Arsenal NOT out of the woods yet

Arsenal still have a lot to prove by DN

I am not trying to be too negative about Arsenal here, but just as many Arsenal fans reacted very badly and it was all doom and gloom after West Ham shocked the Gunners in the opening Premier League game, I think it is a bit too soon to be saying that our problems are over.

Yes we played well and dominated Stoke City on Saturday and both of the centre forwards scored. But we always beat Stoke at the Emirates and for the amount of chances that the team created, there is still something to worry about that we didn´t rack up a huge score.

In fact, up until Giroud heaed home Cazorla´s free kick in the 85th minute, Arsenal were just one goal to the good and the nerves had been creeping in. A slightly better Stoke might have taken advantage and imagine how we would all be feeling if they had grabbed an unlikely draw.

There are still some very real issues for Wenger and the players to put to bed in my opinion, and not just in the striking positions. Is Mesut Ozil really doing enough with all that talent we know he has? Is Ramsey going to keep the right side role that either Walcott or Chamberlain is more suited to? Can we afford to rest Coquelin or will the boss keep playing him until he picks up an injury or burns out? Are the second choice defenders really good enough? And unless Man City hit some big problems, we will need to be at our best to challenge them.

I am not saying that Arsenal cannot win the Premier League or that these issues are definitely a problem, but I do think that the club still has a lot to do to convince me that they are not. How about you?

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    1. Look at how scared Jose Mourinho is right now, knowing that his team form below par.

      That’s because he knows the responsibility to face the meanest owner roman, and owe it to the fans, and last year they are the champions for f**ck sake. Even though I hated maureen and despised him, that’s the positive attitude to be admired. Knowing that you OWE it to the owner and the fans for EPL and ucl title.

      BUT WENGER has the most comfortable job in the world, no wonder why he brought sh##t to public he moaned, uh…uh…, I made sacrifice to reject to coach Madrid…

      Boo….hooo….you old senile, you are too scared to face the toughest job ever, that just showed you, what a COWARD you are.

      You see……, Stan is silent old fraud that didn’t care of any stuff mentioned above.

      That’s why……it’s so depressing for WOB fans out there to see any situation like Chelsea
      or Real Madrid that put real pressure to the manager to achievements.

      #WENGER OUT.

  1. But we’re up and running. I thought it was a very good performance. Solid defending, though I thought Cech could’ve held a couple that he spilt. Kosc and Gabriel were very good, as were the fullbacks. The midfield had a solid grasp of the game. Held possession well, Coquelin focussing on his job of tackling rather than spraying the ball into the stands. And best of all, chances galore. Great creativity at last. Not that clinical up front but I think it’s the type of striker Walcott is. He won’t score all his chances, but his movement is very good so he’ll so many that he’ll eventually put one away.

  2. the truth is Walcott should be given like 4 consecutive games to transform into that striker he desires to be…..he is clinical but needs confidence in front of goal

      1. Amazed so many fans have so little grasp on “real world” conversion rates. Saw someone on here chastise Walcott a few weeks ago for needing all of 3 chances to score – jesus christ, if he could maintain 33% conversion rate he would be the most prolific striker in the world. The greatest strikers in history could manage 33% or 1 in 3 conversion rate and then only for short spells. 1 in 4 is world class and most of the oft quoted world class strikers don’t come near this over an extended period. Aguero was at 16% last season or 1 in 6. Suarez was barely 1 in 5 in his last season at Pool.

        I think the basic problem is we watch every minute of every Arsenal game and generally only the highlights of other games not involving Arsenal. Our striker’s misses are headline news on here but trust me every other striker in the world misses a lot more than they score – and I mean a lot more. The proper time to start fretting is when our guys are getting no chances or are not scoring at all.

      2. The good thing about it is that he always get himself in the scoring position,with more games he will get better.


    1. Agreed. I think wenger must have the guts to bench his loveboy girude from now on,

      let walcott develop himself to be a striker he craves.

      girude already had his opportunity for 3 years, and going nowhere.

  3. mert has been d weaklink in our defence d truth is arsenal’s tactic or loopholes can be detected easily but here we re….Ramsey is hardworking but its dangerous for Wenger to continue playing him there cos his game will keep changing

  4. but so far our team is taking shape but Chelsea’s game is a trap….we need not be complacent Chelsea is still a good team only a loss of confidence

  5. Too right we are not out of the woods, 2 wins against 2 of the bottom 3 and one against palace, is nothing to get too excited about. However, if we can win all of our September matches. Then beat United at home I will start to feel better about wengers fail in the transfer window.

    I am one of the few that actually thinks arteta and flamini can adequately cover coquelin in the minor matches, starting with arteta against Zagreb, giving coquelin the night off. I am however concerned about wilshire, rosicky welbeck and now reine-adelaide’s injuries. Our cover out wide and upfront is really shallow now. In fact our 25 man squad already includes 4 long term injuries, 3 goalkeepers and 8 defenders. That leaves us with just 10 midfield and forward players to play the “front 6” and supply 4 of the bench. One more injury to a midfielder or forward and we will start overloading the bench with defenders.

    1. Me too. That goal against Manure is what I wont forget in a hurry even though most fans don’t too much like him. He is better than nothing.

      1. Actually what I miss more is the pace and workrate he gives us out wide. I don’t think he’ll ever be a “goalscorer”.

  6. But we are not celebrating yet. We are a 5pts behind the leaders and two teams in between. Even Arsene knows that we are not yet there. That’s why he has warned the boys against overconfidence in Wednesday’s match.

  7. OT,

    I still think Arsenal should try and rescue Sissoko from Newcastle. The lad would fllourish with the talent around him @ the Emirates, adding a direct, aggressive dynamic to our at times, predictable ticky tack offensive approach. Plus Jack will be sidelined forever and another box to box midfielder of his skill set is needed imho.

    Newcastle is just offensive, poor fans

    1. I suggested this too in the summer. He is physical, fast and b2b. Put him next to Coquelin against physically aggresive teams and we would be able to deal with them. Then the AMF whoever it be either Ozil or Cazorla can have a free role in front of both DMF and CMF.

  8. In truth, Its citys fabulous start that is leaving fans one game away from slamming the Arsenal taking no prisoners and other side coin being optimistic and not afraid to show bias towards his teams players.

    You are definitely not wrong on our second string defence right now as liv memories are still fresh in mind. What makes that concern already a concern is how Gab may get book thrown at him and Wenger has said how Per will have to start fitness from scratch as he rested for near eighteen days not long after pre-season. An Injury back there right at this moment would be Arsenals luck going by previous.

    The strikers, some confidence creeping in might do the trick. However, we are usually the team that has most goal scorers spread throughout team, Alexis Cazorla Ramsey we should expect to hit target soon enough. Ox has looked like this might be his season for goals, I think he should get that chance. A good all round performance in Europe with some total football might help us step into next gear, I reckon we have two or three more gears to go. So …COYG.

  9. Hey guys can you all stop yapping and be positive for once. If the team doesn’t perform you are mumbling and when they do you say a weak team. There’s nothing like a weak Team. Don’t we always beat West Ham home and away in previous seasons. .but they beat us in the first game. The team is doing well and all we need to do is to support them for I believe this team will suprise many of you and win the League against all odds. The more we support them the better they become and gain more confidence.

    1. No Benstiller, the players are not kids, they’re all grown ups for fook sake.

      In italy there is always ULTRA fans that is so MEAN in almost every club.

      They have to face the fans pressure or oherwise just fook off this club.

  10. To start with the team does not need to convince you about anything. All they need to do is try to get 3 points in each and every game they play, and see what happens at the end of May. Your pessimism is your problem together with those that fear that the ice in the arctic region could melt leading to global flooding. All you stated as problems are actually a desperate attempt to post a gloomy picture about the team. For instance, your argument about Francis is as desperate as they can be. It is not uncommon that a player can go for the whole season without an injury. It is also normal that a player can play in every game throughout the season. I remember some 8 or so seasons ago when Kolo played in every Arsenal game.

    Arsenal’s first choice defence partnership is mert and kos, so are you by any means saying Gab is not good enough. Apart from the Liverpool game, Chambers played well in CB last season and during preseason so to claim that our defense is weak is pathetic.

    The issue of Ramsey and Mesut vindicates Wenger because the team is winning while those players are playing in their respective positions. In fact the team creates more chances than any other team with those players and formation.

    In short your argument is as good as saying “what will happen if all the ice in the world suddenly melt? We will experience global flooding, etc, etc.”

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