Arsenal legend responds to controversial Cesc Fabregas interview and decision over Barcelona transfer

Paul Merson has had his say on Cesc Fabregas’ exit.

You will no doubt have seen by now that Cesc Fabregas has caused a bit of a stir with comments made about his time at Arsenal.

Speaking to Arseblog in a recent interview, which certainly made for interesting listening, the Spaniard shed some light on the end of his time in north London.

It seems clear that Fabregas found it difficult playing in an Arsenal side that wasn’t at its best, with several young players forming key parts of the team and often not quite looking good enough to get the club over the line in big games.

Fabregas ended up leaving Arsenal for Barcelona in 2011 and later ended up back in the Premier League with our rivals Chelsea, which won’t have helped his reputation among some Gooners.

Still, Paul Merson has defended Fabregas, saying he has no qualms over how his Arsenal career went, and pointing to the fact that most players don’t say no to the likes of Barca or Real Madrid.

“I can understand the reason Cesc Fabregas laid out as to why he left Arsenal for Barcelona in 2011,” Merson told Sky Sports.

“I don’t know too many footballers, who when Barcelona and Real Madrid come calling don’t go.

“Fabregas is an interesting case because he did leave Barcelona as a youngster to go to Arsenal, but he couldn’t turn it down when they came calling again.

“I can’t think of too many players that could turn it down. You may get a player to wait around another year, but they always end up going in the end, and I had no problem with Fabregas going when he did.

“He was a great servant for Arsenal, and I can understand where he was coming from when he spoke about the pressure on winning trophies and the club’s lack of recruitment.

“He’d given his all for the club and the reality is that he could probably see Arsenal were a team in decline, and as I said, I don’t know too many professional footballers who could turn down Barcelona.”

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  1. I wonder if the guy is slipping brown envelops around now.
    He came, left and went where he chose to go, where is it that where he left and was not welcomed again is where he is fixated about. He won nothing for Arsenal, so how does he become a legend at Arsenal?
    I wonder the perceptions of ” Arsenal fan blogs” really. Many players are here who wants to stay, you are busy and unrelenting in publishing how terrible, and average and less than average they are, NOW a former player is being patronized and promoted as legendry.
    Really? You guys must be running laundry malls.

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