Arsenal negotiation tactics actually working – Tierney unsettled and no second bid made

Arsenal have been derided over the last week or so for their negotiating tactics, putting in low bids for players that they must know in advance are going to be rejected out of hand.

But an integral part of negotiations is to get the targetted player on board which then forces the selling club to the table simply because once a player gets unsettled that does create an issue for that particular selling club.

That is what appears to be happening at Celtic with Kieran Tierney.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon has admitted that the 22-year-old defender has been unsettled by the speculation over his future.

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Additionally and more importantly Lennon has confirmed that to his knowledge no second bid has been tabled.

“As I said last week, the first offer wasn’t what we’d look for and I don’t think we’ve had another one yet,” Lennon said.

“It’s as you were. Will it rumble on? Probably.

“These things take their course whether it happens or not. We have a price for our player. He’s on an long-term contract and we won’t sell him for anything less than we feel is the right price.

“It can be unsettling but he’s been okay. He’s not really training with the group but hopefully we’ll see him on the training ground in a week or two.

“In terms of where he is mentally, it’s got to be unsettling for him, it’s only natural.”

In better words, Arsenal has put their bid in, they have sat back and allowed their offer to works its magic on Tierney, get him unsettled and then they will go in with their second bid which is almost certain to be below the £25 Million Celtic want.

This could easily force the Hoops to re-evaluate their valuation, I mean, do they really want an unhappy player in their squad?

Of course, Celtic could easily tell Arsenal to take a running jump and stand their ground but it never quite works out that way once a players mentality and emotional state have been disturbed.

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Maybe, just maybe, Arsenal knew what they were doing all the time and it is now bearing fruit.



  1. How do players feel when their club set a price they feel the player is worth, then we come in with a bid which totally undervalues the player.
    Would you want to come to a club which does not think you are worth the valuation set by your club?

    1. When you’re still leaving that club as the clubs record transfer I don’t think it makes a big difference. Value will be offset by wages which will have a greater impact on how he percieves the club values him. He will also be aware that his value has a much greater potential to shoot up at Arsenal that it does at Celtic.

    2. Value is subjective. The selling club is not necessarily right in their valuation.
      They sold Dembelle for 19m. So why’d Tierney be worth 25m? Or is it because it’s Arsenal?

    3. That isn’t how it works, and players are smart enough to understand how transfers go. If we didn’t value Tierney we would have dropped out of the negotiations and looked elsewhere.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Gooner. Odd that no ones mentioned new signing Gabriel Martinelli.

  3. Some fans here criticize everything Arsenal Football Club does! Be it right or wrong. If other club does the same, it’s negotiation strategy, in case of Arsenal, it’s stupid think.

    Please, just stop being so naive and negative!

    1. Until we get him at £20M and the whole world and their dog are barking at the exceptional transfer business we’ve just done

  4. What a load of crap. Tierney wouldn’t be unsettled at his boyhood club. Celtic hold all the cards. Signed a long term contract last season

      1. “It can be unsettling but he’s been okay. He’s not really training with the group but hopefully we’ll see him on the training ground in a week or two.
        “In terms of where he is mentally, it’s got to be unsettling for him, it’s only natural.”

        Yes I read this part but to say that the negotiation tactic are working based on this quote is “a load of crap”.

        In actual fact he never once mentions that he is unsettled he is only saying it CAN be unsettling.

        Tierney will not try and force his way out, not that type of person.

        1. “In terms of where he is mentally, it’s got to be unsettling for him, it’s only natural.” End of debate,

          1. “It’s got to be unsettling” that is an assumption rather than a factual statement.

            Writing end of debate at the end of a sentence doesn’t actually make it so.

          2. Believe me the only time this lad will be unsettled is when he realises he no longer plays for Celtic FC

    1. A load of crap? Oh so you are saying that Neil Lennon (the Celtic manager in case you didn’t know) says he IS!

    1. That was actually funny, but it should have reflected our defense, not our new backroom team.

    1. it’s nothing embarrassing about the tactics we are using the whole idea is to optimise the money we have and frankly their loads of players out of of contract at the moment ibrahimi for instance and frankly Tierney shouldn’t be more than 20 million and as a sweetener add jenkinson to the deal

  5. And this is how we have inexplicably been overtaken by Spurs. We are going to be 6th at best next season and any underperforming and we’ll be halfway down the league.

    Bring Wenger back.

  6. Tierney is a Gunner, so let’s move on to the next target

    I’m only concerned with his limited playing time last season due to his injuries. We can’t rely on an injury prone player, no matter how good he is

    That’s also the reason why Barcelona want to sell Dembele and that’s why Bayern are making Hudson-Odoi as their alternative target due to Dembele’s injury records in the last three seasons

    1. There is Ryan Sessegnon such player we should be looking at while he’s still at Fulham.

  7. I think a lot will still happen before this is settled one way or another.

    I think it is a potential exciting signing. He has played a lot of games since 17 so some injuries recently is natural. He has the chance of playing in rotation with Kosalinac. It’s good if he comes.

    We need to get our core right before we consider big big signings. Competition is a start.

  8. He’s signed on a 4 year deal, currently out after a double hernia op. Next week should resume full training. Celtic don’t need to sell so are holding out for £25m what they value him at. So the Arsenal negotiators currently haven’t done a decent job at all, it just allowed other suitors to know that’s the price, take it or leave it. IMO he’s a better defender than Andy Robertson’s, so how much is he worth now only because he plays in the EPL? He’s knows himself that he’s 2 seasons away from history by making it 10-in-a-row, so if the valuations not met he’ll still be here waiting on his deserved big move! It’s not all about money!!

  9. He has played a lot of games in a rubbish league Tom,I’m not saying we shouldn’t buy him but he will have to prove he can handle premier league players and believe me there is a big difference, I think his biggest attribute is as a wing back charging down the flanks and putting in crosses but his defending is not great,we already have poor defenders,but maybe he can prove me wrong if he comes,lets hope so.

  10. That’s right Jomki. Embarrassing as ever. We are a cheap club and it will take to be out if top 10 for board to react. we wont change anything as we keep purchasing shirts & tickets.

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