Arsenal new signing confirmed – BRILLIANT!

According to reports in the South American media, Arsenal have finalised a deal to bring Arturo Vidal to the Emirates, and will make an announcement once the Copa America has been concluded. After it was reported last week that the Gunners had agreed to a four-year deal for the player after a meeting with his agent Fernando Felicevich, who also represents Alexis Sanchez, it seems as though both parties have shook hands on the deal.

The story is being run by DirectTV, which is one of the biggest sports channels in South America. In fact, a renowned journalist by the name of Hernan Feler announced the deal on Twitter and claimed that the official announcement will be made at the conclusion of the Copa America. It you are questioning the credibility of the source, it is worth noting that Mr. Feler was actually one of the first people to announce Arsenal’s deal for Alexis Sanchez last summer.

He tweeted last night: “After the Copa America in Chile, it will be made official the arrival of Arturo Vidal to Arsenal. Everything is closed. He will partner Alexis.”

Well, considering the credibility of the source and the fact that the player will indeed be leaving Turin this summer, I think this is a done deal. Despite Arsenal being linked to various other midfielders like Morgan Schneiderlin and Giannelli Imbula, it seems as though Le Prof has made up his mind and gone for Vidal, and I’m sure no Arsenal fans are complaining.

Arturo Vidal is a world-class midfielder who comes with loads of experience and with a reputation of being one of world football’s best players in his position. There is no doubt in my mind that the Chilean international will come in and do the job for the side, he has everything it takes to make his mark in an Arsenal shirt.

The only worry I have however is that the player is injury-prone, although he’s made a significant improvement on that front this season. Anyway, I guess we can trust Wenger on this as I’m sure a lot of research in regards to his fitness would have gone in before any move was made. I guess all Arsenal fans can do right now is to patiently wait for the conclusion of the Copa America for official confirmation of the big news.


VIDEO – Santi Cazorla’s brilliant FA Cup Final freekick!!

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      1. No way is arturo leaving juve.
        Wenger wont spend 25 mill plus on a player who turns 29 this year an coming back from a huge injury.

        Juve arent gonna get rid of vidal and pogba….
        An vidal will not leave league winning an champions league finalists for 3rd/ 4th place every year

        1. Yes I realise that last bit will irk some of u…could be worse. ..

          Imagine henry’s last game for arsenal an we lose 6-1 to stoke…..too funny….stevie aint no g
          Especially after his anfield send off was a loss to crystal palace

        2. @muff, he actually just turned 28 but anyhows, I can’t believe this rumor either. He’s basically a little more violent Ramsey, would seem like a total luxury buy for me.

    1. Why is it bullshit? Apparently a transfer as big as Ozil and Sanchez isn’t a bullshit. Vidal transfer sounds really plausible to me.

    1. Exactly. Hey @ADMIN can you tone down the click bait headlines and have a little more dignity than the Daily Star & Metro? Some guy with a twitter “confirms” something and you act like it’s a club statement.

  1. Vidal to Arsenal????? Just last summer’, ManchesterUnited tried to get Him….If this deal goes through’ I’ll be so delighted. A great player and arsenal will benefit his aggression in big games. Who will say No to a quality player? Quality attracts quality… Well, until I see him on an Arsenal Jersey’ for now, its still rumour. Anything can happen along the line…

  2. This would truly be the perfect player what we need. World class.

    Compare him to Le Coq don’t get me wrong he’s been fantastic for us the last few months, he’s fantastic off the ball in a defensive sense reads the game really well always in the right position to make interceptions and tackles and a decent passer. Vidal tho just as good as Coquelin at the dirty stuff but has a great range of passing. Vision is a important word like an ozil sees things most players don’t can really drive the team forward and help pick teams apart and can adapt during games far better than Coquelin if your ripping teams apart you don’t necessarily need a out and out DM on the pitch at all times. Likes to get forward scores goal’s great penalty taker. Definitely one of the best all round midfielders in the world in his prime and would definitely improve the team. Will it happen? I hope so but I wouldn’t count on it. Would Juventus let him leave? Would someone like Real Madrid not try to get him if he does? Really Hope we do tho.

    1. You need champions to be a champion. The players we have do not rlly know what it means to be one. The need to be nr one and not second or third. Sanchez gave us this example by showing the others what hunger trully means. Bec of him the team plays much better.

      Win or lose. When i see players smile and cry in the pitch bec of the game i know there is a champion infront of my tv. Not acting all cooky with selfies ( i would forbid this) but actually care only for results. Coquelin is still a rooki, Vidal is world class a player. Coquelin will have troubleties to emulate him during this his life. But if we have the luxury to attract such player why should we not do so. We are no stepping stone club anymore. We need to aim for everything and everyone.

      1. I think the biggest hurdle in getting someone like Vidal would be getting Juve to sell him, one of the biggest clubs and think he’d have to push for the transfer maybe he does want the challenge of a new league. Some of the things your saying in your comment not quite sure why you saying them in a reply to what I said I certainly don’t think we’re a stepping stone club. We’re an interesting club tho a big club on the up who someone like Vidal could help bring the glory days back to and unlike somewhere like Madrid rally could quickly be regarded as a club legend if we are successful. We have one of his international team mates who I’m sure he’d love to play with at club level. Also Le Coq is still very young and could learn a lot from sow one like Vidal I’m sure he’ll get better and better he might not have it in him to reach vitals level but a more than capable back up/ alternative.

        1. Getting Juve to sell may be easier than not, they will be spending again and may see this as an oppertunity to reinvest into a younger CM… How much is Kondogbia rumored to cost? I’m not saying it would be him but I think you can see my point? They can look to get Pogbas long term CM partner sorted sooner rather than later.

          35 million euros for Vidal is what we payed for Alexis, the pound is strong currently so we can use that to our advantage.

          1. I think we paid in pounds, i believed it was about 32 maybe rising to your figure but if it was in euros well then we only paid something like 25 mil pounds. I think i would have heard that mentioned often if it was the case.

            Well the problem with some fans doest seem to be that he is too big a name for us so therefore out of reach, it seems some believe that he is similar in position to Ramsey and Jack. If Pogba is there box to box where does this put Vidal. P Vieira and Petit shared responsibility taking turns in forward play and both defensively where excellent – could be the case with Pogba Vidal. I would say Vidal is a DM and reasons for seeing him further forward is that juve are shoulders above everyone in Italy so will come up against some staunch defending and occasionally a teammate will have him covered. Then there is Pirlo the deep lying quaterback, surely it makes sense to have two def mids in front sort of how a real quaterback gets protected.. also Pirlo maybe the one who covers either of PP or AV when roaming.

      2. Coq is future world class, with Vidal he’d be able to improve his attacking qualities

      3. “You need champions to be a champion. The players we have do not rlly know what it means to be one.”

        Yeah, especially those Germans

    2. Madrid have Modric, Kroos and Illaramendi, only one seem to be leaving is Khedira. If he moves to Juve then Real will definitely be getting him.

  3. interesting, would be nice to have him, but do not see it happening. Our main focus will be the forwards and Defensive midfielder, base on previous knowledge, i know we will be losing some of our midfielders, forwards and maybe one keeper.

    We have an abundance of attacking midfielders, who are more concern with going forward than defending, Cazorla has been the exception, however we are going to need the steel for the upcoming season, when we are going to have to use two traditional DMs especially in the away Champions league matches and some big league games away.

    We will basically have a fit team at the start of the season, with Sanchez the only worry, i think it will be a great season for us this coming year

    1. Out of tunes along the way dude? Arturo Vidal is a CDM. A world class one. Along side Pogba he’s ruling serie A and in verge of treble winners as the upcoming CL finale.

  4. Vidal interview four days ago

    ‘Turin feels like home,’ Vidal told
    24 Horas. ‘The people are very
    warm and passionate, very Latin,
    similar to in Chile. They say hello
    when I walk down the street.
    ‘I could stay in Turin for my whole
    life, for my family and for the
    people who love me. Of course,
    Juve are also one of the best
    teams in the world. It’s really
    difficult to change club when you’re
    this happy.

  5. Hernan Feler would not post something on twitter if it was not credible – his reputation is at stake. Whether or not he did indeed post such a thing is questionable, but if he did, it must be true.

    On the signing itself, Vidal, like the article mentions, is probably one of the best players in the world in that role.They don’t call him ‘the warrior’ for nothing. Ok, he is 27, getting on a bit, but his experience would be invaluable. He would be excellent in rotation with Coquelin and also to be a mentor for the young Frenchman.

    1. So the rumor must be true because maybe Feler posted it on Twitter or maybe he didn’t. Lots of otherwise credible people make stupid mistakes on Twitter. Is Feler standing behind the story? Apparently not.

  6. A modern day Patrick Viera. I’ll take that any day of the week. Throw in a Jackson, and sign that Cech, then I’ll have a nice grin on my face come August.

  7. Does this site have editors? Are articles screened at all? Clickbait heading and a 100 percent BS story that has already been debunked by sites with actual credibility. Vidal is great but he’s not coming to Arsenal.

  8. Marotta stated the other day ” why would vidal leave juve to join an inferior madrid side?! ”
    So my question is why would he sign for arsenal if they consider madrid! a step down!
    (no disrespect)

      1. Saw the headline on
        They do have a reputation of midleading headlines though.

    1. It was Madrid who raised him since a young boy. He won’t say that. Your the only one who’s talking BS!

  9. If we are going for a striker I would get Falco, I know most of you are going to thumb me down but I think Man-U was the wrong team at the wrong time for him, I think Arsen Wanger will bring back his former glory and we can pick him up for half the price and salary, but if I had a choice of any striker apart from Messi or Renaldo I would go all out to Suarez

    1. Does not seem to have recovered from his serious knee injury so I would pass on him – too much of a risk.

      1. Nothing wrong with his knee he had many games for United injury free, I just feel that there was too much expectation on him to turn United around immediately and he lost confidence, at arsenal he will be more relaxed and have so much more chances to score in the box becouse of the way we play

        1. This is the guy who scored 52 goals in 68 games for Atletico Madrid just couple of years ago

          1. Yeah. He WAS. He was also tagged 50M pounds, and “stealing” 200K from Manure every week.

    2. About this time last year we were clamouring for him (Falcoa). Did we dodge a bullet?

  10. He just celebrated his 28th birthday two days ago.

    He may not be a DM but is a good tackler, gets back possession of the ball, so an excellent all around midfielder on both attack and defense

    If this is true, I will be very happy

    1. You people seem to not have a clue what a DM is. “but is a good tackler, gets back possession of the ball.” That is what a DM is. Just because he does other things great doesn’t mean he can’t be a great DM. As a deep lying midfielder, protecting the back 4, but also supplying the attacking line. This guy is perfect. Schneiderlin would be a number 2. It’s the one thing Coq is not so good at which is distribution

      1. Dude you don’t have the slightest damn clue what a DM is so I would suggest you don’t come off like you know. I forgot Vidal who plays as a #10 is a DM by your logic smh

    2. Got it wrong foot Fred? Vidal a real DM. Pogba on other side is role as box to box for Juve. Now, I’m not sure that Vidal is also able to play as deep lying playmaker. Pirlo is world known as the best deep lying playmaker. He’s 36 years old, and his remarkably still doing this “rare” job for Juve.

  11. With all due respects to every one dat write or post a comments, i wonder wat d Admin is posting for us to read and comments on. The English is very poor That one especially me could heardly understand wat i read. Is it that there is no editing before a story is posted or this is anoda developed English?

    1. How dare you criticize a post written in perfect English Grammar and do it by using words like ‘dat’, ‘wat’ and ‘anoda’. No wonder you can’t understand it!

  12. From all the comments that I have read above, there is no any guarantee yet that Arthor Vidal will be a Gunner next season. We hope his purported coming to Arsenal will eventually come to fruition. Jack Wilshere has said, it will hurt him if he is sold by Arsenal. And the Boss in his press conference today after the WBA game said, he hope Jack Wilshere will stay at Arsenal. What does that word hope means. Is there more to it than meet the eye. However, reading through the lines, the Boss affirmed his willingness to keep Theo Walcott at Arsenal by all possible means.

    1. Substitute “chance” for “guarantee” and you have a true statement. There is no chance that Vidal will be a Gunner next season.

      Now, can we talk about some realistic targets?

  13. If Wenger buys him them it means he dosent know how to use money. We will be wasting our money strenthening areas where we are already strong. Ozil, Sanchez , Debuchy, Chambers rings a bell?

  14. this rumour a joke. People in South America btw say the source isnt credible and the dudes a joke anyways.

    1. Apparently, people with a grasp of reality get down thumbed by people who prefer wishful thinking.

  15. erm, ther are only two clubs in London: Chelsea and the struggling rest. sadly, der is only One Coach in London, Jose “The Special One” Mourinho nd jst one captain, John Terry. And hey, did u guys see a Certain Cesc Fabregas wearing a magic cap while celebrating his 1st EPL Trophy? Plz stand up for THE CHAMPIONS of England you “lovers” of the game!!!!

  16. 98% of arsenal fans round the world make up for the most frustrsted and insecure humans in the planet.shez is poor.give us ospina.oohhh sopina is not good,give us shez back.sell walcott,sell wilshere,oohh walcott is gr8,wilshere is awesome,afetr one game-sell walcott,hes shit give us lacazette,blah,blah blah.always moaning and murmuring.made urselves a laughing stock.get a grip asswipes

    1. I wouldn’t say 98% of all Arsenal fans. 98% of this website I believe. I’m not sure how this site managed to attract the bottom of the barrel of our fans, but it’s really the only reason I come back. Honestly the worst fans

  17. Cavani is going to juventus. they have dybala and they will extend tevez’s contract. morata will want 1st team play. that is 4 players who will want 1st team action. Pirlo is going, no? not to sure on that and Pogba looks to be making way. if not pogba than vidal WILL go to make up for the two big transfers.

    I think vidal will stay but pogba is off. not real like some speculation but barca.

    do we really need vidal? sure he is great but we have plenty of box to box types. he adds grit but can he out muscle the like of toure when in full flow. that is the test for me. wanyama failed today. very disappointed to say the least especial with all the hype on here.

    schnedelin is smarter and wouldn’t let yaya turn and get up stream. but I would also say he might fail.

  18. I would say this was just another rumour but Debuchy shared the news on his face book page so he probably knows something we don’t.

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