Arsenal no longer consider Aubameyang indispensable and need to sell before they can buy new players

Arsenal is hoping to cash in on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in this transfer window, one season after they handed the Gabon star a new three-year big money contract.

Aubameyang joined the Gunners in 2018 and quickly proved to be one of the sharpest shooters in the Premier League.

He even won the Golden Boot in the 2018/2019 Premier League season with 22 league strikes.

He led Arsenal to win the FA Cup and the Community Shield last year and that run of form convinced the club to agree to give him a new deal.

He has failed to justify that decision since that time and the Gunners are now left to rue their decision making.

He had previously been considered untouchable by the club, but that is no longer the case with The Telegraph reporting that Arsenal sees him as a player that can or should leave.

The report says the Gunners have now transfer-listed him and they are open to selling him for the right price.

The report says he is still in the plans of Mikel Arteta, but the Gunners are keeping their eyes out for an offer for him.

If the right one comes along, they will sell, but if it doesn’t they will keep him on for another campaign.

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    1. And yet we have to sell him to get a new forward….does a tree falling in the woods make a sound if there is no one there to hear it? 😉

  1. With all these rumours of Auba, Laca & Eddie all tipped to leave if the right offer comes in, i have to ask, who exactly is going to replace them? we have missed out on Abrahams & martinez isn’t going to leave Inter so what is Arteta up to? as far as i know(unless i have missed something) there hasn’t been any chatter about replacements
    Give me some hope fellow gooners

    1. Even if we lose just one of Auba and Laccazet, we have no capacity to replace them properly this summer, that’s why I hope we make a good league position this season so that by next summer we can go all out for a proper CF.

      I doubt we can attract big names and I doubt we have the money

  2. Boring
    Arsenal have to sell before they buy

    This transfer window has been a joke
    Not one player that would help win you the title in fact not one that would get you in the top 4
    Que bang average season
    Finish 7-10
    Que josh come out and say we want to win top trophies
    Que fans buying season tickets

    And repeat

    1. Que or Cue?🤣sorry couldn’t resist.
      But, I think Lakonga and Ramsdale are very solid signings and Tavares and White are good buys too. Having said that it’s not looking to be a great season at present.

    2. So far this season, we have bought without having to sell, so that statement doesn’t apply this season.
      Of course we have to sell fringe players, we have a squad larger than what we can buy.

      For me, if we manage to move Torreira,kola , Bellerin and Willian on, sort Laccazet situation and get replacement for Bellerin I’ll rate this season an 8/10.

      Talking about players we bought not enough to challenge for the league- I totally agree and it’s unfortunate that where we presently are, we only can take 2 route back to top which are buying on inflated prices and offering ridiculous wages or buying not so good young players with high ceilings.
      We tried the first with luiz, willian etc but it’s not working and now we moved to the 2nd option

    3. Arteta does not know how to use the personnel he has. He is Clueless on Man to Man management. He has a relationship failure with mature players except teenagers. We need a maure Manager. By the way this story is fake. Subs is not for sale. We will end up goaless the whole season. Learn to appreciate your stats rather than maligning them.

  3. I don’t believe this.
    The way MA talked about him in the last 2 weeks tells me he values Auba and Laccazet

    ‘My best 2 players’
    ‘Auba still ill but is in the squad to help us’

    These statements really show he is important to the team which I agree with, though he is not the player he used to be but his presence on the bench still put some pressure on the opposition, class is permanent.

    There is no way we are going to lose both players

  4. Laca’s on the selling block, you sell Auba after a season where he almost lost his mum while you’ve no strikers worth the name in the squad – the ambition has to be relegation.

  5. I don’t believe he has been transfer listed, not saying they wouldn’t accept a decent offer though. It’s been reported he insisted on being available to play against Chelsea even though he still has not fully recovered so I think he is committed to the club. In my opinion we should play 4-4-2 against City with Auba and Martinelli playing up top on the break.

  6. We need to chop 5 players first.

    Runarsson, Willian, Kola, Nketiah, Torreira seems to be on the move immediately.

  7. Nketiah and Abameyang out and Odegaard to convince Halaand to join. Only way Edu can restore some confidence in him.

  8. My view is as a club we have always been crap at selling players tbh we been crap buying them aswel!!

    130m spent on “youth”

    Wen we could have signed

    Gk johnstone 10m
    Rb dumfries 15m
    Cb vestergaard 15m
    Dm bissouma 40m
    Cm auoar 30m
    Cam odegard 30m

    Same money spent much better team!!
    This transfer window is on artetas head he has been backed to the tune of 130m and spent it on average “youth”

    We are now a spineless, clueless, weak mentality team of average players!! No passion, no commitment, no leadership!! we will finish between 10th and 15th this season and it will take 5 years minimum to recover from this.. thanks to arteta and his stubborn attitude!! The players aren’t playing for him because of his boring slow tactics.. its so painful to watch!! On TV its bad enough but actually being at the stadium Sunday its worse in the flesh!! 80mins on 1st home game of season and 50% of stadium was empty.. this is what it has come to.. ppl that same we only 2 games into the season give arteta a chance.. HE HAS HAD BEST PART OF 2 YEARS !! We have no Idenity no leaders no physicality no experience!! And if anyone says xhaka, willian and bellerin are our experience u are a fool.. we been trying to get rid of xhaka for years now we stuck with him because he had 2 good games at the euros fml

    1. It really beats my imagination how Arteta hasn’t added a high profile player to motivate the team or fast footed players,

      We have Emerson in Barcelona, dumfries, wardprowse,

      I would be happy to see Ascensio join Arsenal, Ancelotti is trying him in midfield,

      If he joins we could have Smith-Rowe in midfield,

  9. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, who is going to pay his huge salary let alone a fee for him?

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