What Arsenal need to win titles – Are you listening Arsene?

Before the West Ham match, there was much talk about Mesut Ozil announcing that he was backing Arsene Wenger and intended to see out his Arsenal contract, which still has two years to run. But this is also the time when clubs traditionally begin contract extension talks to see if their star players are willing to remain longer than the current terms so I imagine the 27 year-old will be on top of that list after his performances this season.

But Ozil also added a caveat at the end of his (quite long) announcement. He said: “I always want to play for the biggest teams in the world, and in the competitions like the Champions League and it is my goal to win many titles, and I know that I can win titles with this team but to achieve that we need a big squad, if players get injured, it’s just like that.

“That is why I said a lot of things have to be right, it is my aim to help the team and it is our goal to win titles and I think you can achieve that with Arsenal.

“You can realise your dreams here, and if we get in a few more good players, I think that will happen.”

We need a big squad? A few more good players eh? Going by that statement I doubt that the German was very impressed by Wenger’s actions last summer, when he failed to bring in even ONE outfield player. He does end with “I think this will happen” so I wonder if Wenger has promised him a few more top class arrivals this summer, or is he just issuing a little warning to Wenger to improve the squad or he won’t renew his contract?

This could be a very interesting summer, or a very frustrating one for Ozil and the fans. Which do you think it will be.


  1. I don’t know if Wenger ever learn….We all know He is so unpredictable. He can be so good at times and other times really frustrating.

    I hope Leicester winning the league will open Wenger’s eyes and the fact that Top class managers coming into the league next season will also make Wenger ready…

    We need to change our mentality @ Arsenal… I want to win the league with Wenger but it is left for Him to get the players we need and above all’ Use His tactics very well..

    Wenger will still be the manager next season… I know most of us wants him out (including mi) after a frustrating season but let’s embrace Him as He will still be with us for a while…

    Let’s hope He changes His mentality and win the league or champions league before he resigns.

    Onwards and Upwards!

    1. @SoOpa: I don’t know whether to mark you up or down as I believe you seem to be occupying the fence. Nail your colours to the mast properly so fans can see. I have nailed mine and I want that dope out, even tomorrow. I’m sure Steve Boulder will be able to keep us in the CL placing before we go out there and get a proper manager. Wenger should have gone when Klop and/or Gaurdiola were made available. Now we can go and get Simone. I’m sure he’ll come given the right incentives.

  2. u are so wrong………. Title should have been

    “what Arsenal needs to win titles.are u listening mr manager? *insert new name*”

    1. Give it up SoOpa
      Don’t tell me you are going to carry on this crap for another year.
      Listen carefully WENGER IS NOT LEAVING UNTIL NEXT SUMMER at least

        1. See the give it up remark, I was all set to say the same thing a couple of days ago but then thought sure whats the use. We know his feelings, right we get it. Some people wont care about others well being or health and reading too much of soopa among others is certainly not good for the mind.

  3. If he makes any big signings I hope he makes them before the euros as there will be a few new managers stepping in at a few top premiership clubs who will be probably spending loads . But with mr wenger I would’nt hold me breath

  4. To be fair this has been a great
    season for Arsenal so far
    and there are no grounds
    for complaint whatsoever.
    We have played great football
    scoring many fabulous goals
    while the defense has been rock solid.
    Great to see all the players healthy,
    fit and all playing many games.
    The English core have been immense
    the backbone of the team especially Walcott
    who has been my MOTM 25 times and will
    surely be named skipper for the next 5 years.
    We are still on track to win the EPL this season
    and I have no doubt we will triumph with two games to spare.
    I believe we should keep all the squad
    next season but bring back Sanogo to lead the line.
    I also believe Arsene should receive a 5 year contract
    extension and a new salary of 12 mill per year because he
    has kept all Arsenal fans happy this season as always.

    1. @davidnz: just love your ironical sacarsm.
      More of it. Is not as if that mop head didn’t see it coming last summer when every non-Arsene-knows-best group was calling for him to spend some money and reinforce the paper thin team. Here we are again like the song about history repeating itself!!!

    1. Wenger will win the title next year and you will be begging him to stay.
      But stop with theWenger out BS he is NOT going anywhere. FFS

      1. he wont win title or even come close next year.
        but yes wenger out is futile hes made it clear he will see out contract.

        who would sack someone whos literally transformed this club
        haha no bloody chance

      2. @G-Rude: no we won’t be begging him to stay. At least not me as it will come as a big relief if he goes even now!!!

  5. One thing I can never understand about people like Wenger is how often even as intelligent as they seem, they always fall into this Shakespearen saying, “those whom the gods want to kill, they first make mad”! How true of Wenger as I believe his madness is driving him to obliterating his once near-spotless legacy.

    1. “Whom the gods would destroy
      they first make mad ”
      is a line from a poem
      by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
      1875), based on similar earlier sayings.

      1. @davidnz: thanks for the correction but I thought Shakespeare also used the same. Never mind at least we are agreed on one thing- the departure of Mr. Wenger!

  6. Arsene said we should judge him at the end of the season. WELL! Since our hopes are all gone and the season over for us now.

    I will Continue to chant.
    Lift those banners high!
    Chants echo through the sky!
    No more bums on these seats!
    Till Kroenke and Arsene leaves!

    Change! Change! Is what we need
    Oh see, how our Gooner hearts do bleed
    Arsenal! Arsenal! We came to see
    Instead we leave with hearts full of greave
    Kroenke leave!
    Arsene leave!
    For the sake of our beloved Arsenal Please!

  7. I believe AW is obsessed, literally obsessed with proving the football world (managers/pundits/fans/journalists) wrong, and that it IS possible to win titles and be very successful without spending and without signing new players.

    To be fair he has a point, look at Leicester….however, with AW it always seems to come across at best as single mindedness and at worst as pure arrogance.

    So will he sign 2-3 top players? Going on previous management style, the answer is a big fat NO.

    And don’t be blaming the owners…if AW was hell bent on signing top players to improve his team they would support him…that he doesn’t sign them (in numbers) is down to him alone, if it weren’t, there would be a major conflict between him and the owners, and there isn’t, or it would be in the press…

    For me, he was a great manager in his day, but is now a solid manager who refuses to subscribe to anyone’s idea of what is necessary to win titles.

    Basically, don’t hold your breath on multiple top class signings.

  8. Well that’s the problem. He doesn’t listen and doesn’t respect the fans

    3 weeks ago Wenger said in press conference that he doesn’t care what the fans want. He literally said “I don’t care”

    He is stubborn and will do whatever he wants

    The board will not persuade him. They love him
    I think only two ways to change things
    1. Top players like Alexis and Ozil put pressure on him through delay in contract signing
    2. Fans don’t renew season tickets

    1. Not renewing season tickets will only work if they are not taken by someone else. And if that happens in large numbers then arsenal are in trouble, large wage bill and not enough income to pay it spells disaster.

      There is a fundamental issue here, the owner does not want to win championships. The financial well being of the club depends on us fans buying tickets and merchandise, besides the direct income there is advertising and sponsorship money which also depends on the fan base.

      The fans want most to win the PL, the sponsors want a sucessful team, the owner does not want to win championships. In normal life this would mean a parting of the ways.

      I am not sure how far Kroenke’s comments have been absorbed by us fans in general. Listening to the pundits on TV I have not heard any of them mention it. However there is a fundamental difference between the aims of the owner and the aspirations of the fans. Us fans pay top dollar but owner does not intend to provide top performance, he sees us fans as a captive market or to a non football fan looking in as “gullible mugs”.

  9. ” What Arsenal need to win titles? ”

    A Big Pair Of Ball’s, should do the trick!!! ???

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