Two men threatened to “kill” Arsenal star after turning up at his house

Mesut Ozil and his mother came under threat from two attackers.

A rather worrying report claims Arsenal star Mesut Ozil came under threat from two men at his north London home.

According to Sky Sports, a court has heard that Ozil received death threats from two men speaking in Turkish, who also threatened to defile the German playmaker’s mother.

Salaman Ekinci and Ferhat Ercun deny behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, according to the report, but have attended a trial over these allegations.

These accusations were made by Ozil’s security guard, and if true it sounds deeply disturbing to think he had to put up with this.

Ozil’s security guard Kemil Sezer told the court, via an interpreter: “They swore in Turkish, saying ‘f*** your mothers, we’re going to f*** Mesut’s mother and we’re going to come back in five minutes and if security don’t go from here, we’re going to kill Mesut Ozil and kill you’.

“We started chasing them … we got angry because Mesut Ozil, about two to three weeks prior, was attacked and we feared that the same thing would happen.”

Ozil has long had to put up with criticism of his performances on the pitch, but we at Just Arsenal all offer him our support after what sounds like a difficult time off it.


  1. chukzenith says:

    What is all this about, this is bad for football this is bad football and for Arsenal, anti Arsenal fans are willing the Battle now, there is unrest in the arsenal camp, because we have all played part in criticism than in support…

    What did a player do to warrant such from a support of from some critics…

    I hope this goes well at the end…
    This is sport and football is been killed for criticism…

    Shame on all the negative critics…

    It is not going to be well with all that are planing these and more…

    These are the reason the players don’t perform well… Its my opinion…
    And I stand to be corrected…

  2. Viju Jacob says:

    This is all too crazy and unnerving.

  3. Igot350K4doingnothingandyou? says:

    just not acceptable beheavour in a civilised society but too much distraction for Arsenal as a club. Just hope the trial ends soon and things go well for player and club.

  4. gerry burke says:

    this is absolutely shocking news,i cannot believe that this happened.what is the world coming to , even with his security guards these thugs were willing to abuse the man and his mother.i certainally hope that it has nothing to do with mesuts football career.what i mean is if it is politically motivated then that is scandalous. but, if ,it is football motivated then the world has gone mad. regardless of their motive i wish mesut peace of mind and a happy future.

  5. ken1945 says:

    What a world we are living in – at least Mesut has the mental and physical strength to overcome this personal tragedy.

    Imagine this following on from the previous incident with Kolasinac, both guys deserve our respect for their strength, dignity and courage.

  6. SueP says:

    How can there ever be justification to threaten anyone in such a way or at all? These people are total low life and deserve whatever the legal system can throw at them. It is unimaginable to most of us that personal security is a necessity but without Ozil having this private protection who knows what may have happened.

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