Arsenal needs European football to spend money in the summer

Arsenal will look to bolster their team when the transfer window reopens in the summer.

Mikel Arteta has helped the club become competitive again. His man-management style and tactics have been able to help the Gunners get some fine performances from players who haven’t been doing well before now.

However, there is no shying away from the fact that this Arsenal team needs to be bolstered before they can compete with other top teams on a consistent basis.

The club has been linked with a move for a number of players, but they are more focused on ending this season in a good position than they are about making new signings at the moment.

According to Sun Sports, this is because the money that they will spend this summer, and the players that they may sign when the transfer window reopens would depend on whether they finish this season in a European place or not.

It claims that Arteta has been busy identifying players that he would sign to make his team better in the summer, however, the club isn’t making a move for any of them yet as they wait to know if their quest to play in Europe next season would be a successful one.

So, in conclusion, if we fail to win the FA Cup and finish outside the top seven in the Premier League the club will not be investing heavily in new players.

Surely, that is exactly the time you invest big money if the current squad of players you possess has failed.

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  1. A lot has been made of the likely impact of failing to qualify for Europe in terms of reduced revenue and the effect on attracting new players.Unless you actually win the Europa Cup, the loss of earnings is not substantial, and given the great history of Arsenal FC, I very much doubt if the absence of European football will influence top players against moving to London.As to the impact on the summer transfer window, unless we can unload a number of our underperformers, I doubt if we will see much activity other than in loan arrangements.

    1. Just to put it into perspective Grandad, the year we lost in the final we made about 25 mil in total from the eurooa league, it would have been 35 mil had we won. First i dont see how we can just write of revenue like that and it is a way into the CL so why wouldnt we want to be in it, especially if we are struggling to get top 4. Plus people forget, our sponsorship is linked to us being in Europe and that is reduced as well if we are not in.

  2. Sorry Reggie, your right about the sponsorship link.It’s just I heard from someone who is close to our Academy set up that we made precious little from the Europa Cup this year in net terms, after travelling expenses etc.

    1. Grandad, we have to back ourselves to get to the final to make money but there is money in the EL if you get to the final and i read somewhere that if we won a EL final, we would make more money than we ever have in the CL. Don’t know how true that is but it does get you a super cup invite and more money and prestige, even if it is just a friendly game in reality.

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