Arsenal no closer to signing target than they were a month ago

One of the players that have consistently been linked with Arsenal is St Etienne’s William Saliba, but according to the French clubs Chairman, there is no rush to conclude a deal.

Bernard Caiazzo told French media that there is one imperative to any deal and that is Saliba will remain at the club next season and that the club is not in a position where it has to sell.

On top of that, Saliba himself does not want to leave this season.

“Our accounts are balanced, so there’s no imperative need to sell him,” Caiazzo said

“We know there are solicitations and that his future will be via a top European club, but there’s no rush.

“He will stay this season.

“That’s an imperative condition if we are to find an agreement for his transfer.

“We’ve clearly defined the conditions.

“It’s also William’s wish. He wants to wear the green shirt this season, to play in the Europa League, and he wants to get better before leaving.”

That seems fairly clear to me, if Arsenal wants to sign the 18-year-old they will have to pay the asking price and loan the player back for a year and it does not seem that there is any budging from Caiazzo.

It is accepted that Saliba will leave St Etienne but it is going to be on their terms and the most crucial part of all this, is that they have the player on side.

It is always better to listen to representatives from the club that goes on the record, that does not mean he is necessarily telling the whole truth but it would appear very unlikely that they have any agreement in place with Arsenal, or for that matter Tottenham.

Saliba may well end up at Arsenal but from what I can see we are no closer today to a deal than we were a month ago.


  1. He will be loaned back, so it is imperative to find another CB

    De Ligt is available for 60 M and Upamecano/ Konate might cost less than that

    1. £60m is more than our transfer budget. The better for us if we could get a good defender on loan this season in wait for Saliba’s arrival, methinks.

  2. Stranger things..indeed.


          1. You’re saying for balance??I do not follow only this Twitter account and I have said several times that since they are unofficial sources of info they are bound to get many right as well as many wrong.Imagine saying he guessed it a year before.If you believe he was wrong then you must also believe it when he was right.He never guessed btw

            1. Literally, the Chairman of St Etienne and the manager of Celtic have said exactly opposite to what you are parroting from twitter accounts. Sorry Kev, I find them two individuals far more credible that twitter accounts

          2. Admin Martin, interest in Saliba was reported first on May 17th by an ITK named @AfcMedia14.

            The second one to report it was Kike Marin who was about two days late.

            Note that these were the only two work wise who spoke on Saliba before media outlets got on it.
            If indeed ITK’s are fake how then did he come up with Saliba first.Or he guessed??

            You’re late on the Tierney news btw

            1. I have no problem with being late on any news Kev, I do not profess to have any ITK and we report news and put our opinions on that news and I find that we maintain our credibility that way. Each to their own and as stated before, others can judge.

          3. If only you’ve seen what so have seen you would believe me.This is the 21st century and lots of things have changed.I don’t think it should be “news” if ITK’s are actually getting info from clubs.

            My issue isn’t with you though.Its with media who try to make stories to suit their narrative rather than telling us the truth from the get go.They are also too late at times

          4. Admin Martin, you put some excellent article on here every day if, in my opinion one or two too many, so why now are you letting Kev hijack the site. Instead of reading interesting article, every other post is Kev’s garbage. Tell me the last time he got one right, never. He’s being allowed to spurt his rubbish year after year trying to tell us he’s some kind of expert. I haven’t been on this site for a while because I don’t want to read his lies, the last time was four or five days ago when the Tierney deal was done and dusted. All he does is stick his head in the computer and translate it to this site. Admin enough is enough, suspend him until the transfer window closes and spare us all

      1. AdMart-please inform the St Etienne Chairman that if he really wants to know what’s going on at his Club in regards to this transfer then he needs to consult Kev.FFS it’s his Club but the player has already signed for us last week.I know.Kev told us

    1. Not long ago we heard how Torreira wanted to move to AC Milan and washing for a move .I quashed it and it was correct.

      Spurs to hijack Saliba deal.Turns out Spurs weren’t really in the running and were streets behindevsn if they wanted to nab him.Correct again

      Napoli to hijack Kieran Tierney.Turns out they were lies too and must have come from Celtic or Arsenal.Correct again

      All from ITK’s.I will now submit a link probing how an ITK on November 2018 confirms Ospina to Napoli

      1. Kev you are posting links that prove absolutely nothing ,do any of these twitter users work for football clubs?Are they sat in the board room with the owner planning our transfers ?Are they the ones doing the medical ? The answer is no , I will tell you what they no ,absolutely f all ,the sit in their computers 24hours a day second guessing everything .theres no skill to this at all ,I could do it ,find out who we are interested in then make up the transfer fee make up when they will be announced and hope that I get it somewhere near to make it look like I know what I’m talking about .
        You have said Teirney as signed for 18.3 mil plus add ons ,you have said the add ins but so if it’s over that you have an excuse .
        You said on a previous article that he will be announced tomorrow then back tracked and said early next week ,again second guessing .
        The french kid you said was done deal over a week ago ,surly we would have heard in this time if we had signed him .and now we have this article making your predictions look line bull crap again .

        1. Don’t be naive at all.So because they are not with the Arsenal board working hand in hand with them it means they can’t get info.The fact that you even dared to read my post on Tierney and Saliba even showed that subconsciously you knew deep that it was possible that it might be true so you gave it a chance to see if it would be true.You seem not to understand me at all.
          Done deal in the context I use it in means fee and personal terms agreed not player has signed.Ive said this several times.I feel sorry for those who think ITK’s are just people who like to guess and are fake news.Media is streets behind and I’m not naive or a child not to know when I’m being lied to or when ITK’s are copying media.

        2. Dan kit, great comments, all of them but why bother. As Kev clearly has a personal need to be regarded as the oracle who knows all things about Arsenal transfers, why not just humour him and play along with his fantasies! I do as most others do and just ignore them and also all the other multiple rumours on all Arsenal sites. Only when we have fact and announcements from the club do I EVER BELIEVE. OFTEN EVEN THE PLAYER INVOLVED DOES NOT KNOW UNTIL THE VERY END, LET ALONE FANS WITH A NEED TO SHOW OFF.

  3. @Declan
    If you are reading this I want to make a point very clear.So far Arsenal have only submitted two bids for Kieran Tierney.A £15m + add ons bid was first rejected for him and then we came in with a second bid of £18.3m which was accepted.At the time the admin posted that a second bid was rejected there no was no second bid submitted for him at the time.I t want until two days ago that I said Tierney was a done deal which showed a bid was submitted and accepted.Media is streets and light years behind the info and done deal in the context I use it in means fee and personal terms agreed.Info even coming in is that the second bid was already accepted but Arsenal and Celtic agreed to let the deal drag on because of the love Celtic fans have for Tierney and they wanted to make it look like Arsenal forced their hands to sell and not Tierney wanting to leave.Media is streets behind

    As for Saliba I wontcrepeat myself on him.He will join Arsenal and go back on loan as I said weeks ago.

    From Arsenal have only £45m to spend this summer to Napoli to hijack Kieran Tierney to Spurs to hijack Saliba
    I have quashed all these things and can even provide evidence(links) once again to back them up

    1. I believe you kev and I think most of us want to

      Is there any development on Ozil? Arsenal have to move him on if they want to remove no 10 position from their formations

          1. Ospina was on loan there, it was obvious that he could have been signed up after by them it does not take a genius to guess that .

          2. Sorry don’t try to act smart.If Ospina didn’t move to Napoli that ITK would’ve been eaten up by negative comments in the comment section.He had it right as far back as November 2018 and should be given his due credit when he gets it right and criticized when wrong.

          3. kev, they are just guesses based on previous media reportings. Ospina and Napoli link has been strong for ages, and even date back further than November. Every single ITK on twitter has been flat out wrong about transfers at several points. Also, you say Saliba is done, yet this exact account says it is not done. Either this account is reliable or it is not.

          4. And I saw your comment about fees being agreed. This account even claims there is no fee agreed for him yet.

          5. @RSH
            I do not follow only this account.You can call it a guess if you choose to but I do not.
            Every single ITK has been wrong in different instances as they are unofficial sources of information.

            You should know that interest in Saliba wa first reported by @AfcMedia14 an ITK on May 17th then followed by Kike Marin and then by media outlets who were late.

    2. Your case would be helped considerably if you just stated that what you are posting are things you have read on Twitter and not facts.
      Instead of saying things like ‘done deal’ and ‘confirmed by ITK’ etc just say ‘I’ve read on Twitter the following tweets by usually reliable tweeters’ and your posts would be so much more credible. Not only would your posts be welcome by all but you also wouldn’t get any abuse.
      Just remember, it’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it……
      I apologise if I was rude to you in previous replies. Peace and love.

      1. I have constantly said I post these things from Twitter.I do not make these things up in my mind.
        What I can’t believe is that in the 21st century people think the only sources of transfer news is either journalists or media outlets.
        Time and time again ITK’s have given information far ahead of time before media outlets and even the most reliable journalists.People calling their info guesses are just those who won’t accept the reality.Those who say Arsenal are very secretive in transfers also mean absolutely nothing when they say that because it’s the people who make it secretive and people reveal secrets.I mean let’s not talk like we don’t know what going on.

        You were never rude to me and I never hold any grudge against you

        1. Kev, do your job as u keep me a bit hopeful. Others may tend to accept it or not. You sometimes get it right or wrong. It happens to all even the great oracle Ornstein.

  4. Kid looks a real talent. So many clubs passed on VVD from Celtic for £13 million, that they may take risks to not miss again.

    Such a big “IF” with this young man, and quite a price tag for an 18 yr old. However, if he comes good and could play for over a decade for us, £30 million small price to pay.

    VVD expensive, but he settled their back line, and they don’t need to worry about that CB spot for years.

    I would take the risk with Saliba, he could be a cornerstone for over a decade for us.

    1. And going back a few years on posts here, people were pushing for Arsenal to sign Van Djyk from Celtic, but apparently Arsene Wenger thought him too lazy. Southampton bought him and the rest ids history.
      I am keen on Lewis Dunk from Brighton and Hove Albion, 193cm England international CB, who did well in the EPL last season. He will only improve with age and should be playing in the EPL.

  5. Would love a promising centre back but play Bielik also ffs! Everyone saw hes potential from the start and now he showed that he hungry and he has improved alot. Hes a smart cd/dm. It will bite us in the ass if we let him leave, trust me

  6. I said a while back, it’s not who we sign, or when, that bothers me. I want to know when we’re getting rid of all this deadwood? To the minority of fans that believe Wenger left Emery with a great squad of players, then why are no clubs fighting over them? Surely there should be a bevy of clubs lining up to sign WC Ozil?

  7. Arsenal SHOULDN’T show desperation in their attempt to sign the 18 year old CB William Saliba from St Etienne this summer if St Etienne are trying to take Arsenal for granted by forcing their hands to comply with the obnoxious condition they set for Arsenal. To thus massively exploit Arsenal before agreeing to their bidding to sign their player Saliba this summer.

    If St Etienne will not take the very last bidding that Arsenal may submit to them to sign Saliba this summer, and it’s certain that the player wants to stay for another year at his club St Etienne, then, Arsenal should hands off from continuing with their bidding to sign Saliba this summer with immediate effects. But if both St Etienne and Saliba see sensible reasoning to change their minds soft pedaling on their harsh demands that included Saliba be loan back immediately to them after Arsenal have signed him which is the most contentious demand among their demands, which Arsenal vehemently wants off the St Etienne demands. Then of course, Arsenal could continue with their bidding to sign Saliba this summer if they so want to continue with it.

  8. Kev keep them coming I don’t expect certainty I just find the rumours interesting which is more than can be said for arsenal signings lately

  9. Dilemma being we want a centre defender with us this season. But here we have a player who is meant to be a real strong defender, quick and apparently can read the game.
    But being 18 is it going to resolve our issues.

    We have youth in Chambers Bielk
    Holding Mavro so adding another right now without knowing what we are doing with the 4 mentioned makes it all seem an overload.

    His club have made it clear, regardless of ‘done deal’ it seems the terms are told to arsenal. It’s up to us if we want to pursue that!

  10. I think it’s worth pursuing Tom as I said in an earlier post I have family in St Etienne who watch every game,they are all hoping we don’t get him,It’s a shame about the loan back clause but will be worth the wait, I understand and agree that we need a more commanding CB and Gary Cahill is on a free,I know he is getting on a bit but he has a couple of seasons left in him that our younger players can benefit from.

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