Arsenal Invincibles respond to Watford keeping our record intact with surprise win over Liverpool

A few of the Invincibles are feeling better after last night’s result!

Some Arsenal legends have responded to the famous Invincibles season being kept intact after Liverpool’s lengthy unbeaten run came to an end away to Watford yesterday.

The Reds suffered a surprise 3-0 defeat to pick up their first league defeat of the 2019/20 campaign, meaning they won’t match our feat of an entire season unbeaten, while their overall run of games without losing ended at 44 – the second highest ever in English football behind our 49.

Unsurprisingly, this was cause for celebration for some, with a few of the Arsenal heroes from that Invincibles side expressing their joy that their unique record has gone another year without being matched.

See below as Lauren and Ray Parlour celebrated the result on Twitter, while Martin Keown retweeted a message from his son…

Arsenal fans haven’t had much to celebrate this season, so while we wouldn’t normally relish a defeat for a rival quite this much, it is important to appreciate just how incredible our achievement of 2004 really was.


  1. Think Raymondo had already had a few – Invisible?!! 🤣

    Love each and every one of these fellas…. what a season, what a record!!

    1. Did you see Liverpool and man utd fans licking each others proverbials on Twitter Sue ? One Liverpool fan said them and utd have dominated English football and won European cups and they’re elite clubs and we’ll never be! Haha they must be hurting if they’re praising they’re bitter rivals in order to wind us up 😂😂

      1. Bloody hilarious!! Exactly, thought they hated each other!!
        I did see one guy though, couldn’t admit they were outplayed.. just came out with the usual crap – we’re such and such points ahead, who they’d beaten blah blah blah! No congratulations to Watford, nada!! What an idiot……..

        1. I call them hybrid fans Sue no real man utd or Liverpool fans praise each other.. I bet you he used to be a united fan until Liverpool got good and that mark goldbridge fella needs to self isolate forever trying to put Martial in the same sentence as Aubameyang 😂 yeah course I suppose they didn’t want to go unbeaten, we’ll hear that next 😂😂 I hope Atletico finish the job at anfield 🙏😂

          1. Haha yes we’ll hear that 🙄
            Oh so do I, Kev!! Dirty Diego to score the winner!
            So I just watched Watford again – even sweeter the more you see it. I hope Deulofeu isn’t out for too long, he’s brilliant… I really did fear the worst when he went off. And as much as I don’t like him, I absolutely love Deeney’s goal….. I bet his son was happy – he’s a gooner!

          2. Haha Sue Atletico to defend for 89 minutes and break away with a goal from their own shot on target 😂😂 It would be a picture as Liverpool are obsessed with champions League 😜 oh I’m gonna watch it again Sue and Watford will from now on have a special place in my heart 💝😂 yeah his wild celebrations kinda proved that 💪😄 pleased for big Troy though 😄😄 definitely Sue he was lively wasn’t he Sue, it kinda looked a bad one for the boy 😩

  2. Unbeaten still remains arsenal great achievement in epl great team

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