Talks held: Arsenal given hope of tying Aubameyang down to new contract on one key condition

Arsenal could convince Aubameyang to stay with Champions League football.

It may be that all hope is not yet lost with regards to keeping Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at Arsenal.

The Gabon international is having another superb season and his stats since 2017 show he’s truly been one of the game’s elite forwards in this time, so you couldn’t blame him for thinking he belongs at a club currently closer to challenging for the biggest prizes.

It therefore makes sense to hear from Le 10 Sport that Aubameyang is mulling over his options ahead of the summer, and is stalling on committing to Arsenal as he waits and sees if we can get back into the Champions League.

It is at least encouraging to hear we’ve held some talks with him about staying, and it’s good that it can’t be entirely ruled out, with the prospect of Champions League football not looking as unrealistic now as it did a few weeks ago.

We’re just seven points off fourth at the moment, and our improved form alongside Chelsea’s struggles and a lack of consistency at both Manchester United and Tottenham surely puts us in with a chance in the final months of the season.

The Europa League also offers us a way in to the CL for next season, so there’s no reason to give up hope on Aubameyang just yet.


  1. “….it is at least encouraging to hear that we’ve had some talks….” WHAT?? What kind of statement is that? Do you really believe that the people in charge of player contracts have not been talking to the player? That would border on being criminally negligent. You should have a bit more faith in the new people in charge, Mark.

    1. SAGooner, you beat me to it by two hours!!

      As far as I was aware, there has been a contract on the table for both him and Lacs for quite a while now – it was reported so at the end of last season, in line with the new policy regarding contracts.

      We should take in to account though, the new people in charge (the new regime) also presided over the Aaron Ramsey debacle, the loan signings of Suares, Lichtsteiner and keeping UE as coach at the startof this season.

  2. Wait…

    Isn’t 5th the new 4th??

    Have City been spared? At best I think they can hope for reduction to 1 year. They ain’t getting scot free.

    1. No one knows that for sure. Not even Admin Martin, who in my considered opinion is FAR too sure that City will indeed miss two years in CL. I wait to see and caution all who jump on the mass media hype as if this is a fait accompli and remind you all that there is a long appeal process to go yet and, IMO, UEFA, which is itself corrupt , as is FIFA, will be under fierce attack from City’s top corporate lawyers and I believe that both UEFA and Fifa, will , ultimately , be terrified of having their own secrets and underhand workings revealed to the football world, as a court case of this magitude will surely do.
      I’d advise to wait and see before making up your minds. I do not see City missing two years , POSSIBLY not even one and no points deductions in the Prem either. Just my take but I am a man of experience and have been several times around the block, so to speak.

      Whether we fight for 4th or 5th place is IMO, academic anyway, as we will not achieve either.

      1. You’re right.
        We have a tough fixture list and Chelsea and Spurs will both have just 1 more game in Europe, so they best 11s will be fresh every weekend.

    2. According to james from gunnerblog, who spoke to various lawyers, it looks like City will find a way of at least stalling it for a year, so it’s very unlikely that 5th will earn a champions league spot this season

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