Arsenal needs these THREE players to dominate

Too many average players for too long. We don’t need to spend much to complete the squad. We are in a great place with u21s also.‏

We are holding on to too many average or past it players that are;

1) Not needed at the club, wasting a spot.
2) Don’t contribute enough, mostly nothing.
3) Are not up to the job anymore, past it.
4) Wasting our money (wages) which could pay for a few extra special players to complete this team at the Emirates for the first time going into a season.

I’ll start with Walcott, if he keeps going the way he is then he should be shipped out with a few others in the summer to free up space for new players to come in, and to pay their wages as we throw a lot of money away on deadwood players. These players should be shipped out in my opinion and look at what they are being paid per week;

Ospina – £40,000
Debuchy – £70,000
Arteta – £80,000
Flamini – £65,000
Rosicky – £85,000
Walcott – £110,000+ (Plus add ons/Rights)
(Wages:£450,000 per week)

Jack is our new Diaby, bubblegum holding his ankle together and out for another 6 weeks, but we will keep him as he is a great young player, he is just very injury prone unfortunately, but in no way can we sell him. It might just happen for him next season. It is the same with the Ox. He needs time and confidence as we all know he has something in him. Jenko is out for 6 months so Chambers stays – and what a well taken goal vs Burnley in the FA Cup.! Welbeck stays as he also has something and will come in handy.

This is my squad for season starting 2016/2017, incl u21s;

Cech; Szcz; Martinez
Bellerin; Chambers
New Player*; Per
Boss; Gabriel
Nacho; Gibbs
Coquelin; Hayden; New Player*
Santi; Elneny; Ramsey;
Ozil; Wilshere; Iwobi
Campbell; Ox
Sanchez; Welbeck; Reine-Adelaide
New Player*; Giroud; Akpom

27 man squad, There are home grown players in there and also young talent coming through. A new captain also needed to be decided. What are your opinions?

Per is on the edge of being on the list above of shipping out but his dressing room leadership skills and experience, along with Cech, are vital – so hold on to him for one more season but his role is from the bench. My choices are Cech or Coquelin!

Julio Pleguezuelo (Captain)
Malen, Plus;

Kelechi Nawakali (u17 Int Capt, Box-Box)
Samuel Chukwueze (3GL/3AS, winger)

We already new additions to our youth team, The Nigerian U17 World Cup Winners and stand out players of the tournament! Not a bad youth team and a whole bucket load of big potential talents in there. Iwobi already getting game time in the big team and Adelaide not too far away, and they will be in the mix next season, but will be used as well for U21s when needed I’m sure!

So if you look at that line up we have quite good squads overall at the club (when you get rid of the players I have mentioned above), and freed up £450,000 per week on wages for three new players. All Arsenal have to do is pay the asking price for the incoming stars. We have a great youth set up ready for next year and the positions needing filled to complete this 1st team squad and my personal choices are;

DF – Howedes (Shalke Capt) £8-10m
• Great replacement for Per, 27+Very Exp
• Wages – £70-80,000 (PW)

ST – Aubameyang or Neymar – £70-90m
• Marquee Signing, Go all out and pay the ££
• Wages – £170-200,000 (PW)

CDM – Wanyama – £17m
• Prem Exp, Battler and good cover for Coq
• Wages – £60-75,000

With money spent on fees and wages for new recruits, then take what you would get for sales of Walcott (17-22m), Debuchy (7-9m) and Ospina (3-5m) and the wages freed up from them and the other releases, its not impossible. £120m spent on fees, 30m back on sales, wages freed up (450k) to pay new players salary (340k) and roughly £100m could complete our squad with loose change for another young prospect or two.

I did this as Arsenal do things – the right way – and don’t spend or pay players what they don’t think they are worth, even though we have some money in the bank. But that is obviously not just for players, whatever the lump sum average is (£200m). We can win the League, that’s more money right there. And with our turnover from the stadium too there is more funds in the Gunners kitty going into the summer.

We will get a Marquee player this summer, and I’m hoping it to be a frontman!

What do you guys think? Is that a fair way to spend the money without going too mad with it, and keeping the club from doing a Man Utd, Chelsea or City by saying “lets buy, buy, buy without thinking”? As a whole club we are looking good and going in the right direction, all that’s needed is filling in and replacing some pieces of the puzzle.

OT: Southampton on Tuesday at Home. Nothing more than 3 points to avenge that horrible hammering we took at St.Marys a few weeks ago. We should play this team:

Bellerin, Gabriel, Boss, Nacho
Le Coq, Ramsey, Ozil
Joel, Giroud, Alexis

COYG, have that Emirates rocking on Tuesday!

Sean O’Hara (Ireland)

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        1. GK: Cech, Szczesny
          RB: Bellerin, Jenkinson
          CB: Koscielny, Mertesaker, Gabriel, Chambers
          LB: Monreal, Gibbs
          CDM: Carvalho, Coquelin
          CM: Ramsey, Wilshere, Elneny
          CAM: Ozil, Cazorla
          RW: Walcott, Ox
          LW: Sanchez, Campbell
          ST: Lewandowski, Giroud

          Loan out: Zelalem, Iwobi, Gnabry, Adelaide, Niles, Akpom

  1. Arsenal needs a senile manager, and board who also have football archievments in their minds alongside making money, and not the latter one alone.

    Currently arsenal arent that better then L. City and Spurs. Dont believe me, count the days and see how we perform against barca.

    1. Just give me a good reason why you should keep Wiltshire and Ox in the squad? Wenger had a dream, the dream was to make Arsenal English players the spine of the tree lions, but he failed, why? Because he overhyped and overrated our English players, Wiltshire is not a starter, longs Carzola is in the team, Ramsey is rubbish but he still better than Wiltshire, Ox? Championship material and we can keep hoping he will turn up one day,enough excuses that he still young, how old is Dally Aly? And he get paid 3 time than Aly,only one thing horrible on this,Aly plays for Spuds, Wenger dream became our nightmare, that Spuds became tree lions spine and I can’t take it, for that reason I don’t want see this overated and overhyped players taking money for free and being absolutely shit or in treatment room most of the year. They should be sold or loan out.


    This article is total nonsense. If you need any proof, the author is suggesting we buy Neymar for mere 70-90 millions. No need to read the rest. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

    1. I scrolled through the article and saw Neymar… Then I knew I didn’t even have to start reading..

      Seriously, why are the majority of the articles concerning transfers written by people who live in a fantasy world. First they hipe themselfs up for absoltuely imposible signings and then they shout and cry around when they don’t happen.. smh

      1. Neymar is fantasy but most of the article is pretty good. Better than the usual clickbait garbage using the Metro as a source.

        1. wenger makes my summer when he buys a marquee player. i really hope he buys one and finally grows some balls and gets rid of the underperforming ones. i fear another summer like the last one (cech was great, but we could be so much more).

    2. @McLovin

      Man are you an absolute mouthpiece or just a keyboard gangster? What a clown you are! Okay 90m for Neymar – Sorry add another 20m was only averaging a price and wages. Debate knobhead instead of criticise. The Article is pretty good take away Neymar just for you.

  3. Hahaha ???

    Top of the morning to yea…
    Obviously, you have found something much stronger than Guinness there? ??


  4. Nonesense. I’ve said it many times already, Arsenal will never win the premier league under wenger again, that i can gurantee you.

  5. Flamini for 65k per week isn’t bad, it is better when you take the team as HUMAN BEINGS into consideration and we recognize how Ozil and Flamini have a good relationship, also have a look at the time when Coquelin had no Flamini to learn from… Oh look, loaned out again and AGAIN.

    Did the author forget that the players are human beings?????

    Arteta appears to be going into coaching so chill out about him.

    Rosicky didn’t want to stay but we forced him to by activating a claus in his contract to extend it by 12 months, chill out about this.

    Ospina you got mega wrong! He isn’t on 40k per week, more like $26k a week… please note the currency used, if we converted it to £ instead of $ then it would be closer to £18k per week… heck lets increase that to £20k a week and know that we have overcompensated for it. Szcz is on 40k per week… did author get them mixed up??

    Walcott is not a LAM but a CF, instead of saying “oooh he can’t do it because of his recent games where he has played OUT OF POSITION” how about thinking “Hmmm, when he played CF and competed with Giroud then both our CF picked up and we was lucky to have that competition”…

    Theo is worth it. He can help us on the counter attack when holding a lead and he can rotate with Alexis DURING THE GAME to allow Alexis to have a bit more freedom. It won us the FA Cup FFS!
    Theo isn’t Messi or Ronaldo but he is a Arsenal player and SUPPORT THE DAMN TEAM!

    I like how you keep Welbeck over Theo PMSL!
    Shows you know NOTHING!
    Neymar for 70-90Mil? Who are you kidding?
    Or Aumbayang who has said he doesn’t want to join us? XD

    Oh and as for U21.
    A player who is 21 AND UNDER…
    Bellerin will be 21, no need to count him towards the 25 man listings, just like we do not have to count Iwobe. you have 5 under 21’a in the 27 man list, which means you have only names 22 names and can have an extra 3.

    Who let this trash to get posted??
    Please do some research before making a article and base it in some logic, you just sound like a poor Football Manager fanboy.

    1. Yes pinhead 22 players with 3spaces… how many signings did i suggest? Neymar maybe way out there but money talks in football regarding Aubameyang. Name me a few others because these were just personal favourites of mine! Welbeck over Theo all day long imo.

      Wages i just checked quickly take away 70k then on the allround average i suggested still enough money, anything to have a pop!

      Human beings we are all buddy but when playing football you are either good enough or not simple as that and i dont think any of the above i have mentioned dont contribute that much and are not needed with new signings replacing them.

  6. Arsenal draw HULL City at HOME for the fifth round!

    Also Chelsea host Man City, United plays away to Shewsbury and Tottenham hosts C Palace.

    Fantastic draw!!

    1. Think some people are being a bit harsh. Ok, so neymar for £90m is kinda funny. The only way neymar and arsenal can go in the same sentence is:
      Neymar will obviously never go to arsenal. He talks some sense, some of those signings would be intelligent…

  7. Top 10 starters.
    Cech Koz Mertz
    Monreal Cazorla Giroud
    All over 30 – a worry.
    Bellerin Coq Ozil Sanchez.
    19 Second/3rd tier, over the hill, injury prone.
    Includes 8 English quota
    Gibbs Chambers Wilshere Walcott
    Ox Wellbeck Iwobi Macey
    Ospina Ramsey Campbell Elneny Gabriel Debuchy
    Rosicky Arteta Flamini Sanogo Wellington.

  8. Your a nob end of. Yeah some players need to go yes but players need to play in there position not where AW thinks they are best. TW did his calf and since he has come back AW has played him out wide. OG is so over rated it’s mind blowing and there are players out there that would love to come to Arsenal but I now think they don’t want to work with AW. He is a spent force and Arsenal should tell him this is the last season as manager and go get pep to build a winning team

  9. A pretty good article that is ruined by the whole buy Neymar sentence, which is laughable of course. I agree on most of the things said here besides selling Ospina, no way do i want to see that catastrophe in waiting Szhesny (how the f*** do you spell his name?) in goal. I hope he stays in Rome and never comes back.

    1. I agree about Ospina. Last season according to squawka, statistics per 90 minutes played in PL, Ospina was the stand out goalkeeper, way better than Hart, de Gea and Courtois. In internationals he has been outstanding. According to post match comments he is higly rated by non other than Messi.

      He has not had the best of luck, took his chance last season and was awesome, then replaced by Cech. He is far too good to sit on the bench so I expect he will leave in the summer and we will get sczez back.

    2. Thank you. Maybe abit out there with Neymar but was just a personal choice, was wanting ones to debate and say some other realistic targets.

  10. Okay some crap has been said about me and my article and i will defend myself on a few comments said about it. First yes Neymar is a mad and maybe unatainable buy atm but has recently said he would play for Pep in the future, heres a question what if Pep actually does take over at Arsenal? We have a good a chance as the rest of the clubs to land pep (he said maybe 2years before in the prem also) and i think Neymar will eventually leave Barca, still hasnt signed a new contract yet!

    By the way as it says just my personal choices not actually what will being close as to what will happen. Aubameyang another and dont forget money talks in football, always will.

    Secondly wages i got off a site online just so dont go mad at a few grand difference im just showing you what money is freed up after there gone and new recruits are in. Arsenal way – spend as lil as possible! Theo is a good back up player not a starter, so you would rather have him instead if a new forward… okay then! Giroud is abetter option as to why i suggested walcott leaving as Ox still has huge potential.

    These articles are all for debating and other suggestions, so instead of trying to mug me off like the half wits alot of you are on this site actually try and suggest better options or ideas. Football manager fanboy i read there somewhere, its actually all realistic if u actually read the bloody thing.

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