Video: Ex-Gunner posts clip of son performing impressive skills in full Arsenal kit

Cazorla’s son looks a talent!

Former Arsenal star Santi Cazorla has provided the kind of light relief we all need right now with a great video of his young son doing keepy-uppies with a roll of toilet paper – and in full Arsenal kit!

Cazorla remains a real fan favourite at the Emirates Stadium after a fine career with the Gunners, even if he barely played towards the end of his time with the club due to injuries.

With skills like this, maybe his son has a future at Arsenal! Get him signed up ASAP, Raul!

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  1. Well, according to some on here, Santi Cazorla should have been gone as soon as he became a regular and consistent figure on the treatment table – no time for sentiment or honour, if your injury means time out then get rid off.

    THANKFULLY our club have never had that attitude and they treat our players as human beings, not commodities… hence this great picture of Santi’s son in a full Arsenal kit.
    SC has never forgotten the treatment he received from both the club and fans – that’s what is meant when we say “Doing it the Arsenal way”… just wish the new regime had waited a little longer and what a wonderful signing by Arsene Wenger.

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