Arsenal not expected to put up much more of a fight than Everton against Guardiola’s men

Arsenal will face Manchester City next in a crunch Premier League game as they look to build on their 4-2 win over Leeds United.

The Gunners started this season as FA Cup and Community Shield winners and looked prepared to get back inside the top four.

But they have collected just 34 points from 24 league games so far and that leaves them 10th on the league table.

City, on the other hand, is in their best form and head into the game as the top team in the division by 10 points.

The Citizens have seen off challenges from the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham in recent weeks, which shows how in-form they are at the moment.

Arsenal is undeniably the underdogs in this game and they will have to pull off some kind of masterstroke to get the points from the game.

The Telegraph doesn’t believe that Mikel Arteta’s side will get anything from the game and they have tipped City to beat Arsenal 3-0.

They explain: “Manchester City’s sparkling run of form looks set to continue at the Emirates. Despite not playing their best football at Goodison Park midweek, Guardiola’s men ran out comfortable winners. There is little to suggest Arsenal will be able to put up much more of a fight.”

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  1. Yeah. May be we should not even appear for the match. Just give them the 3 points since they are so good. Tired of this Nonsense

    1. Exactly

      Most fans believe that if we spend more than 500million or signed 7 or 8 world class players

      we will guranteed to win the title even without kicking the ball…..

    2. But they are significantly better than us and will definitely win.

      My hopes are that we play for the goal difference, which might become crucial in our battle for the EL places.

      I hope Arteta goes with the 3 4 3 lineup and play pure Pulisball with hopes of either a 1:0 0:0 1:1 or 0:1 result.

      We shouldn’t hope for more as we’re not better than that at the moment.

      And that’s because in every game so far, the squad made glaring mistakes that could cost us goals but we were lucky to have worse opponents than Man City. Each mistake aganist this squad and that’s a goal conceded.

      1. @Once Great- if we went in with that attitude in the FA Cup Semi Final last season we would not have won the cup. Why would we go out to draw a game against any team?
        FFS PAL, we used to be a Club with ambitions didn’t we? Have we really gone that low? I dont believe we have and will never accept the defeatist attitude you have

  2. I would expect every player in the side to remember who they represent-Arsenal Football Club. So what if we are playing Citeh. We beat them in the FA Cup last season, and should have had a penalty with the score at 0-0 this season at the Etihad, a game that if we had shown more intent we could have done better.
    Thursday is 4 days away, so forget Benfica. If should be a strong side out there today with the same attitude we showed Chelsea. If we lose to a better team, I can accept that. What I won’t accept is losing a game before we have even started

  3. There is an intesting and encouraging parallel between ourselves and City. At the start of the season everybody was saying they were no longer a special team because of results. People were ignoring the fact that they were pummeling teams but unable to score. They were on an unlucky streak but then turned the corner. Same players, same tactics but the ball started going into the net.
    Don’t get hung up on results this season as we are being unlucky time and again. Not just inability to score but bad refereeing, sendings off, injuries to key players. Give more weight to the overall quality of our performances because that’s the key long term factor in deciding how good this team can be next season. Bad luck is temporary, class is permanent, and I for one am excited about NEXT season, because we will surprise a lot of people.

  4. I salute Phil, Once great and John Ibrahim for their well focused contributions and feel almost nauseated by some opinions! I hate pessimism because a living being must have some ambition. How can anyone with sense in themselves make a cheap statement like “Obviously they will beat us? If that were the case there would have been no logic in wasting time to play the game. They would just have been awarded the 3 points and maybe 2: goals! We all have witnessed City lose to lesser teams not once but several times. I get incensed with people who utter nothing and want to influence others.

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