BBC signal anti-Arsenal bias as they rank Invincibles behind Liverpool and Chelsea in bizarre table

The haters really are out of the woodwork…

Arsenal remaining the only Invincibles of the modern era really has exposed the haters for what they are.

Ever since Liverpool’s 3-0 defeat to Watford, we’ve seen various people in the media questioning how great our 2003/04 side actually was. In a way that’s fair enough – many of us would perhaps swap the unbeaten season for a Champions League title or two. It’s one thing to have a healthy debate about the pros and cons of it, but some of the weird dismissive attitude shown towards the Invincibles seems downright unfair.

And then there’s this, which is just something else altogether…

Yep, you’re reading that right. Despite us having the longest unbeaten run in English football history, the BBC have placed us third on this list of ‘best English runs’ on the basis that we had a slightly lower points per game average than Liverpool and Chelsea did when they went 44 and 40 games unbeaten, respectively.

Where to start with this? The achievement is surely in remaining unbeaten, rather than the number of points you collect. And even then, Liverpool only picked up one more point than us, and of course their average is higher on the basis that they got those points over a lower number of games!

While there’s obviously a discussion to be had about points tallies, with Manchester City’s 100 from 2017/18 obviously impressive, and Liverpool perhaps set to break that this season, I don’t understand this sudden rewriting of the rules regarding our unbeaten run. Suddenly we seem to have drawn too many games, as though that means it doesn’t count somehow?

Perhaps the haters can answer me this, then: if we drew too many games and going unbeaten isn’t actually that difficult, why could the great Sir Alex Ferguson not do it in 26 attempts? Why has no other English team *ever* done it over 38 games like we did?


  1. Bloody hell, what a surprise! Really does anger me! I wonder if we’ll ever see an unbeaten season again……
    I know something that’ll cheer me up – watch the highlights of Watford v Liverpool (again) 😝

    1. Brilliant !! well said that man !! well said !! but i bet they have a documentary about this season aired on Biased Broadcast company!! Arsenal are still waiting for their documentary on the 04 Invincibles !! of course we wont ever get one !!

  2. It’s called “Best English Run” not “Longest English Run” so in some respects it’s an ok way of looking at things. Doesn’t change the fact that we’re the only Invincibles – with the longest run in the English game… Just a different way of sorting the data… interesting… but none of them have a Gold trophy. 👍🏻

  3. Surely points attained are a different stat to consecutive games unbeaten?

    The chart shows “Best English Runs” and NOT “Consecutive Games Unbeaten”!

    Anyway, we all know Arsenal are always subject to criticism by the usual haters. After all, we do have the best history in global football! 🙂

  4. Oh bloody hell, guess who is refereeing tonight?? Small, arrogant, very little hair……. yep Mike Dean! Why oh why!!! Urgh…..

    1. Isnt it amazing Arsenal have had the same refs for the most games this season !! That must be deans 11th game now !! WTF

  5. I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. The BBC have based their table on points gained per game. As for calling them “haters”, get a grip eh, it’s no big deal and doesn’t change the fact Arsenal went on the longest unbeaten run, a fact that cannot be changed.

    1. you say get a grip as to say they are wrong with their findings ?? i say they are bang on the money !! Media and the BS broadcasting company have always been anti Arsenal !! When Arsenal did actually go unbeaten 49 games might i add every paper bar The sun only gave us one page for one day and the BBC gave us nothing at all !! An achievement like this should have had a story of that season on BBC players talking about it Wenger being interviewed etc etc but NO was and has never been thought of !! But Fergusons treble and other things about UTD have been aired time and time again !! Even the Spuds have had stuff aired on the BBC yes the spuds that have actually factually won F all of any great concern !! Lineker cannot and has not ever mentioned anything nice about AFC not once !! their are more facts as well George Graham managed only losing 1 game all season but that was never mentioned !! Is clear as day to see Arsenal do not get any good press fact final finished !!

    2. Ya…. the table was based on points per game…. we shouldn’t be bothered by it….. even though I feel they’re just finding means to detract from our achievement….. one thing is certain though, we’re the only ones with the golden trophy. Long live the invincibles…… COYG!!

  6. One of the many reasons i want to TV License scrapped !! I have not watched Match of the day for 10 years now and will not watch it !! BBC aka BS Broadcasting company !! or better known as the Biased Broadcasting Company !! Lineker makes my skin crawl on his reporting and tweeter feeds !! His biased anti Arsenal BS is just childish to say the least !! Everyone knows Arsenal are the better club and the only club to have achieved the unthinkable and without the help of VAR like Liverpool have had !! In 9 of their games so far !! and i mean real BS decisions !! ARSENAL ARE THE ONLY TEAM IN MODERN DAY FOOTBALL TO HAVE ACHIEVED UNBEATEN FOR THE WHOLE SEASON ! AND THE HATERS ARE JUST SO SO SO JEALOUS OF THAT FACT !! WHICH MAKES MY DAY !! i WOULD SAY TO ANY ARSENAL FAN DO NOT WATCH BBC BOYCOTT THE CHANNEL LIKE I HAVE AND MANY OTHERS !!

  7. What else amazes me is how City won the domestic treble last season – the first men’s team to achieve this, yet we hardly hear anything about that…. they’re the reigning PL champions, yet all we have rammed down our throats is Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool!
    Unfortunately we can’t rely on a Stevie G slip to screw it all up this time – they will be champions (boo!) but thank god it won’t be unbeaten…. on that note there is a god!!! Thank you 🙏

  8. The fact remains that we are the only club that has done it,forget the stats. I couldn’t give a flying
    you know what how we did it or how Liverpool didn’t do it.COYG.

  9. How can you say ‘The achievement is surely in remaining unbeaten, rather than the number of points you collect.’ Its ALL about points, the unbeatable season was good don’t get me wrong, but Arsenal drew a lot of games that season. For me, Chelsea’s achievement the following season was better because they finished on more points. ‘Points make prizes my friend’ 🙂

    1. Just amassing the most points earns you a trophy….. amassing the most points, without recording a loss, all through a season, earns you a golden trophy…… I suppose you get my point
      And how could you place such an achievement below Chelsea’s defensive, boring and frustrating football style…. it’s pragmatic, yes, and could win you a trophy, but football isn’t torture, it’s a beautiful game meant to be enjoyed.

      1. Easily, Arsenal’s unbeaten season they finished on 90 points, Chelsea finished on 95 and 91 the following two seasons. Both better than Arsenals unbeaten season. Put it this way, if the unbeaten season had happened the following seasons they wouldn’t have won the title. End of argument! Also, Mourinho’s first season was anything but defensive and pragmatic. Robin and Duff running the wings and Drogba up front.

        1. ” Arsenal’s unbeaten season they finished on 90 points, Chelsea finished on 95 and 91 the following two seasons. Both better than Arsenals unbeaten season. Put it this way, if the unbeaten season had happened the following seasons they wouldn’t have won the title. End of argument!”

          not really it would depend on the head to head and if arsenal beat them both times @ home and away then Arsenal would have won the trophies those years regardless. so no mate.

          1. You could go in till your blue in the face but the fact remains that Arsenal are the ONLY unbeaten team during the whole of one premier league season. S*d the number of points scored as each season is different.
            The Liverpool team and Klopp looked like they had licked pee off a nettle so they clearly had designs on our record.

  10. They are just haters, Arsenal is still holding the record. Besides that, Liverpool does not have a place of Henry and Vieira stature

  11. That’s not biased, they just made the table based on points per game ratio. Why do Arsenal fans moan about everything. It’s like creating a table for strikers based on goal to game ratio.

  12. The pitch battles, the refs letting things go, players tackling from behind, referees being lenient one moment and harsh the next or waiting until a player racks up 6 bad challenges before carding him. Offside trap harder to beat. The Inv achievement was a much more difficult thing to achieve. Today, if teams came at the Inv like that, with what today’s game has to offer, they’d be picked off of exhibition style and steamrolled over. Seriously that is why these pundits need to get creative, they know the difference in era’s, is mega, that Inv team will always be the the Daddy.

  13. All I want to say is, “thank you Watford for beating them up the way you.”
    VAR went on break for just one epl match, and Liverpool lost, says it all.

  14. Like i tried to tell people you get no trophy for winning the league unbeaten you get a trophy which there is no argument or no taking away. The rest is just opinion. It doesn’t matter what people think, we are the only team to go unbeaten but every year we all play for a league trophy and the winner of that gets a parade and there is no argument.

    1. Like i said, its a feat but at the end of the day, you only get a trophy for winning things, how may goals you scored, how many you let in, how many points you get, how many pounds the team cost how many games you won and how many games you lost, still leads to the same trophy you all play for. The rest is opinion and history. It was a feat and thats what it was like the treble but even the treble is only a trophy for each comp, not getting the treble.

      1. It’s not the same trophy though … ours is gold and no other club in England has a gold PL trophy

  15. I agree haters will all be haters.
    They want what we have but will never say.
    Continue hating and
    Long live the Gooners unbeaten Run.

  16. We are all simplifying the invincibles’ achievement somewhat. So how good were they? Look at game 50. No one could tell a grade 6 child that the game was normal. The numerous blatant fouls on Arsenal allowed by the referee helps to paint the environment in which Arsenal achieved their record. When compared to Liverpool’s achievement in a more humane and even supportive environment, the context screams that Arsenal’s Invincibles was golden – hence the trophy. Never forget that all statistics have context.

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