Arsenal needs to do something about frustrated Rosicky

I must admit that I think Tomas Rosicky was, and probably sill is, a fantastic footballer, but I am also becoming a bit tired of his whining and moaning about not being in the Arsenal first team very often. Every time he is put in front of a microphone he uses the opportunity to whine a little bit more.

After a long trophy drought, Arsenal have now won two FA Cups in successive seasons, and have avoided the Champions League Qualifying round for next year, but when Rosicky was asked what he thought about the season just past instead of saying how well the club did he turned the conversation back to his ‘frustration’. “I can’t be happy with my season because I wasn’t playing as much as I would like,” he said on

“Personally, it was disappointing for me. It’s frustrating, nobody want to be in the stands. You want to play football, you want to do what you love.

“We’ve known each other for nine years so I have tremendous respect for Arsene Wenger. He gave me the chance to play for such a fantastic club like Arsenal.

“For all these years, I have shown my loyalty to this club and how I love the club, but not playing at all is difficult for anybody.

“I would like to play more because I love to play football and love Arsenal. I will try to give my best. That’s the only thing I can do.”

Arsene Wenger seems oblivious to Rosicky’s situation and has activated his one-year contract extension, despite the 34 year-old making it clear that he wanted to move on to play regular football. Wenger now needs to address this issue as the Czech captain is bringing a downer to the fans every time he gets the chance to air his views. As I have explained before, Rosicky is keen to lead his country at the Euro2016 tournament and is worried that if he is not playing for his club he could miss out on his swansong in France next year.

Please Arsene, just let him go – before he starts depressing the team spirit with his whining….

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  1. he should have played more towards the end of the season when we constantly played Ramsey on RW. Rosicky better in that position and I’m surprised he never got picked there. But I suppose Wenger did the right thing considering we got FA Cup and Top 3. But yeah, I’d like to see more Rosicky next season.

    1. He has all the rights to be frustrated, he could have played much more and probably should have. Thomas still has lots to offer. Very good footballer, just needs more playing time

    1. I would like to see him stay for at least on more season and retire in while he is in our team. If he decided to leave then let us replace him with the USA man Bradly.

        1. Bradly the baldy sucks big time, I rather have flamini instead of him,where did you come up with that? I still can’t get over it.

  2. He didn’t whine and he has a right to be frustrated. He was great when he played and should have had more opportunities.

  3. Only 3 options for Rosicky and only 2 of them are any good.

    1. Start playing him periodically.
    2. Transfer him to a new club.
    3. Wait for enough Arsenal injuries that he is needed in the lineup (A dangerous game).

    Wenger just needs to be honest with him about his playing chances and allow him to transfer if he is not satisfied. He has earned it.

  4. OT. One question, Is Chamber so bad that he can’t make to England’s 21 starting XI?
    He was in senior team squad sometime back and now he is on bench for U21.
    Don’t know what is going on?

    1. You can put it that way if you want – “he is so bad.” Or you can appreciate that he is good enough to make the squad and is working his way into the lineup. Your choice. He is still the same player either way.

    2. Why does that make him bad? Seriously he’s 20 and trying to find his best position. He’s not gonna start over Moore and I’m not sure about Gibson so he’s on the bench and has to earn a spot. Simple.

  5. Why he should not complain. Every player wants to play and if Wenger can’t guarantee him play time (atleast in FA cup) then he should let him go. He has another 2-3 years left and still have football left in him. He can go to some other league and play regularly. Tevez is going back to Boca Jr and Juventus agreed for that.
    We should respect player’s feeling specially who were loyal to us

  6. I think the Boss has decided to retain Rosicky for another year for security reason. Security reason in the sence to play him as a cover of some sorts for a preferred Gunner that isn’t available to play. Or play him in the Capital One fixtures if he is fit to play. One factor that has mitigated against Rosicky getting much game time is, there are many top quality younger Gunners in the Arsenal starting team and on their bench who are considered to be ahead of Rosicky in the selection order of the team of the day to play a game. So, Rosicky just have to accept the status quo and fight for his place in the team. No Gunner should be handed a game time on the field without meritting it. Besides, the Boss might be considering the now fragile side of Rosicky to picking up injuries, hence he is selectedly being played.

  7. @ the author

    Watch your mouth, show some respect rosicky is a legend and a class act. I’m happy he’s not satisfied with sitting on the sidelines, it shows he still has the drive and hunger to succeed.

    And honestly wenger should’ve used him more, there’s time where he could’ve made an impact off the bench

  8. This has been WENGER’S/ARSENAL problem all along, I refer to injuries….the man just doesn’t rotate his players enough and that is why they all are injury prone; in such a demanding league as the EPL you need to manage your squad play time, the result of not doing it have been obvious:
    1) A team multiple injuries throughout the season due to excessive play time.
    2) B team (SUBS) injuries due to LACK of play time
    3) Will never know the actual potential of any player if he does not play (practice doesn’t count)
    4) Players like Mozart, Campbell, Podolski rotting in the bench, any team would pay big to have them on the first squad.
    5) Motivation…the Author questions Mozart because he is not happy by not playing, any pro would feel the same, especially one as loyal as TR7 has been for ARSENAL.

  9. On the England game gibson and moore are proven cbs who’ve played together several times hence chambers not starting. Also dont get all the hype about carvalho he looks slow and cumbersome, not a 20/25m player IMO.

    1. @Ronny331
      I hear ya about Carvalho. I’ve said this so many times before. Dude is out of shape and struggling big time in this match. Yet many on here were calling him a “beast” who would help get us the title…LOL

  10. @ The Author, I want to ask you a simple question. How would you feel if you are working in an office and some folks who clearly has half of your competence, knowledge, work rate and educational qualifications are constanly put ahead of you even when it is glaring that they are mediocre ? Of course you won’t ve an answer to that otherwise you won’t call his frustration a WHINNING .

  11. @goonsqaud8. Totally agree with your post, rosicky is a legend, often a gane changer and should/could have been used more.

  12. Perhaps Le Prof is so sure of winning the EPL title in the coming season, that he wants to keep our beloved Mozart in the team and make sure he leaves Arsenal with an EPL or UCL trophy.
    Otherwise I am sure Arsene Wenger, who has so much love and respect towards Rosicky, would let him go at the end of his contract.

  13. He’s entitled to be frustrated. After all, we’d be worried if our players didn’t care whether or not they were selected. A team of Florent Maloudas isn’t going to win a tombola.

    If he said nothing, he’d be accused of happily taking the money without any pressure on him. So perhaps it’s good for football for players to speak out when they’re clearly talented and have a lot to offer, and are not getting as much of a look-in as their abilities warrant.

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