Arsenal youngster’s brother reveals their heartwarming messages

Joe Willock still asks older brother Matty Willock for advice.

The brother of Arsenal midfielder Joe Willock has revealed the heartwarming messages they exchange with each other as they each bid to make it big in the world of football.

Coming from a footballing family, Gunners starlet Willock has so far been the most successful of his three brothers, becoming a regular and an increasingly impressive member of the first-team at the Emirates Stadium this season.

The 20-year-old has four goals in 28 games so far this season and looks to have a big future for Arsenal, but it’s rather heartwarming to hear that that hasn’t stopped him turning to his older brother Matty for advice, despite him playing at a lower level.

Speaking to Kent Online, the 23-year-old former Manchester United ace, currently playing in League One with Gillingham, said: “Even though Joe is playing at the top level he will text me after the game and say ‘Matt, did you watch? What do you think I should have done? How do you think I did? What should I have done in that position?

“We have a group chat and we try and watch each other’s games. We message each other and say what we think. Chris does live with us but he’s up in Huddersfield at the moment and we don’t see him as he stays up there quite a bit.”

22-year-old Chris Willock is also a footballer, and also used to play for Arsenal, though he left for Benfica in 2017 and is currently on loan at Huddersfield Town.


  1. Gunnerphilic says:


    The way some of us talk about these players, you would be forgiven if you thought they were robots and not humans with filial feelings and family and all that.

    We should consider their humanity sometimes when we criticize their performance.

    They are people too.

  2. Robert Baker says:

    Well said gunnerphilic!!
    That’s right for sure, especially the younger players, it must affect them badly sometimes.
    I’ve always thought is arsenal supporters are to critical. We all need to support the player with a more positive attitudes. Saying that though, the older players are the one letting the team down at the moment, there to spoilt and really need to fight to the death for this team and there wages.
    There not putting everything in for 90minutes.
    If we could put the younger one hearts in the older players bodies, we would be too of the prem. Come on you old darts get your fingers out. After they’ve been to Dubai. I expect there to be plenty of finger pointing out there.☝☝☝

  3. Absolutely Mr Robert Baker for sure those younger one they playing very well when they playing only but when coach put the olderplayer the killing the team we don’t know whether the money they get not enough strike get chance not score they just jock.I know maybe they playing against their manager I think so.

  4. Look at other players like in Liverpool their fighting of is club look at Southampton how they playing wolves playing very well and not big club Newcastle fighting players is problem not a manager

  5. kondwani tsyon says:

    positive or negative but arsenal is arsenal, we can still loose 10-2,.and these kids could still play rubbish even if we stay positive,… and for me m fed up of watching thses avarage kids. since 2006 only 2 kids survived, Walcott and Ramsey

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