Why Arsene Wenger has still not been back to the Emirates Stadium since leaving Arsenal

Wenger may be avoiding Arsenal due to hurt over exit.

It has been suggested that our legendary former manager Arsene Wenger has avoided the Emirates Stadium since his departure in 2018 due to some hard feelings over his exit.

The Frenchman remains one of the most important figures in our history, but there can be no hiding from the fact that he became unpopular with some sections of the support in his final years at the Emirates.

Despite doing such fine work early on at Arsenal, Wenger struggled to maintain that as our rivals improved and our finances became more stretched.

By the time Wenger did walk way, it felt like the right time, though many will also feel it perhaps could and should have happened a few years earlier.

Still, it seems the man himself may not have been too happy about how his departure was handled, according to The Athletic.

Wenger has notably not been back to watch Arsenal play since his exit, and a source is quoted by the Athletic as suggesting there might be people at the club he’s trying to avoid.

“There are a few people he wouldn’t necessarily want to see,” an unnamed close acquaintance of Wenger told The Athletic.

The report notes that, while Wenger was not officially sacked by the club, he did later admit that leaving was not his decision and that this may have hurt him a great deal more than he showed publicly.

Let’s hope that, with time, the great man can heal and put this painful departure behind him and come to watch the team he so clearly loves, in the stadium that he helped build.

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    “”he did later admit that leaving was not his decision”, where are you ken1945! I want my winnings!!

    1. jon fox says:

      Damn, TMJW, you beat me to the punch. Mind you, nothing is PROVED by words. It is always actions and the context in when and how they happen that matters, over mere words, as I constantly say on here and elsewhere.

  2. Snowdennw says:

    Sir Mac Red Nose regularly attends Manure games. Hasn’t helped Manure has it?
    What we have here is another speculative piece devoid of supportive facts.

  3. Jd says:

    The man lack vision if he can’t see himself going down after wining the FA cup in 2017, arsenal does not belong to him, He is like a boxer that refuse to call time in the ring, he would only have himself bang and become vegetable in the end, the first half of his reign was legendary but second half was destroying the standard he has set for himself and everyone , obviously he couldn’t see this therefore someone must help save arsenal

  4. Igot350k4scoring1goalandyou? says:

    Emery had so much investment yet he flopped.Would have preferred a 90 year old Wenger than 45 year old Emery in the dugout. The only common factor they had was the useless jersey merchant they had to put up with. Same goes to Freddie and Mikel.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      You do realize that Emery inherited Wenger’s team? A group of players that a terrible mentality , no work rate, and no clue how to defend.

      I am not saying Emery didn’t make mistakes, because he did, but look at what he had to work with, then add an unbelievable injury list on top of that.

      1. Mercy says:

        How come he he did better in his first year than the second. Emery has no clue

    2. Top Gunner says:

      I only miss the style of football that Wenger has brought to Arsenal. Even if we didn’t win the game. One will feel that the .money spent to watch the game is worth it.

  5. Mo says:

    The RvP to Man-u departure ruined his legacy together with him not presurising the board(publicly) hard enough for top quality signings… He was too much of a gentleman and that eventually took its toll on him….

  6. Vivian Onwuemezi says:

    The greatest manager ever. No Arsene no Arsenal.The foundation he laid will keep Arsenal at the top for the foreseeable future.

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