Arsenal negotiating with Saudi club to finally offload flop

A new report has emerged indicating that Arsenal is nearing the completion of Nicolas Pepe’s departure from the club, as the Ivorian winger faces challenges in finding a new team.

Although Pepe was Arsenal’s record signing until this summer, his performance on the field did not live up to the substantial fee that the Gunners had paid for his acquisition.

Following a disappointing stint on loan at Nice during the previous season, where he struggled to rejuvenate his career in Ligue 1 (the league from which Arsenal initially signed him), Pepe has found himself excluded from Arsenal’s plans during pre-season preparations.

The club has made it evident that they intend for him to depart from the Emirates.

Numerous reports have linked Pepe with potential moves away from Arsenal, but none of these speculations have materialised into successful transfers. However, the latest development suggests that he might be on the verge of joining the Saudi Pro League.

According to a report from Sport Witness, Arsenal is currently engaged in discussions with an undisclosed Saudi Arabian club to facilitate Pepe’s departure.

The report indicates that both parties are actively negotiating, and it appears that they are on track to reach an agreement for his transfer in the near future.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Pepe has struggled since he joined us and the winger is one player we must offload in this transfer window.

Arsenal is making good progress as a team and we do not need to keep any of our flops at the Emirates.

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  1. Is there really a need to continually use the word “flop” to disrespect a player who has not made the impact expected when the people you ought to chastise are the incompetent clowns who were instrumental in our Club incurring a huge loss.

    1. His no’s aren’t that bad, didn’t get to reach his full potential but boy never flopped. Thanks for calling that out grandad

    2. Grandad, something that had to be said. The bad mouthing of Nicolas Pepe has been over the top, bears no relationship to his numbers in games played and has been immature, in my view. If anyone should be denigrated over his signing it is Raul Sanheili, for paying far too much.

  2. What a stupid stupid title and disrespectful. He was not a flop!!!!!!!! In his first two seasons he had a record of 1 goal involvement every two games. Now that is most definitely not a flop. Arteta decided he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal and stopped using him. From then on his value and his ability plummeted. WHY? We probably will never know for sure.

  3. Grandad, i back your view stance wholeheartedly in your want to see that JA drop the usage of the derogatory word of “flop” to describe Arsenal players who couldn’t make the expected high grade in the team. Some years after he was signed. This is bad as it does can devalue their transfer price costs for Aesenal in the transfer market,

  4. I have to agree with those who are calling JA out for their persistent use of the term ‘flop’ to describe Pepe.
    It is a a derogatory term in this context and it is tasteless for JA to continue to use it. Shame on you!
    Pepe scored 27 goals in 112 appearances. These are better figures than the combined figures for Sancho and Antony for MU.
    Pepe may not fit into the current set up at Arsenal but he deserves more respect.

    1. I agree!
      It won’t be used again, but We’ll just say we paid 72million for him and now no-one is interested. Financially, he’s a flop, but on the pitch he was brilliant!

          1. No matter how you try to defend it, it doesn’t change the fact that people have begun to see through your bias. Every single time you write about Pepe, you call him a flop. Even his detractors above aren’t happy about the way you insult him, especially considering he wasn’t a flop

            1. Look mate. If you look at who posted the article you will see who posted it. My first comment was clear that it won’t happen again ok
              Can we stop with this witch hunt please

  5. Stop calling this lad a flop it is an insult to very good player who’s face did not fit. He is not responsible for his cost. I only watched him live three times and he was as good as any on the pitch. Good luck son.

  6. Does this mean that the word flop is banned from the site or just when referring to Pepe? Otherwise it won’t be long before the title is used for Vieira or Havertz

  7. If we call pepe a flop, what should we call Havertz?

    Though he has only played two games for us with no tangible contributions so far, but he has been a an under performing player at chelsea and there is no sign of improvement in the 2 games he played in arsenal shirt even though when the coach had to twist the team’s set up to include him.

    He is also in the same price range with pepe when you consider is weekly wage.


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