquelin is no petit or Vierra.
      On tactics , tactics only work with intelligent players . How do you do tactic with Ramsey , walcotts or Ox. Ramsey cannot even maintain positional discipline.
      Regardless of the changes , one thing for sure , swapping like for like has not worked all season .

  1. Gonna be a tough night!

    Us getting an early goal won’t help us either based on past experience..

    1. I perhaps interpret the fact that we have finished in the top four without winning the title for the past decade or so differently from many of us. Yes, lack of money may have played a part. However, I believe that over the course of these years, Wenger’s management style is to blame for creating a culture within the club that fails to bring out the best of a player’s or a team’s collective mental strength. A player’s mental strength, in my opinion, contributes a lot to his consistency & confidence on the pitch especially in big games. Coquelin is a prime example. He’s confident in his challenges, work hard, does not shy away from individual battles, came close to the exit door, and has now become a reliable player to have. Campbell turned himself around just when he was close to the exit door, and given a chance he put up a string of some consistent performances. All of a sudden, he and Theo are talked about in the same breath now. Very few players at Arsenal recently have been faced with a do-it-now-or-bust situation. Walcott, Ox, & Ramsey have never had their hand forced in such a manner. Sir Alex put players in this kind of position where they either performed or hit the door, & he got the best of them.

      1. [b]The real and effectual discipline which is exercised over a workman is that of his customers. It is the fear of losing their employment which restrains his frauds and corrects his negligence. [/b] Adam Smith

        The problem is negligence by Wenger and the players being too comfortable that their place in the squad is secure regardless of what they do or how they behave .
        I do not believe in all those Mental strength , lack of leaders excuse .
        Fact : WE simply have some overpaid players with incomes not proportional to their talents .

        The same thing happened with Bendthner, Djorou, Denilson , Szczeny etc .
        Where will the motivation come from when they were being paid Β£50,000 as teenagers , having done nothing .
        Look at Wilshere’s Arsenal record of goals and assist . What about turnovers, interception etc
        Walcotts ,Ox and Wilshere will not get a game on the street of Rio or buenos Aires. Their kick and follow football automatically rules them out
        On the street , When your chances of going to bed on an empty stomach depends on you winning or losing a 7 a side match on a dirt pitch , you need no other motivation .

        1. You can say that we have overpaid players but you also must remember we have a string of players who played alongside the overpaid ones you mentioned up there that ended up playing important roles in winning the title for the teams they played for after leaving Arsenal. You can’t deny that RVP, Fabregas, Clichy, Nasri were pivotal in winning titles for the teams they played for. Some told the story of the mentality being different in their new teams compared to Arsenal!

  2. It will take something special from Arsenal for some of us fans to recover from the utter embarrassment against Man U (Without 14 first team players)…and I’m not referring to a 90+5mins goals mouth scramble Arsenal 1 – 0 Swansea.

  3. Let’s go West Brom tonight! Who knows that Leicester City cant win every game… maybe WBA can snatch a point there…

    Anyways… I had to take a break before writing this… but whats up with the OX? If I stay polite, i would say he is in a very f…g s…t form. He always chooses the wrong option isnt’t he? He ruins the attacks, cant score from 3 yards, constantly makes errors, that lead to goals. And he is constantly palying ahead of Campbell who is running up and down, tackles, dribbles, passes, and shoots in every game? And he gives 110% in every game.

    Who understads this? Because I guess even Wenger doesnt. And the funny thing is, also Sanchez, Walcott, Ramsey, Gabriel, etc are such in a bad form, we all forgot to bash Giroud πŸ˜€

    Anyways, COYG for life, but this team needs changes, and everyone should know by now, who should leave…

    1. Thumbs up @red14
      Actually, it not like Campbell is Arsenal’s most exceptional player…but he is miles better than Theo and Ox at the moment. The whole team honestly needs a serious talking to. The only people who have been 70% and above (in my opinion) are Belerin, Monreal, and the able hands of Cech.

  4. OT:
    I have an honest question.
    Did YouTube make Elneny exceptionally good or is Wenger not unleashing his full potential?

    1. Elneny’s physical stature and pace are miles behind Premier League standards..

      His actual level we won’t see until next season.

      1. @J McLovin
        You can see it in the way he plays, that he’s well aware of it too…But I would still throw him in at the deep end and make him do butterflies…He has a good engine and movement. He just needs to get hit once or twice to feel the League. Then he’s good to go.

        1. He needs to be more purposeful on the ball. He needs to demand the ball more and make more forward passes. At the moment I’ll stick with Ramsey πŸ™

      2. I think elneny will fit nicely with/behind ozil for extra protection and i would even put sanchez in front of ozil as in no10 he should get us a couple of free kicks and have campbel and welbeck with them on the pitch of course coq in witch ever look at the group you can have any one up front going any where can we try it and see

    2. EL-neny needs some soots in the ground……he should stop passing the ball sideways and do the whip everyone expected of him!

  5. Think AW needs to start thinking about bringing in a number 2 who will take over from him not like the one we have now who just sits there and gets a free game to watch. Big changers needed in the summer with loads out and loads to come in. He says it upsets a team bring in players but I say they are more up for that. I would rather he walked away from the club end off TBH but that’s not going to happen so long as there is a forth place cup. And to be honest that won’t be there next year as other teams now put cash on the park instead of ther banks. Time to Change things big time. I’m not going to renew my season ticket and I won’t be spending Β£300 on tops and kits for my kids and I think all fans should do this. Be better if all the fans walked out at half time at the weekend so we can let them see we have all had enough

    1. He is never ever ever gonna section getting a no.2.

      He should when his time comes stay far away from AFC In my opinion and make way for new blood.

  6. We’re gonna win the league.
    We’re gonna win the league.
    We’re gonna win the
    We’re gonna win the league πŸ™‚

    1. When? This year? Next year? When Wenger leaves the club? I’d put all my savings on Arsenal not winning PL ever again while Wenger is still manager…

      Maybe you’re talking about the U21’s πŸ˜‰

  7. Situation report from the King Power Stadium is, West Brom have gifted a goal to Leicester through Daniel Drinkwater at 30′ as a result of indisciplined defending by West Brom.

  8. Leicester 2-1
    I hate to say it but they will be the greatest Cinderella story in sports history if they win the PL

  9. The situation is getting worse for us as West Brom have conceded again to Leicester through Andy King @ 45 min. It’s now Leicester 2-1 West Brom at the stroke of HT.

    Let’s pray WBA will come back strongly into the game in the 2nd half to equalize and go ahead to win the game. I hope so.

  10. Did we see that pass from the Leicester’s right side to Andy King? It was audacious quickest pass.

    1. What an assist from Mahrez. I hope he’s not a 1 season wonder because it’s a pleasure watching him play when he’s in the mood…

    2. @Samuel A A
      We do not need to pray for Westbrom to get a point off Leicester when we are damn sure that our boys will bottle their opportunity again.

      How many times have we had that scene of the season film watched ?

      Here in Africa, our elders have a saying that: “It is too late to cry when the head is off”
      Let us prepare for preseason games and our routine winnable Emirates cup.

  11. The league is lost boys/girls, stop being delusional. This manager is not capable of winning trophies but he’ll get us top 4 and champions league next year. Is that good enough?

    They (the board) have already put out a story about 75 million for spending, too late, next year guardiola and mourinho are coming to the league. Klopp will have an entire summer to put together a team of his choice, do you guys honestly think this wimpy manager can contend with those boys. This was the year, it was our year to win and we squandered it.

    Even if we win at Swansea, we will be playing spurs Saturday and i don’t see this low quality team winning two games back to back.

    1. Leicester dropped 2 points tonight,
      If West ham beat the spuds tomorrow night and if we beat Swansea and the Spuds…. We are back in the race!

  12. Now Westbrom had put Leicester geometric progression into a halt with 2-2 final scoreline. Let see what the ‘bottlers’ will do this time around.

  13. Arsenal MUST capitalize on any further dropped points by Spurs at Boleyn ground tomorrow by beating Swansea to start seizing the initiative to control the outcomes of this title race.

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