Arsenal working on surprise Arsene Wenger return

Arsene Wenger could reportedly be heading back to Arsenal.

We’ve not heard much from Arsene Wenger since he said goodbye to Arsenal back in the summer of 2018, but he may be set for a speedy return to the Emirates Stadium.

According to the Daily Mirror, the Arsenal board are eager to bring Wenger back in some capacity, though the report does not specify precisely what that would be.

They say the Gunners are already making inroads into trying to persuade the Frenchman to come back in a move that they feel could boost struggling rookie head coach Mikel Arteta.

It might be that Wenger is being lined up for a role on the club board, or perhaps simply as more of an ambassador.

Either way, it would be an emotional return and a fitting gesture to such a great servant.

Sir Alex Ferguson is regularly seen at Manchester United games and there seems no reason not to warmly welcome Wenger back and see if it can give everyone a bit of a much-needed lift.


  1. I think Arteta needs 1-2 seasons in the seat to solidify himself as the boss before Wenger is brought back. I also think if 1-2 more years pass it will be time to give Wenger a statue.

  2. Struggling rookie? What on earth does that mean? He’s lost 1 game since taken over. Absoustle ridiculous statement.

    1. Agreed! Anyone who thinks he is struggling, when the direct opposite is quite apparent , needs either Spec Savers or a new brain!

  3. Definitely think Arsene should return as an ambassador for the club, but not until Mikel has settled into the coaches job, ax this will cause unnecessary media reports of tension between the two.

    Cannot see what use he would be on the board though, as that particular part of the club seems full of gentlemen who dont know what they are supposed to be doing anyway.

  4. Not for me, he should be an honorary supporter, thats it. The last thing we need is a person responsible in some way for our plight now being in a position to meddle.

    1. @Reggie I 100% agree the club is being run like a circus, the man was let go because we were going backwards and haven’t improved much at all since then and now they want to bring him back? He’s 70 years old, he’s a pensioner I honestly don’t see what he will bring to the table! It’s time the club and fans moved on from Wenger.

  5. If bringing back Wenger is supposed to galvanise the club then we truly are in trouble! We need investment, then identify the players capable of improving the team, not our former 70 year old manager! Kroenke must be sweating that his cash cow is becoming less valuable each year.

    1. Kev, its not as if the greatest manager in recent times Fergie has done much for utd since he stopped being their manager. He is, i believe like a consultant, his first idea went tits up, Moyes! And they still haven’t recovered.

  6. Furgie left while the audience were still clapping for him but Wenger left when the fans booked a plan caring a banner with his name on it (WENGER OUT) flying above the stadium he belt. Its not easy for him to come home and watch match day fixtures the way Fergie does.

    if you have forgotten about the pain, the misery you inflicted and all sorts of names you called Wenger, wow he has not forgotten his heart still bleeds. It has to take you guys to write good articles about him.

  7. I rate Wenger as the best football manager ever, who managed to win trophies and managed to keep a football club in the champions league and the fears and stubborn English league without a war chest to spend on transfers.

    Liverpool, Man U, Man C, Tot, chelsea, used to spend 100 millions plus on transfers every season, but not with Arsenal who only managed to spend under 20 million and sometimes nothing at all.

    Everyone thought Wenger did not want to spend, but that was not the case. Its management that kept hold of the transfer money.
    Wenger sacrificed his soul for Arsenal football club.

    The the self proclaimed special one once called him SUCCESSFUL FAILURE success in failure.

    Thats why Wenger is far better than Jose, quardiola Klopp the list is endless

  8. The lack of investment over the years by management has made this gap.
    We are using our football managers as a scapegoat, what we actually need is to change the owners. We need new investors, with new vision and big financial power to invest in the club.

    Wenger was not a problem but management was. We should have seen this coming.

  9. Admin, plz one of these days write an article on how arsenal has spent on transfers in the last 20 years as compared to other football clubs.

  10. Brought back Wenger as part board it’s okay coz he’s true Arsenal diehard,can bring 2-3more changes and also guide our young competent head coach,Arteta.but not as Manager.

  11. I’d have Wenger back and on the board, like a shot, PROVIDED he has nothing to do with direct team matters. His overall wisdom and knowledge of world football and of how best to treat all humans , including footballers, makes him a stand out name that we would be stupid not to have back in THAT capacity. Imagine having a board member who actually knows about football. WHAT A NOVELTY THAT WOULD BE AT ARSENAL, SINCE DEIN WAS, CATASTROPHICALLY, FORCED OUT.
    I say this as one of Wengers most fierce critics in his last 8 years here and see no contradiction at all in my compatible views, though I realise certain others, far more shallow thinking than I am, will call me , wrongly, a hypocrite in this matter.

  12. Wenger back as a statue is fine, anything else would split the fanbase like before. Even make the statue bigger, if that suits people but thats where it should end. Oh and a season ticket for life.

  13. What do you mean by struggling rookie? Did you understand the chemistry of the game? Arteta needs more time to settle, after all he is already recording tremendous achievement since his assumption as the head coach!

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