“I was jumping” – Cesc Fabregas reveals the Arsenal goal he celebrated while he was at Barcelona

Fabregas loved this moment as much as every Arsenal fan.

Former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas has revealed one Gunners goal that made him jump up with celebration – even when he was a Barcelona player.

The Spaniard says he continued to watch Arsenal even after leaving the club in the summer of 2011, and one game he followed was Thierry Henry’s legendary second debut against Leeds United.

The Frenchman returned to Arsenal for a second spell on loan in the 2011/12 season, and made an instant impact off the bench to get the winner in an FA Cup tie against Leeds United.

Fabregas, speaking to Henry on Instagram Live, as quoted by the Metro, says he was sure Henry was going to score, and that he celebrated wildly when he did.

“I was at home in Barcelona on my sofa that day watching the game because I never really miss any Arsenal games,” he said.

“I was with my best friend I remember and I said, ‘Man he’s scoring.’ I swear. I remember that day. I said, ‘He’s going to score, it’s destiny, this is going to happen’. And when it happened, I swear I remember I was jumping.”

Fabregas is perhaps not as loved by as many Gooners as some of our other former heroes, but this does seem to show the club still has a special place in his heart.

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  1. SORRY but I can see no reason at all that Fabregas should not be loved by us Arsenal fans – he wanted to come to Arsenal when he came back to England. But Wenger did not signe him and that was really very sad as he went on and did a great job for Chelsea. To me he is an Arsenal legend.

  2. I love Cesc! Sadly he came through at the wrong time for us. Despite playing in our rubbish teams, he was amazing!

    Take note Ozil, Cesc proved you can still look world class in a rubbish team.

    1. ARSENAL HAVE,a point behind-the-scenes.They have to keep Aubenyanga’s further furture in the club until at least next 3 years of contact stay in longer than expected him to leave said by ARSENAL fan Simonkorobe7@gmail

    2. Sir, it is true, but in my opinion he is the biggest rubbish in the rubbish team at the moment.

  3. Loose Cannon…what are you on mate?

    Cesc will always be loved by a massive majority of Gunners he is and always will be a great player and Gunner for life.

    1. Pete, that comment was not directed to , Cesc remains one of my favorites all time, and was not taken back I presume to keep Ozil happy. Ozil will never be in the in the same league as Cesc. Cesc guided them to the EPL, what has Ozil done to justify his presence in the team and I am not talking of his wages, leave that aside, just talking from the sporting ability

  4. Cesc wanted to leave for quite a while before he actually did- Not sure his heart was in North London then- Came back to England a wiser, more mature person. Pity we did n’t sign him then.

  5. So strange how pitiful fans can be.Arsenal made cesc just like robin.without arsenal they might not hit the same height yet they abandoned arsenal when arsenal needed them most.if they loved arsenal they would have stayed no matter trophy or not.look at Gerard,he stayed even though he nearly left,he stayed.didnt win much but his love is true.cesc joined Chelsea that was a bullshit move to a team and fans you loved.do you do this to one you claim to love.thats bull yet fans lap it and mention ozil.ozil was made before arsenal.he even dropped a level coming to arsenal.ozil didn’t and don’t need arsenal to make a name but cesc needed arsene and arsenal to be known

    1. Cesc would have maid it in any big club so it was Wenger and Arsenal that got lucky to get him at the right time but did not manage to keep him nor resign him either. That was a pity.
      And Gerard won the BIG cup and other cups but never the Premier league.

  6. Cesc was a very talented player, but his heart hadn’t been with the club for a considerable time before he left. A great talent that could, (perhaps should) have become a club legend, his priorities, loyalties, and the way he forced through a cut-price deal to Barcelona, certainly deny him that status in my mind.

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