Some Arsenal fans might not be too impressed with this Henrikh Mkhitaryan tweet

Mkhitaryan won’t have improved relations with Arsenal fans here…

Arsenal flop Henrikh Mkhitaryan has risked the wrath of some Arsenal fans with his tweet this morning referring to our rivals Manchester United as ‘we’.

See below as the Armenia international, currently out on loan at Roma, reminisced about winning the Europa League final with Man Utd on this day three years ago.

Of course, Mkhitaryan scored in that game and helped the Red Devils to a major trophy, but it does seem like he could have been more careful with his wording.

If this had come after Mkhitaryan had left us properly, it might be alright, but to refer to United as ‘we’ whilst being under contract with us just doesn’t sit well.

The rivalry between Arsenal and United will always be a strong one, and it seems Mkhitaryan has not fully appreciated that, or he’s aware of it and doesn’t care, which is even worse.

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  1. And “SOME fans”, in fact most of us IMO, could not give a rats a..e for anything that comes out of bone idle shirker and career mercenary Mkhi’s mouth. All I care about ids that this shirker and disstrous makeweight in the Sanchez deal never againwers our shirt. He is just the type of half hearted career coaster we desperately need rid of and to be nowhere near our club. He and quite a few others , names unnecessary, to we realists!

  2. Not such a bright nor clever post. Covid affects minds a lot, I can’t get how he will say we unless he still a Red.

    He plays for Roma, on loan from Arsenal; he can’t possibly forgot he left reds. It doesn’t sound as Mikhi to be off that way; a mental issue then.

    Totally bugged out!

    1. What do you want him to say?he is right to say”we”since he was part of the team and played that night!another article about nothing!

  3. No problem with this at all.. Just remembering the date and occasion as a special one in his history is no crime!

    Christ, we really do need some proper football to talk about. Hurry up and piss off Covid!!

    1. 😃 We do indeed, GunneRay! The big countdown is on… 27 days…. assuming it does begin again on June 20!!

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