Arsenal next four Premier League games predicted – how many points?

Ten points would be a good return from four tricky Premier League games

Arsenal sits third in the Premier League and has a good run of Premier League games coming up. This is a great opportunity for Unai Emery’s men to consolidate a top-four spot.

Just one bad result can see a team tumble down the table but a run of good results could also see you put a gap between yourselves and the chasing pack. Arsenal can do that with a good return from their next four premier league games.

Monday 21st October Sheffield United v Arsenal – 3 points
Sheffield United have already sent a clear message that they are no walkovers. But if Arsenal wants to finish top-four then they must be beating this sort of opposition.

Sunday 27th October Arsenal v Crystal Palace 3 points
Palace has previously shown Arsenal the damage they can do and they are in good form right now. Arsenal has home advantage, will not take Palace lightly and will be too strong for them at the Emirates.

Saturday 2nd November Arsenal v Wolves 3 points
Wolves are hit and miss, they can be beaten easily then go to the Etihad and beat Man City. That said, Arsenal really should be confident of winning this game at home. Wolves are dangerous but at the Emirates Arsenal are formidable.

Saturday 9th November Leicester City v Arsenal 1 point
Leicester City is a very dangerous opponent, they are battling for top-four themselves. That said, Arsenal is a lot stronger than the team that lost so easily at the King Power Stadium last season. This will be a close game and a score draw looks the most likely outcome.

So, ten points from the next four games are what I am predicting. That will be enough points to keep Arsenal in the top-four positions.


  1. I think 10 points the way we are playing is optimistic unless our “new” “ defence is playing.
    I think 6 or 8 points is more realistic.

    1. Since you mentioned our position and record so far, and it seems you are so proud of it, perhaps it would be fair if we also use our next opponents’position also. Leicester and Crystal Palace are only one point behind us, how about that? Or will you suddenly suggest that Crystal Palace just lucky, and their position doesn’t reflect their quality?
      And also how can you be so confident that we are going to get 3 points against while you know how our away game record. Well we did it in our first game in Newcastle, but again if we see the table Newcastle is 16th, 3 below Sheffield. Even against the rock bottom Watford we could only get a draw.
      Doesn’t mean to sound pessimistic, just kind of silly I guess if we keep mentioning that we sit third and only 1 point away behind City only after 8 games while the fact is even Crystal Palace is only 2 points behind City.
      The season’s basically just started. We even know that being in the top 4 after Christmas could mean nothing at the end of the season.

  2. Dude in your dreams arsenal will be lucky if they pick up one point form this games. We are not good to beat this team’s


    I would be super excited if we could achieve your predictions.

    If we could get 10 points out of 12 in 4 games then Emery is the man for us this season. And it will strengthen our chance of a top 4 finish.

    But realistically with our managers undying love for Xhaka, I will say we will get at most 8 points out of 12.

    1. Emery is still and has to be the man for Arsenal

      I don’t want to see another Europa League participation in 2020/2021, because it’s been goddamn f**king fifteen years since we won EPL

      Those 10 points are highly reachable and the players’ motivations should be questioned if they can’t get it. I believe most of them are paid higher than what other footballers get at other clubs, therefore they should prove their values this time

      1. His never been the right person for the team until he proves so, he plays players in wrong positions, he has no style of play though he talks about intensity all the time but we don’t have any intensity from the teams he selects. I still think we will fall short of champions league football

  4. 10 points?
    Considering our away records, i dont think shefield united will a walk over.
    Also crytal palace and leicester city will prove too strong for us, especially when we still have xhaka, our eratic defenders and emery in charge.
    I will be excited if we can rake in 8-9 points from the 4 matches.

    1. As we will hopefully have Holding, Bellerin and Tierney in defence it will not be as erratic. Why on earth do you think Crystal Palace will be too strong for us? We have Lacazette coming back too and now have the third strongescteam in the Premier League.

      1. Emery’s team selection will definently disappoint you and indeed we will loss to these teams

  5. I can see us beating Wolves, and Palace at home, but I can only see defeat at Leicester, and a draw away in Sheffield. Possibly even a defeat against Sheff Utd, considering the battering they gave Liverpool.

  6. I pray xhaka his fourth booking so as to be suspended for some matches by so doing Arsenal can achieve 10 points from these four matches

  7. Between 8-10 pts is a more possible option. Every one of these team has taken pts from a big 6 team this season. If we have bellerin,tierney and holding playing then we have a chance of getting 12 full pts.

    1. I agree with you on 8-10 points. Emery’s PL selections haven’t inspired much confidence, and if he continues with negative setups and tactics then it will be 7-8 points.

      Will he continue with 3 DM’s away from home? Will his tactics continue to focus on countering opponents and not losing rather than playing to win?

      Will he come with a new back 4 like we hope in PL, or will the stooges get starts while a highly in form Chambers gets mugged off sitting on the bench?

      Players are healthy, Talent is there; unleash the dogs of war or will Emery continue applying the handbrake?

  8. 9 points for me

    Keep in mind Liverpool only beat Sheffield (Liverpool Away) and Leicester (Liverpool was at HOME) by 1 goal

    Liverpool 2-1 Leicester
    Sheffield 0-1 Liverpool

    Wins against those teams are far from certain

    I think we will draw or lose to Leicester

    My prediction is 9 POINTS:

    Sheffield- tight win – 3 points
    Crystal Palace – win- 3 points
    Wolves- win- 3 points
    Away Leicester – Loss- 0 points

  9. I prefer it when people predict we are going to lose these games as saying we will get 10 points always puts a jinx on it and we will end up with the opposite of 01 point !

    If I could predict games I would take the bookies to the cleaners !

    By the way, what`s next weeks lottery numbers AsMart ?

  10. When I saw the next 4 fixtures and how the sides performed I honestly thought Emery could be sacked after them 10 points is rediculous considering the points we currently have are way beyond what our performance deserved….

  11. I wouldn’t dare to predict as so far we could only manage 1 goal margin wins. 1-0 against Newcastle and Bournemouth, 2-1 Burnley, and 3-2 Aston Villa. Unless you have a very strong heart, betting for Arsenal now is too risky for your health

  12. I expect Leicester to be very tough (Maddison dive/red card for us again??!!) If we come away with something, I’ll be very happy!
    The Blades should be 3 points.. but I thought Liverpool would hammer them, to then only scrape a 1-0 due to a mistake, doesn’t really bode well for us!
    Palace & Wolves at home.. yes I’d expect a win, but then I thought that last season!!
    Good thing for us though, is the players returning. They should make a difference! All depends on Unai and his team selection though… 8 points I reckon

  13. 10 point looks very realistic but it will be a surprise if we amass that much considering the fact that emery is our coach.Am sure he will adopt his defensive approach in the away matches.Am still skeptical about the defence and xhaka will play virtually of these matches. 7 point and am ok

  14. To have a chance at top four Arsenal need 12 points from the next four games. Emery’s mismanagement of the squad and over reliance on players who are not very good will e ventually cause a run of losses and ill-timed draws just like happened last year. Twice.

    The Gunners usually play well against Leicester; so it is likely the Gunners will win or at least draw against Vardy & Co. It is the unknowns that should be a concern. Sheffield United played Liverpool tough and Palace play a style that always seems to give Arsenal fits, even when they win.

    The real danger is that game against United. If Arsenal ose, then lose or draw to Palace the piling on will start, Emery will start tyo panic like he did last year and start to change ofrmations and shuffle players all over the pitch… wait, he’s already doing that… anyway…

    Anyone with a clue knows Arsenal are maybe the third or fourth best team in the league in terms of talent and maybe tenth or eleventh in terms of manager quality. Fortunatey Chelsea, Tottenhamd and Man U have all come out of the gate staggering, but unless Harry Kane goes down for the season, Spurs will be right there at the end. Man U will fire their manager soon; Oles a bigger disaster than Emery, thought with Ed Woodward pulling the strings its doubtful Sir Alex himself could right that leaky ship.

    The real danger is Chelsea getting their act together and the emergence of West Ham, Crystal Palace, or Leicester from the pack of wanna’ bees. If Arsenal, by hook or by crook manage to claw their way into the top four; something they should do with ease given the talent on that team, the team will move forward with Emery and not win a title in another two decades.

    If, howeve,r Arsenal were to fall to fifth or sixth on the year, behind Liverpool, Man city, Chelsea, tottenham and say… Leicester, he’d have to go and there would be a chance to move forwardu nder a manager who knows how to manage top talent.

      1. Please rank the better managers and how many of the 13 you rank above Emery you would have accepted when Emery was appointed?
        There are no easy games in the EPL, just ask Guardiola and Klopp.
        This constant negativity is tiresome.

  15. The talent is there, if we play with new look defence then we should win every game and 12 points but the manager just doesn’t see it. If he wakes up and smells the roses then I’m going for the twelve points, but as I feel he can’t smell his own farts then I can only see a 7\8 if we are lucky. Let’s hope he blows his nose and runs vic’s vapour run on his chest the night before the games.

  16. Sheffield United will show that the gutless performance against Watford was not a one off and we are still scared of smaller teams. (1-1)

    Palace will do exactly the same as they did last year and catch us on the break. (1-2 0r 2-2)

    Wolves will use tactics that see us completely nullified. (1-1 or 1-2)

    Leicester will tear us apart with their speed and direct football. (3-1)

    Total out of twelve points? If we are lucky three…if Ozil is selected seven.

    I cannot see him playing Bell-Hold_Chambs-Tierney together – he will select xhaka -he will sub Tierreria, Holding, mustafi, lacs and will continue to play tippy tappy football from Leno onwards-Vardy will have a field day!!!

    Please prove me wrong UE, I will be more than happy to eat humble pie as I am useless at predicting results.

    1. Ken, hopefully you are true to form (LOL) and your predictions are wrong.
      I am disappointed you are so negative.

      1. ozziegunner, so do I!!!

        My negativity comes from watching us play the kind of football that I have witnessed this season – nothing more and nothing less.

        Let’s revisit this conversation after the next four games – discuusing results, players and tactics.

  17. Sorry, but i think, we will only get 4, beating sheffield, and getting a draw out palace,,, after this 4 games, we will be sitting at 8 or 9… i know it will be hard so swallow, but watch this space,,, i dont think emery have done enough for arsenal,,, give him this season the find another manager please,,, am i watching the emery arsenal, or is it still wenger who is the manager of arsenal…

  18. It’s a fact that we are on position 3. Whether we are 1 point or 10 from the 3rd placed team and 1 point better than 4th.8 games into the season gives us a feel on how the team is performing and 3rd is a good position in my opinion.

  19. I think emery can manage just 8 points coz he likes using young players who are not experienced coz they have performed well in tournament such as europa leagua i think if emery tries the likes of ozil we can get 12 out of 4games .

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