Video: Ian Wright explains how Mikel Arteta has improved Arsenal

Wrighty clearly rates our new manager.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has discussed the impact made by Mikel Arteta in his brief reign as manager so far.

Watch the interesting and insightful video below from the former Gunners striker, who discusses the impact made by Arteta in terms of our defensive performances and team spirit since he came in to replace Unai Emery.

It’s encouraging to see Wright speak so highly of Arteta, with the inexperienced Spaniard certainly showing real promise in his short time in the Arsenal dugout.

Of course, we’re still up against it for a top four finish, but the initial signs suggest that, with proper backing in the summer transfer market, Arteta could put together a far more competitive side for next season.


  1. Only a blind person can fail to see the impact Arteta has had on Arsenal. At the broader level it is gratifying to see former players taking over the reins at their former clubs, to wit Arteta. Ole Gunar Sosjaer and Frank Lampard. These fellows have a full commitment which makes them go all the way for their teams. Anyone who watched the Man U vs Man City game can see what I mean. Arteta bleeds inside when Arsenal loses because he has a sense of belonging. Given the right financial and logistical support, Arteta can achieve great things for Arsenal.
    I recall even as an Arsenal player and captain Arteta always exhibited a winning mentality. It is no surprise that he led Arsenal to two FA cups in 2014 and 2015 after nearly a decade of no trophies! Arteta is in the category of achievers and displays all qualities of a confident man. I was greatly impressed by the way he answered the question on whether he thinks he can steer Arsenal out of its predicament. His answer was that if he thought the task was impossible he would not have applied for it. As they say the taste of the pudding is in the eating and Arteta has already shown us what he is capable of. Arsenal’s future under Arteta is bright.

      1. Hear hear!! David, you have always been so positive with your comments and I enjoy reading them.

        As sueP says, couldn’t have put it better myself – Ian Wright a legend of course, so his views are also worth the time to read and digest.

          1. David , you have no need to feel flattered at all. Both those lovely people spoke only the clear truth. Truth is never flattering, it is merely accurate.
            Lies are things that flatter, so you have NOT been flattered.

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