The ridiculous odds you could’ve got on Arsenal going Invincible

Arsenal defied the odds with their 2003/04 unbeaten campaign.

It has emerged that you could have got ridiculous 5000/1 odds on Arsenal going the season unbeaten in 2003/04.

This has been calculated and explained in a report from Vbet News, as they also detail how those odds changed over the course of that memorable season.

5000/1 is often talked up as the figure being offered on Leicester City winning the title in 2015/16, so it’s interesting to see that even a top team like Arsenal winning the league without losing a game was similarly unlikely.

Interestingly, our odds went down to just 750/1 after former Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy notably hit the bar from the penalty spot in the last minute of that 0-0 draw at Old Trafford. This was obviously a crucial early moment that helped us go the entire season unbeaten, as it’s arguably the closest we came to losing a match.

Other significant results were the 2-1 win away at Chelsea, which saw our odds go down to 20/1, while that Thierry Henry-inspired 4-2 win over Liverpool saw our odds go down to 6/1.

So many people thought Liverpool could replicate our Invincibles season this year, but their recent defeat to Watford highlights just how difficult it was, even if some scoff at our number of draws against teams like Portsmouth and Birmingham – if it’s so easy, why has no one come close to doing it since?

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