Graph shows the improvement Arsenal have made under Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta’s start at Arsenal has not been perfect, but he’s steadied the ship.

Arsenal no doubt took a big gamble by appointing the inexperienced Mikel Arteta to replace Unai Emery, but for now it looks like it’s got us back in the right direction.

The Spanish tactician became highly rated for his work alongside Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, and just by watching the Gunners since he took over, it’s easy to see why.

Arsenal’s style of football was pretty drab under Emery, but there is a far clearer plan under Arteta, with the players looking better at expressing themselves once again.

On top of that, the numbers back it up as well – stats show we’re now conceding fewer goals per game, gaining more points, and scoring slightly more – though that final area is still one in need of improvement.

See the graphic below for details, with thanks to reddit user thecrazyfireman:


  1. Arsenal 2019/20 premier league emery/ljungberg Stats- per match
    pts = 1.3
    goal scored = 1.3
    goal conceded = 1.5

    With arteta

    pts = 1.1
    goal scored = 1.1
    goal conceded = 1.0

    Arteta is having problems getting our attack working but he has improved our defence which is our biggest issue for years.

  2. We can see that the ten-man Arsenal defended better under Arteta

    I just wish he has more balls to drop Ozil, at least for the away games

  3. David Ornstein widely seen as one of the more reliable media sources ;

    “I only hear good things about Arteta. From a player’s perspective, they believe in what he is saying, they understand his words and messages.

    “Speaking to staff around the club, they’re talking about the level of analysis they’re doing, work they’re doing on behaviour, on and off the pitch. They’ve said ‘look, you need to go for war with each other, you need to be there for each other, whether it is in good moments or bad, whether there are mistakes or good passages of play. You stick together and the body language and absolutely everything is important.

    “From a tactical point of view, from an emotional point of view, I heard he (Arteta) gave an unbelievable speech before the Manchester United game on New Year’s Day.”

    I for one am one board.

      1. me too! I hope and believe that a structure is being built into the club, not just on the pitch but in the coaching staff, and hopefully with scouting and beyond.

        Some patience may be required to get what we want – contending for PL crown and such. Not sure some of us have any patience so noise will be around.

  4. How did we manage before stats etc.Oh I remember,we used our eyes and our brain.No graphs nor stats required to be aware of the improvement under Arteta.Of course most teams get a lift from a new Manager and on many occasions it rarely lasts.Since Arteta took over the team has more spirit and resilience which in itself is something we have lacked for years.As he has to work with a group of players many of whom are mediocre at best, I do not expect to see us surge into the top four.I do however feel we will win more games as the season goes on and I am certainly less fearful of being relegated than I was 6 weeks ago.He will of course need time and some money to truly turn around our fortunes .As a realistic fan he will have my support but I only wish our Owner would do likewise to accelerate the recovery.

    1. YES,And some on here Grandad, seem to think that provided we have comprehensive use of stats,misleading though they so often are, we can dispense with eyes and brain. God help us all!

  5. AJ – what about the JFK quote -Don’t ask what your country (club) can give to you…think what you can give to your country (club) or words to that effect!!!

    1. ken1945.

      That’ll do it.

      I’m a sucker for a good “over the top lads” speech.

      Headbutting me locker, and bouncing off the walls !! ( “walking” football that is 😉 )

      1. Another beauty for us gooners AJ – “I had a dream”!!!

        I’m still dreaming about singing “CHAMPIONES” at the top of my voice, this time at the Emirates – wonderful oratory to inspire the masses and I’m headbutting my prepaid coffin in hope!!!!

        1. Ken1945.

          CHAMPIONES !

          We’ll meet by Tony Adams statue, pints in hand , and roar it together (but let’s not hold our breath eh ! ).

          P.S. I’m sure you’ve got many more years of highs and lows supporting “The Arsenal” before becoming acquainted with your pre-paid item .

    2. Yes Ken, except with JFK, the words rang rather hollow, given his personal lifestyle. So comparisons with JFK are odious, though the words themself are fine, when spoken by someone who means them and tries to practise following them. Which JFK did not, as events have shown and which historians know only too well.

      1. As I’ve said many times Jon, there has been only one person who has never made a mistake, or so it is reported anyway.

        As Im not a judge or jury, my personal views are, that compared to the politicians we have across the world at present, JFK remains an inspiration to me.

        The likes of corbyn, johnson, trump, putin and kim Jong-un will all have bigger skeletons in their cupboards than the Kennedy family put together.

  6. We have an assistant coach with talent and potential, he should have first made his classes on a bench alone with U23 as Zidane or in a smaller league as Steven Gerard, Liverpool next coach!

    He has talent to get players ready as assistant coach, but I see a lack of vision and hability to take quick or right decision; plays wrong formation! Only played right one for last cup gamee we won in first, lost it after pause, going back to his with 2 DMs Gendouzi & Xhaka. In first half, Xhaka played behind Saka as a LB then, Saka more free to focus creating danger from that left as a attacking midfield he was positionned as behind Martinelli. Both goals came from there

    When Arteta plays Saka on LB, moves Xhaka as DM, it crowds that area and we now 6 defending and Ozil and attacking 3 players with no ball! Pure logic, if 5 players attack as in first half, 5 defend, we are balanced!

    Not only he does this crazy defending tac tic right from start of second half, putting us at risk all second half; but he didn’t even realize and played that crazy 4213 again and again and again…He is not very clever, kinda bullish…

    1. How fortunate then that you are here and willing to tell Arteta where he has so obviouly gone wrong with his inferior tactics. How remiss of the club not to have engagd YOU as head coach , instead of preferring talentless Arteta!

  7. Once Arteta changes that midfield by playing one defensive midfielder and two attacking players there who have an eye for goal and not players who only want to assist, then you will see us scoring more than two goals in many matches and winning consistently too.

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