(Photo) Mesut Ozil takes to Instagram after ending Arsenal goal drought

Mesut Ozil scored for the first time since April in the win over Newcastle.

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil has taken to Instagram following his goal in the team’s 4-0 thrashing of Newcastle in Sunday’s Premier League clash at the Emirates Stadium.

The German playmaker had a fine performance against the Magpies, and capped it off with his first goal since last April.

Posting an image of himself celebrating on Instagram, Ozil said the win shows Arsenal are on the right track – and it’s hard to argue with that.

Let’s hope Ozil is also on the right track and can continue to improve under new manager Mikel Arteta.


  1. Congratulations Mesut! A goal after 10 months!! Finally we have a goal scoring midfield player now!
    Continue this way till we meet our objective of a FA/EL cup and top 5. A positive goal difference is also good to see, so thank you and others for scoring 4 and keeping a clean sheet. Nice to see Dani too.

  2. I haven’t been over complimentary about Ozil but credit where credit is due. The team as a whole performed well so please let that be the start of something to boost us all

    1. Some people can watch a football game live and afterwards know exactly what happened and how each player performed, others need to go home and watch the rerun, i suggest you do the latter mate.

    2. He was the only creator in the 1st half…

      He provided all the chances, he is not a goal scorer, he is more a provider than a scorer…

      Appreciate this guy…

      In 2nd half he did well too mad some good touches and ended up scoring…

      A brave payer that’s he…

  3. Arsenal will delay its progress if they think that Ozil will improve his game. Sell Ozil and Xhaka, then Arsenal will progress. We’ve been held at ransom by Giroud and Ramsey. Its just the media hype

    1. I have been perhaps Ozils biggest regular critic on here, mostly for his laziness and I want him sold. BUT I have the self honesty to admit that he had a fine game yesterday and was, IMO , MotM! IF YOU DID NOT SEE THAT , COULD IT BE, I’D SUGGEST TO YOU, THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE IT? Honesty is far more important than having a personal agenda and trying to make the facts fit your own theory!

  4. What people missed was that Arsenal’s incompetent transfer policy had led to a situation where practically every skillful and fast player in Arsenal was sold off and Ozil was left without suitable partners.
    Let’s look at who Arsenal let go of. Arsenal sold off the following;
    Alexis Sanchez
    Theo Walcott
    Alex Oxlaide
    Aaron Ramsey
    Joel Campbell
    Alexander Iwobi
    santi cazolar
    These players were sold and replaced with defensive dour players like Guendouzi and Willock who simply didn’t have the quality to compete in the creative aspects of the game and Ozil was left isolated.
    So how was Ozil supposed to perform?
    Why would you constantly strip the team of creative talent and then complain about the lack of creativity?
    The singular act of playing Dani Ceballos alongside Ozil helped Arsenal deliver football that gave them four goals in one game. The football was fluid especially in the second half of the game.
    Ceballos helped dictate the flow with clever movement and distribution to help himself and teammates evading markers and keep the ball moving from one flank to the other as Arsenal searched for openings. When Lucas Torreira came in for Dani Ceballos in the final throes of the game, Ceballos had completed 85 of his 91 passes while making 63 of them in the Newcastle half.
    Ozil seemed to be at the core of almost every attack and he was useful out of possession too, hunting down Newcastle defenders and pressing with intent.
    Ozil could perform because he was not alone.
    Among Arsenal players on the night against Newcastle, only Granit Xhaka covered more ground than Ozil.
    And when you check the statistics, you will see that this level of work-rate has been a constant for Ozil but the lack of overall creativity from the team would still have people criticizing him like he’s supposed to do the work of 3 players.
    Arteta was a central midfielder and there’s a good reason why he has started Mesut Ozil in every league game he’s been in charge of. Ozil has been one of only three Arsenal players to start every single Premier League game under Arteta.
    Being paired with another player from Real Madrid helped and we even got a beautiful team goal with every single player having a touch and it was fitting that the finish was applied by Ozil.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t call Mkhi and Campbell exactly fast, Walex, but your point is generally well made. Özil comes to the party when he has players around him that are genuine footballers, and not headless chickens. Ceballos, Saka and Pepe, and to an extent Auba, provided the opportunities for quick passing, vision and control. I would really like to see what would happen if you add Martinelli to that mix.

      1. I’m not anti Ozil here as he was marvellous at the weekend. I’m throwing in a however here as he is a fully fledged professional football player and should be able to add to the game he is playing in. For me – but not at the weekend- he hasn’t been as influential as he should

    2. You watch the game from the front of the TV..
      Maybe u had to rewatch to be able to analyse all these truths…

      I have been saying all u said about leaving ozil alone to fit in many other players shoe… He can’t operate alone.
      Where are the Ronaldos he played with at RM. Where is Sanchez… Walcott.. A lot of them he helped with numerous assists..

      He is ozil, put him good players around him and he will always deliver…
      Sell him, you will lose yet another creative player… And arsenal will become a sad people club…

      Choose what to do fans…

      Up Gunners

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