Arsenal new Adidas kits – classic, bruised or German?

Every high profile football club gets their new kit leaked at one time or another and Arsenal are no different, however, we do seem to have more “new” kits than transfer rumours at this time.

That said, the feeling is that we are getting closer to what looks like the finished product with what appears to be a bit of a retro look.

This picture of the away kit is doing the rounds on social media and I must say, it does look like a classic away shirt to me.

This image of the home kit is also popular on social media and as one Twitter user commented, a bruised banana

Now, while those two images above are the most popular and probable new designs for next season there are still a high number of “concept” images being leaked as well.

These concept kit images have a bit of a safe look to them.

Germany anyone? What can I say, this just reminds me of the German national team and is not for me.

Erm, no comment.

There are many more floating around out there but I am inclined to go with the first two images above as the most likely new outfits for next season, they look cool, clean and sharp and most importantly they look like what an Arsenal shirt should look like.

Not something we have always been able to say.


  1. That last kit is nice (the white one ).
    Fake obviously but still looks good ,as long as we don’t see that toothpaste kit from last season I’ll be happy .

  2. swear down I love the first White kit you’re claiming looks like the German kit.
    Simple and classy.
    I’d love that kit for next season but we can’t have it I’m sure

  3. Pep is an amazing coach, even after the game he is still coaching Raheem Sterling. What a man, he has turned ordinary players into legends, very good players are getting even better, there is no room for average. Ummmmm Arsenal Football Club. Good wishes.

    1. And I must say Watford gave it a good shot, first half was more on the balance especially before the goals. I commend their coach as well. Good luck in the future.

      1. Hi Pat… one thing that amazed me.. was KDB was only on the pitch for 35 minutes & still managed to pick up MOTM – wow, just wow!! What a way to win the treble!!

        1. Sue I was surprised too. I thought Raheem Sterling did well, also Jesus. But they all did well. I had to watch a masterclass in football I must admit. Even though we have had our lovely days at Wembley I still looked on with envy.

    2. What are you on about Pat, our players are crap and “uncoachable”. How I wish we have Pep and Klopp to know that for sure.

  4. I haven’t bought a shirt in years, and these designs are making it nice and easy again. Yellow one isn’t too bad, and has a nice retro feel to it, but I was expecting a lot more from Adidas as it was their first kits on the new deal.

    1. I also have high hopes for Adidas. Puma saved me a ton of money, and it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new kit. I’ve held out on purchasing kits anyways until the club got rid of Wenger, so they’ve earned a purchase from me.

  5. I don’t think anyone has seen the new Adidas kits other than people behind the making of them. I doubt Adidas has leaked any original snaps, I think they threw people off so people can get an oooh! when they finally see the real ones at unveiling.

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