Ex-Arsenal star sums up how Fabregas is better than Ozil in one key area

Jack Wilshere on the difference between Cesc Fabregas and Mesut Ozil.

Former Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has summed up the difference between two great Gunners playmakers of recent times – Cesc Fabregas and Mesut Ozil.

Wilshere was lucky enough to play alongside both of these midfield maestros, so he’s in a good position to discuss their similarities and their differences.

As quoted by the Metro, the West Ham ace suggested Fabregas was slightly superior at his peak, due to his ability to drop deep and control games.

“They can change a game and they can control a game – more so Fabregas could control a game. That’s the difference,” Wilshere said.

“Ozil wouldn’t really get involved in the build-up but Cesc would drop.

“I’ve seen games where he must have created 10 to 12 goal-scoring opportunities just by dropping off.”

This certainly rings true from watching these two play; Ozil at his best was undoubtedly a master at playing in that number ten role and getting the final ball just right, whereas Fabregas would kind of pop up everywhere and could create opportunities from deep due to the range of his passing.

Let’s face it, we’d all have loved to see the Spaniard and the German in the same side, but it wasn’t to be!

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