Man City suspicions against Arsenal could suggest Gunners expect season to be voided

City think Arsenal are a driving force behind trying to get them banned from the Champions League.

Manchester City are reportedly suspicious of Arsenal as being the driving force behind Premier League clubs trying to get them banned from European football.

According to the Daily Mirror, City think the Gunners instigated the move that has seen a number of clubs write to the CAS in a bid to get them to uphold their potential two-year ban on City from the Champions League and Europa League.

The report goes on to say Arsenal would deny this if City were to contact them directly about it.

It could be, however, that Arsenal have reason to think it’s in their interests to get City dumped out of the next edition of the Champions League, whenever that may be.

If this season is voided, we would start the 2020/21 campaign based on the final standings of the 2018/19 season, when Arsenal finished 5th.

With City out of the Champions League, that means an extra place, which would presumably go to Arsenal, the highest-ranked of the teams outside the top four.

Still, it is not yet clear what the final decision will be on how to deal with the end of this Premier League season amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis around the world.

There may still be a chance to finish the campaign over the summer, but one could see why Arsenal might prefer a different route as they’re not exactly looking set to do enough to get top four or even top five this season.

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