Why have Arsenal not been focused this season? Like Leicester….

We have seen this Arsenal team play like world-beaters at certain times this season, like against Manchester United and Bayern Munich at the Emirates and Olympiakos away, but then at other times we have seen them lacking energy and desire like against Swansea and Southampton. On the other hand Leicester City have been fighting for every point in every game, and this is why Mesut Ozil feels that Ranieri’s men deserve to be on top of the table.

“They deserve to be up there – Leicester fight for every point,” the German said. “We see in every game that players of Leicester want to achieve something. We ourselves have not been focused in every game, and that is not possible in the Premier League since there is no opponent you can beat easily.

“Leicester have been great, but there are still a few games. I think we still have a chance to catch up Leicester. We must, of course, hope for mistakes.”

But that doesn’t mean Arsenal’s pursuit of the title is completely over. Ozil still harbours hopes that the Foxes can slip up in some big games before the end of the campaign. “I do not think it impossible,” he continued. “Although there are only a few games left, Leicester have a run against some of the big teams to come. “We ourselves must in any case not allow any more slip-ups. The hope of the title is still there – we have the players for the title.”

The problem is that we have had the players all season, but for some reason they all “lost focus” at the same time, which has now given us a mountain to climb. Can we still reach the summit?

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  1. leicester have formulated a plan of beating teams while arsenal only play the same game every time

  2. Arsenal is Weak and Naive!

    No motivation, No drive , No methodology, No passion…..only money making philosophies

  3. “Cech would win us points” …they all roared

    and they all forgot bout positions that would bring us the goals and ofcourse win us 3pts per game

    somewhere down the Line, Cech is out injured and they all talking bout how to to get the goals

    1. ffs

      Those points Cech won for us only stopped the goals coming in (conceeded goals) it didn’t ensure us 3pts (only goals scored ensures that)


      And to think wenger didn’t sign a single outfielder who could have complemented Cech!

      Isn’t that appaLLing?

      1. A solid defense can help mount a EPL challenge, do you not even know this?
        Our unbeaten squad had a solid defense.

        What is the point in scoring 10 goals if you will let in 11 goals?

        We need to score, that is not something I would argue against, we need to keep tight at the back as well.

        I am disappointed we didn’t add more in the windows BUT I don’t blame Wenger for this, I blame the board.

        Every long term Arsenal fan knows that when Wenger came to Arsenal we had Dein and he was the guy who done the transfers for Arsenal, he was a shareholder and had a lot of power when he was active.

        That made it easy for Wenger to say “I want XXXX player” and he would get XXXX player and not a bargain version of that player.

        Heck this is shown by how Dein convinced Wenger to join us, Wenger demanded that Arsenal got Vieira if they wanted him to manage AFC, what did Dein do? We got Vieira.

        Wenger isn’t perfect but lets start recognizing the real issue when it comes to transfers, it is the board that messes us around and feeds us BS like they will force Wenger to spend just to get our hard earned cash. Once season tickets have sold etc then the board will make excuses and blame Wenger for it but do nothing about it. It has happened year after year already and you want to keep falling for the same BS?

        I want a change at Arsenal, blaming Wenger will do nothing as the board are happy with Wenger hitting the targets that THE BOARD SETS and we will just repeat history like insane people.

        Some can say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a change, time for a new approach. If Silent Stan wants our cash then don’t give it to him until he gives us titles. Simplez.

  4. La our strikers la average. Unlike verdy,mahrez,kane or aguero,u can only win fa cup with midtable strikers that we have in our team

  5. To be fair the question
    should be, why have Chelsea,
    Man U, Man C, Arse+Liverpool
    so far been out focused by Leicester?
    And the answer is no one knows.
    Westham has also had an extraordinary run.
    And normally fragile Totts are looking strong.
    This has been a freak season.
    So compared to the other so called top teams
    Arsenal has been the most consistent.
    Can Arsenal still win. Yes and so can Spurs.

    Arsenal v Watford. Home win.
    Leicester v Southampton. Draw.
    Liverpool v Spurs. Draw.

  6. Simple. Yes, you can put some of the blame on the schedule but the main reason is that we have at core a bunch of spoiled brats thinking they are the core of England team. Spending most of your time in the physio room getting paid royaly is not something to brag about. I agree, they got injured playing for Arsenal but that does not excuse the lack of form and will. Campbell was crying for a game he was deemed not good enough. And he still is. I must admit I am a convert now, I do believe in Campbell even if Wenger does not. Well, as I said, I reserve my judgement for later. Now is (and it will be anyway) water under the bridge.

  7. Kroenke said ” if you want to win championships you would never get involved”. By “you” he means himself.

    Kroenke is the majority shareholder, he controls the club. So top 4 finish in PL is good enough. This is the objective given to the manager and permeates through the whole club. Resources are targeted at achieving this aim. When the opportunity arrises to do better we cannot take it.

  8. Arsenal have not been focused because there is nothing to focus on with the 80% Average team we have. We don’t have winners,we only have models and their business managers

  9. At the start of the season Leicesters aim was to stay in the PL by getting 40 points as quickly as possible to avoid a relegation battle.

    No distractions of CL and they were not bothered about cups. Total commitment and focus on PL. Having got 40 points they just continued in the same way, played withou fear as there was no expectation to win PL. We will see if nerves get to them now, but there is no sign of it.

    Arsenals aims were
    1. Youngsters to play in league cup so no priority to win it.
    2. Win FA cup
    3. Top four in PL
    4. Last 16 in CL

    Items 3 and 4 are the overriding main aims. We have achieved items 1 and 4. On course to achieve item 3. Failed in item 2 but it was not a main priority. No desire to do better in PL when opportunity arose.

    Leicester were so focussed on

  10. the reason y Arsenal fail to focus like d Fox
    is because the Owners,Coach n Players are so Ambitious n having a bigger dreams to achieved. Unlike Arsenal the dream is to win d 4place trophy n forget d title..The main problem with Arsenal is Wenger bliv it or not,d Fox of last season are very different from this season y bcus,they see player who can improve d team n they were signed not at a high cost.But for Arsenal,no players who can improve d team says d Coach.1-4 is d main focus of Kronke Arsene n some Players…

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