Some Portsmouth fans taunt Arsenal midfielder with sick chant during FA Cup clash

Some Pompey fans let the rest of the home crowd down.

A number of Portsmouth fans could be heard taunting Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira after injury forced him off in yesterday’s FA Cup fifth round clash.

A largely youthful Gunners side won 2-0 at Fratton Park, which was always known for providing a lively atmosphere during Pompey’s years in the Premier League.

Still, some of the home crowd took things a bit far yesterday as the Daily Mirror report they aimed a nasty chant at Torreira over his injury.

The report states some fans could be heard chanting: “You’re going home in an ambulance.”

We’re all for fans exchanging a bit of banter at games and trying to intimidate opposition players with a lively atmosphere, but there really seems no need for this as Torreira’s injury looked a bad one that could keep him out for some time.

The Uruguay international had to go off on a stretcher and will have been in a great deal of pain, so we’re disappointed with those Portsmouth fans who saw an opportunity to mock him over it.


  1. Yes I saw it too on TV, Portsmouth fans laughing and making gestures at him while being treated for what could have been a broken leg. I hope they see the images of themselves and feel ashamed today.

  2. Agreed,what sort of people are these,Portsmouth should hang their heads in shame if they do not try to find the culprits.

  3. You lot are so woke, it was a harmless bit of banter “You’re going home in a Pompey Ambulance”, BEFORE it became apparent the guy MAY have a serious injury. When it did become apparent it may be serious the guy was applauded by all four sides of the stadium, but that doesn’t sell papers (well the Mirror) does it!!!! Get off your high horses and see it for what it was, and if footballers were not so intent on feigning injury and getting their fellow professionals booked then perhaps you would get the opportunity to be so viciously offended.

    1. Ian Orton, It is nothing to do with being “woke” and all to do with decent or disgusting behaviour. quite irrespective of whether or not it was a serious injury. It is disgusting and Neanderthal behavour to chant about ANY human being – -because all footballers are first and foremost human beings- that they are going home in an ambulance . It is that sort of unthinking ,cowardly (as inall together in thE crowd doing it when they would not have the guts to say it face to face) and backward behaviour that makes so many other people regard, albeit incorrectly, ALL football fans and football folk as oiks. A small percentage of overall fans ARE oiks and just unpleasant people who take glee from discomforting others. Othere examples are to chant about the Munich plane crash or Heysal stadium. That sort of behaviour is typically what nine year old boys often do but are expected, and rightly so, to become decent when into adulthood. Clearly you are not an empathetic nor a decent person and therefore I pity you and I pity all who think and would act as you suggest is OK. It is NOT OK, unless one is an oik!

      Chanting about injury has NOTHING WHATEVER to do with normal healthy rivalry. Only fools and unintelligent folk think it is the same thing. You ought to be ashamed of your comment and the fact that you are not is to your huge personal discredit. It you were REALLY aperson of substance you would come on here and admit your error, say a sincere “sorry” and promise never to repeat this pathetic behaviour. Are you such a person? Decent folk will wait to see!

      1. Jon Fox, wow, you must have RSI after typing that lot. Let’s get one thing clear I did not intimate in my comments, nor indeed did I actually sing this song at Fratton Park last night. The incident happened very close to me, it was a very clean ball winning tackle and unfortunately the player was caught on the follow through. His slapping of the ground, rolling around and general demeanour did suggest it was ok at acting, which I accept it was not. Once the Pompey fans realised it could be serious, and I reiterate, a standing ovation was given. How many times was “it’s a miracle” get dung every time a player tried to gain a free kick by play acting, only to ride to their feet when one was not forthcoming. I do not know you, you do not no me so we can hardly make assertions about one another’s character. For the record I stand by my comments and feel no compunction to apologise for anything. I would suggest you read some of the other very sensible comments in this thread, made incidentally by your own fans!!!

  4. Unfortunately, throughout the game our players were seen to exaggerate their dives to the ground after being fairly tackled by Pompey players, and as the Pompey player concerned won the ball before catching Lucas Torreira’s leg, it was wrongly thought that Lucas was “putting on an act” when he didn’t get up. I really wish our foreign born players in particular would stop this cheating, but it seems to be a chronic problem in the Premier League

    1. Thank you for a sensible comment, the song was banter and the Pompey crowd applauded him off of the pitch once they could see it was a more serious injury.

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