Arsenal needed to beat Spurs – but problems remain unfixed

Super Flamini to the rescue as Arsene desperately needed this win by KM

As an Arsenal fan you always enjoy a win against Spurs at the Lane, don’t you? The chance to mock that Spurs fan sitting on the desk next to you while you drink your afternoon tea. Out of all the possible goalscorers, who would’ve thought? Mathieu Flamini scored two fine goals to sink Spurs at the joy of 3000 Arsenal away fans.

Onto the game, it wasn’t the best performance you’ll ever see. We were sloppy in defense again. We can point to a few players who were terrible starting off with the obvious one – Mathieu Debuchy. I mean, he was responsible for the first goal we conceded in Zagreb and he was absolutely tormented yesterday. Danny Rose was having a free run against him. He also failed to close down their player when we conceded another own goal.

Going forward, captain Mikel Arteta is another one who really contributed to the case that Arsenal do need a new DM. We are all thankful to Arteta for what he’s done, but his role yesterday was to calm play down, hold the ball, protecting the back four, but instead, for large periods of the game, Tottenham needed just one pass to get from their defense to our box. It was like our midfield was gone in another dimension.

Olivier Giroud is the third player that had a terrible game. He was just walking round with his hands in the air. In the second half he didn’t even bother with trying to jump for a long ball or fight for it at all. He’s out of confidence and his finishing is miles off class. He had a 1 on 1 with a keeper on the ground chance and he didn’t score which can only root him further down the bench.

On the positive note you have to look at Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain whose ability to run past a player, his physicality and pace can be a real threat. He needs to work on the defensive part of his game, which is really bad. He gives the ball too easily in dangerous positions which cost us a numerous times. If Wenger can work with him on that, we’d have a very crafty player on our hands.

Aaron Ramsey for me had a good game in the number 10 role. He was isolated for large parts of the game thanks to nobody round him making any sort of effort to want the ball. Ramsey was the only one pressing up front, but when Alexis came on he sprung into life with a number of fine passes and some nice ball control.

Per Mertesacker was solid in defense. No matter what people say about him, he was badly missed against Chelsea and Zagreb. He was calm in the air and solid in a busy defense. A shout out to David Ospina who made a terrific save and was unlucky to concede from Chambers, although I think the keeper could’ve told the young Englishman to leave the ball. Gibbs made a nice clearance to deny an acrobatic Kane effort but that’s the only positives the defense can get.

Mathieu Flamini… I never get bored seeing that goal on replay. Fantastic really. I mean you have to give him MOTM just because he showed Giroud and Walcott (and Kane) how it’s done. His movement on the first goal is exactly what you’d expect from a striker like Aguero. To be a predator, lurking for the loose ball. Instead Giroud was nowhere near it.

The second goal was those one in a thousand where you just say you’re gonna smash it and it’s in. Again where’s Giroud? And would he or Walcott score that volley? On the defensive part I don’t think Flamini was too notable although I think he was better than Arteta. I still think he’s past his best and we need another DM ,but just that game alone makes me feel great to have him. And as far as I know Ozil loves the guy and you cannot deny his character and desire to fight.

It was nice to see Campbell who was looking lively in the first 30 minutes along with Chamberlain. We had speed. We have to face it that the possession football is just not our thing anymore and go with pace and technique which we have in excess. The defense was a major worry though. It was way too easy for Spurs to get chances. Apart from our regular back four, the backups really failed to impress. Simple mistakes cost us dearly. The problem here is that they keep repeating themselves.

Regardless, I agree with the rotations. We have a big squad in numbers which turns out to be not so big in quality, but the fact is we have to rotate sometimes. But we have to question Arsene once again as substitutes were late like always. Why do Tottenham have to score or it has to be minute 70 for Wenger to make a change? We were totally dominated after our first goal and we did absolutely nothing to change that until we conceded.

We conceded an own goal too, which is starting to get on my nerves, because 3/4 of the goals we conceded so far are either an own goal, or a childish mistake that left the opposition player 1 on 1 with our keeper. It’s a sorry stat if you want to be at the top.

And that leaves to my final point. Fear of failure.. Wenger said to Mourinho. Funny words coming from the only manager in the world knowing that whatever happens he’ll not be sacked. What does Wenger fear? Nothing, that’s the problem. Why would you work hard, if you’ll get paid a huge amount of money no matter what?

Another question to the owner, who took 3 million out of the club for ‘advisory reasons’. I mean an ultra-mega rich billionaire takes 3 million out of a football club that spent 11m on a goalkeeper and announces 200 million profit? And what advice was that? Do not sack Wenger no matter what?

When you don’t have enough storage for you photos, you go out and buy more. Football is not that much different. Quality comes at a price. Quality is always available, it’s just that we don’t want to look at it, or we don’t want to pay it’s price. Manchester United spent absurd money and announced better financial results than Arsenal.

I’m not saying just spend money for the sake of it. But when there’s clear evidence that we’re in need of a few players, buying just a GK is not a solution. You learn with Wenger though that this is the way it’s gonna be. We’ll always be 1 step short, so there’s an excuse.

People in England love to make conclusions from one game. That’s why after this win it’ll be like “Oh all the problems are gone and Arsenal are title contenders again”. A top club would have dispatched the chances Spurs had and we’d be in trouble. Lewandowski alone scored 5 goals in 10 minutes.

Oh we have Bayern in our group. This is the real check. If we want to be the best we have to compete with the best.



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  1. Wenger dunno how to hit moanino where it hurts most……….. He’s Liable to face a 5 match ban for the sexist and foul words used against Eva carneiro……. And this shoulda been the best time to hand Eva a medical job at the emirates as well as an Arsenal wear with her name on it……….. Mou would be mad ….he might wanna jump off a cliff and end it all! L()L

    1. Signing Eva would be a great move ?
      I don’t think that many Arsenal fan’s would be dissapointed with that!
      It’s not as if we don’t get alot of injuries ?
      So why not have two medical teams,
      I’m sure that we can afford it ?

    2. plus she’s currently jobless and a free agent…….she would gladly sign for Arsenal in a heartbeat……… For the Love of her profession or just to get back at Moanino….. But eventually, she would end up bleeding RED for the Love!

  2. we are being inconsistent with our thinking……..varying concepts and ideas like the climate…….. We have failed to remember that Le coq’s injured and that there really is no competent deputy to run the show in his absence……. And Giroud just Look completely lost……it is no surprise, this are the two major positions that needed reinforcements……. Players Like Debuchy needs to be oozed out slowly and Jekinson made to return as back-up to belerin , we need another monreal (gibbs is okay but has a problem defensively) , sanchez has no proper back up , the Ox isn’t just ready 2 make the RW his own , Carzola is ageing ,mert gotta be 2nd fiddle to gabriel (it’s happening), Arteta as well as flame (not judging by his 2 goals) needs releasing, rosicky needs to be Let go (no game time) ……. The List is on

    1. With you all the way men. Couldn’t have said it better.

      I will add Joel to list of players that should exit. Wenger should try to get Isco as future replacement for Carzola, Jack is always injured and Ramsey blows hot and cold just too often.

      A back up left winger is a must too and Wenger should handle Ox’s case carefully as he might end up just be another ordinary player with bags of potential but cant live up to it.

      1. given that wenger has let several years go by while the need for CF and CDM was super glaring: do you really think he’s going to address the secondary problems? LW backup and so forth? why would you have given arteta and flam another season instead of getting kondogbia or wanyama or schneiderlin? or even someone who was almost as good as coq? why??

    2. Agree on needing another holding CM, Agree that Giroud currently isn’t ggood enough… although I would be happy to let him sit on the bench for the rest of this season and coming on as a sub occasionally to get oppertunities to re-prove himself.

      Agree with Debuchy.

      Disagree about Gibbs, he got back on the line last night which I thought was pretty good defending, he isn’t as good as Monreal at defending but he is better than Monreal at attacking. Gibbs isn’t 30+ so he can still get better at his defending and the money would be better spent on the holding role as you mentioned earlier.

      Alexis does have a backup, it is the Ox. Ox needs to improve some aspects of his game so as such, to me he is a backup for both Alexis and the right AM role. 1 player isn’t enough I know and I was impressed by the effort put in by Campbell, lets give him a couple seasons with Arsenal (rather than out on loan) and then make the choice, Campbell is still young. We also have Gnabry who is out on loan to get fitness up and he is an exciting prospect, maybe better for Arsenal as Gnabry is just an attacker, he can play anywhere in attack. Will be ideal competition. Next season Wellington Silva may be ready for us, we don’t know how well he will do in England… a gamble but lets not forget about him?

      While talking about players we don’t want to forget about, Zelaleam (or how-ever it is spelt).
      He is doing well in scotland with Rangers and he isn’t being bullied off the ball every 3 mins like his frame would suggest. He is controling the CM for them and although it isn’t the EPL, it is a stepping stone to be ready for the EPL and he is taking that step really well.

      Per is ahead of Gabriel, communication is the reason why, lets give Gabriel a bit more time to get fluent in English and then he’ll be able to communicate with his CB partner easier. Think how difficult it must be trying to use a new language while you have lost your cool… Is it going to be easy for your teammates to talk you into calming down?

      Yes Costa is banned but at what cost? 3 points we can’t get back… we have to take that blow on the chin and move forward. Per and Kos have good teamwork and I personally think it would be best to use that teamwork while Kos is still athletic enough to cover for Pers lack of pace and let Gabriel grow into the team rather than being thrown into the team.

      I disagree with Flam being released, we don’t need 2 aged holding CM but 1 aged holding CM to be a ‘role model’ isn’t the death of a club and Flamini has shown his loyalty since rejoining… He could of left but wanted to fight for his spot with us and as such, he has put the effort in on the training ground.

      Did you hear that aftermatch interview? How Flamini didn’t want to talk about his goals but about how the team performed? Henry played with him and also said that Flamini is a team guy. That is good to have around and he can still be a SQUAD player.

    1. I’m not gonna say Flamini can be a backup for Coquelin based on his last performance, we still need another holding CM, one that can compete with Coquelin and someone we can trust against teams like Barca.

      Personally I thought that Flaimini looked ideal as a sub to bring on to keep leads, he hadn’t played for a while but look how sharp he looked, he got forward and at times reminded me of a B2B player and not a holding CM. A very defensive minded B2B player to sit alongside Coquelin for the last 10-15 mins of a game?

      I like Ramsey in the middle as well but while the boss wants him out on the right, maybe Flamini can step up to be an ideal squad player instead of Arteta.

  3. Considering how superlative Flamini’s goals were, thumbs up Flamini for top #9!!! Thumbs down for OG as #9

    1. Where was Giroud when Flamini got the shots off?
      Giroud should of at least been ready to latch onto those balls, Flamini was… Who expected that?

      Maybe he could be a ‘defensive CF’? 😛

  4. If you want Ox to do better then you people must expect to see Ramsey on the bench. Whats more important now?

    One of the meain reason we are not doing fine is bec Wenger is prone to favorisem.

    1. Not true. Ox 17 starts in league last season with an extra 6 sub appearance, only got 1 goal and 1 assist. This is when Walcott was injured, even I though that then it was his time to shine. Didn’t take it

      I would play neither in in RW. Welbeck is better in that position. Walcotts statistics are better in that position although there is no defensive security with him on RW.

      1. Sorry I have to be fair, the above statistic is referring to Prem league only. He got 2 goals and 2 assists in 7(3 were subs) UCL games. That is a better statistic for that competition

  5. I think Giroud and Arteta should take the Flamini example.
    He s been basshed slammed and kicked all over the media by Arsenal fans.
    And he came bacck with this performance.

    As I do understand them cause it is only normal you feel blue when you own fans say those things, there is only one way to change that.

    And there comes the coach work, and if it doesnt work then the coach got it wrong by not signing other people because in sports, especially at this level, you have to be as arrogant as you can be so comments dotn get to you and you perform well.

    1. It was the perfect way to respond to the media and Arsenal fans alike, put in a MOTM performance and don’t lose focus.

      I was surprised by how sharp he seemed considering he hasn’t played for so long and it took my breath away, he may not be Vieira or Keane but he has something about him still which I value more than what Arteta brings.

    1. Is it because you won the UCL on football manager when buying those players?

      Kondogbia is a good player, just moved and I doubt the board will ‘splash the cash’ on him, it would take a big bid considering his contract is till 2020.

      Lewandoski, I dont think any Arsenal fan would say no to seeing him in their team BUT would he join us? We haven’t won the EPL for a long time, we are not UCL winners… It can be argued that we are not yet at the level where we can buy the best players IF they want to win major trophies… YET.

      Good player but we have enough in that area, better to spend the cash on a holding CM and trust in our youth players who are out on loan to gain experience/fitness. I’d prefer to see Gnabry back with us and given more gametime than Isco joining.

      Reus, again another good player who I think any Arsenal fan would like to see wear the red and white, out of all the people you have said I think this one is the only real potential.

      Varane… You think Real Madrid will let him go? He played 46 games for them last season and already got off to a good start this time round, again, why would he want to join us? Real Madrid don’t seem interested in letting their CB going currently as well…

      We can all spew out names of good players but think about which ones would actually want to join us, which ones have recently moved and very unlikly to move again unless a record bid was made. Do we need yet another player in the same role as sooo many of our current players over another area?

      I’m sorry for my 1st sentence, obviously you couldn’t win the UCL on football manager unless you tweeked the code…

    1. 1 game doesn’t prove anything, at least say “his last season with Monaco proved it” but then you wouldn’t be able to make that claim as his performances didn’t warrent a £30+mil bid.

  6. Debuchy is only good enough for backup to Bellerin and I only say that because we have Jenkinson to come back at the end of the season otherwise I would be questioning why debuchy wears the red and white!

    He was not good enough at Newcastle, I was screaming on the forums that we have Jenkinson and Bellerin but all I got was ppl lol at me, now I am finally reading people say we don’t need him as he is no better than Jenks. Better late than never I guess?

    Arteta has shown that he can not do a holding role anymore, he can not even be relied upon to help maintain possesion of the ball anymore, do we need 2 ‘old’ holding CM players? I would say get rid of Arteta at end of season and keep Flamini as a 3rd choice, he has the passion to wear the red and white and more than capable of coming on to sit alongside Coquelin to hold a lead if needs, he may not be a regular player for us but he can still fill an important role.

    Giroud needs to find his passion again, he started the game with the will to run and try but as time went on, he became more and more ‘lazy’. Maybe it is his confidence, to be honest I do not care anymore, he can be in poor form and I would still support him IF he ran himself into the ground trying. Keep Giroud but make him 3rd choice behind Theo and Campbell… we all seen how Campbell runs around like he is on crack, he may not be the worlds best but what drive he has to at least try for us.

    Maybe if Giroud see’s Campbell get placed ahead of him purely based on the effort he puts 100% of the time he is on the pitch then maybe Giroud will pick that back up, he done well last season when coming back from injury and I will be happy to sing his name again… if he deserves it.

  7. Team vs Leicester,


    *Flamini b2b.
    #If Coquelin is fit otherwise Arteta

    I think Ramsey has to be dropped for a league game now, also Ozil has had many chances in AMF, he did create a lot, but lets see Cazorla in his preferred role as well since he has been playing deeper recently in CMF.

    This game won’t be easy Leicester score in every league game, but they’ve also conceded in all of those games.

  8. The manager made a big mistake not to change to 4-4-2.

    Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Sanchez (maybe not always as he could still be a winger in 4-4-2) and even Podolski had he not been sold all would’ve done better with a striker partner. There would’ve been more option for Ozil and Cazrola to pass to.

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