What Manchester United’s win at Chelsea means for Arsenal

The top four race has been blown wide open.

Following the 4-0 win over Newcastle on Sunday, Arsenal got another useful result in the Premier League last night as Manchester United won 2-0 away to Chelsea.

While the Blues remain in fourth place for now, their grip on that final Champions League qualification spot is weakening, and it now looks wide open for Arsenal to swoop in there late on this season, provided we can continue to improve as we have done in recent games.

With 12 matches left to play, Chelsea are now only seven points ahead of Arsenal, and they’re not looking at all convincing under Frank Lampard, with yesterday’s defeat their ninth of the season in the league.

Between now and the end of the season, Chelsea have to play Tottenham and Manchester City at home, and Liverpool away – that leaves plenty of room for more dropped points in the months ahead.

And while United looked good at Stamford Bridge last night, they’ve been inconsistent as well and often tend to do better in these big games than against so-called lesser sides such as Burnley, Bournemouth and the rest.

The fact is, we remain in 10th for now and have to look at ourselves before anyone else. Still, a glance at the table should also serve as motivation for these players – the season is far from over and it’s up to this team to rise to the challenge.


  1. Doesn’t make any difference right now… we just need to concentrate on our matches and wining those… Only we can do this… rest is all based on luck that other team will sleep up

  2. We can do it ,but a good run of results to give us the momentum to get there is a must,dropping silly points will not be good enough,I hope Mikel can inspire the team to kick on from the Newcastle result.

  3. I see us dropping 6 points in the next two games. With all the self subotage of playing Pierre on the wing and all..

  4. Man Utd winning at Chelsea was definitely good for Arsenal. If we go on a winning streak than surely we can make it to the CL. Consistency is the key for Arsenal FC. Up the Gunners!

  5. Arteta’s PL matches so far:

    Everton (A), 0-0
    Bournemouth (A), 1-1
    Chelsea (H), 1-2
    Man United (H), 2-0
    Palace (A), 1-1
    Sheffield (H), 1-1
    Chelsea (A), 2-2
    Burnley (A), 0-0
    Newcastle (H), 4-0

    So that’s 9 matches so far. 12 points out of 27. 12 goals scored, 7 conceded. 4 clean sheets.

    I think there is a slight improvement. Definitely improvement on defending! I think scoring is fine, but IMO we are not CREATING enough. Also noteworthy that we lead Sheffield and Chelsea until 80th minute.

    Our midfield is quite defensive-minded with Xhaka, Torreira and Guendouzi. None of them is capable of scoring or creating, so we are relying heavily on our wingers or Özil (who’s got 1 goal, 1 assist this season).

    1. We either score more or concede less.

      I think we are 8 goals short of where we could be in 9 games if we want to compete at the top. So yes we have defensive reinforcements which we cried for. And I think Ozil and Ceballos will both eventually be replaced. I hope Ceballos does well. Because on paper hes young and rules the u23s nations so now it’s his time.
      Can he assist 5 and score 3 by the end of the season?!!

      Working progress…

  6. Chelsea have some tough games coming up… as well as the ones mentioned, they also have Wolves and Sheff Utd…

      1. A draw between Chelsea and Spurs is good will be good for Arsenal. if we beat Everton, we would be 5 points behind Chelsea.
        I still believe we can make top 4.
        If we can win our next 5 games, we will be within top 4.
        YES. WE CAN. I am very optimistic. Arteta should bench Guendouzi for now. He should not be a starter. A sub at most. The midfield combination for the remaining PL Matches should be OZIL, CEBALLOS, TORRERA and XHAKA. 12 games amounts to 36 points. if we can get 30 out of 36 points, we will make top 4.

  7. I think it really depends on us. We can’t rely on other teams. The only positive is other teams are so inconsistent that we really have a chance. United won yesterday but they could easily drop points against Watford this weekend. We just have to win our games and improve. If we do that I guarantee we will be within at least 5 points of top 4 when it’s the last 6 games of the season. It will just come down to which team has the mental strength to pull through. That’s what really frustrated me from last season. Everyone forgets we were sitting pretty in fourth last season until the last 5 or 6 games and we just started losing for some reason. Emery was picking the wrong team and ultimately it was his fault we didn’t make the top four.

    1. i agree with you. we have to be clinical in our next games. if we win 5 games in a row, we have a chance. 36 points is still a lot. everton at home will be tough next week.

      Bellerin Mustafi Luiz Saka

      Xhaka Ceballos


      Pepe Aubemayang Martinelli

      Squad that should play against Everton next weekend

      1. It would be nice to see the same team playing few games in a row as long as they perform well and may be few tweaks here and there depending on the opponent.

  8. I was hoping for a draw with both teams dropping 2 points,I think it would have been the best outcome for us.

  9. Not one post so far, other than mine, that gives the realistic position about making top four. I say we have next to zero chance and say this as a decades long successful professional bettor and Arsenal fan since 1958. I ALWAYS LOOK INTENSELY into ALL relevant matters, our fixtures, those of all rivals, known longterm injuries and points we need to make up on several teams. We need to win at least nine remaining Prem games, with no,losses to have a serious chance and that, my unrealistic friends, is just NOT going to happen. CL qual via the Europa is also a long shot, though very slightly less long. I will always remain a realist and I never fool myself. That is why I assess odds sensibly and do not fool myself by allowing my heart to rule my head.

    1. Jo 3l, Not trumpet blowing my fellow Gooner but an attempt to inject somesober reality into this overhyped chance of us making top four debate. It is fact , not opinion, that when I posted my above post, not one other post said we had almost zero chance of making top four. By giving context and mentioning my own successful betting career based entirely on sober minded facts, long hours of research and non biased conclusions, I endeavour to give a sense of sober reality to those many fine Gooners who have, perhaps naively, even in some cases foolishly, let their natural bias rule their own sense. I do not boast ; I state facts and my opinions as I really and soberly see them. Sorry if this annoys you but I cannot help that.

  10. Means what EPL is; title is Red’s and thay nothing else is yet defined for 3 teams for CL beside City most likely being out of it.

    Nor City or Foxes can yet be secured in Top4, Chelsea went above foxes who went above City few games ago. In a matter of 5 games, it can all change!

    With all bottom 10 teams fighting for survival, can expect them to be more difficult to play in last third of season.

    We stand a chance to make it to CL, if and only we win every single games left in EPL and EL.

  11. Yes, top 4 is attainable if we are good enough, top 5 is attainable if we are good enough. The question is are we good enough because 7 points behind in February is nothing, its possible it could be two or three y the end of march. We have been dire all season and are not far behind because the others aren’t great either. The best 3 teams are the best three, the others are not that great and none have gone on a decent run at all in the season so far. So its up to us to kick on and see where we end up, if we can.

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