Arsenal not selling ANYBODY to Man City!

Arsenal thought they had ended all speculation surrounding Hector Bellerin this summer after the Gunners rejected Barcelona’s approach for the Spanish talent. However it seems as if it hasn’t put Premier League rivals Manchester City off showing an interest in Bellerin, with the English side set to make an approach.

It’s been a fair few years since Arsenal were last forced into selling one of their best players and brightest talents to a rival and those days are supposedly over for good now, given that the stadium debts have finally been paid off. However this summer, one player who has been unable to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to Arsenal rumours, is our very own right back Hector Bellerin.

It almost seems strange to read a news report at the moment that rumours a player leaving Arsenal, rather than a new potential incomer. However the Metro are today reporting that Arsenal have told Manchester City that Bellerin is not up for sale at any price, given the amount that City are willing to spend on players these days.

Bellerin has had two solid full seasons with Arsenal since breaking into the first team set up in 2014. The Gunners had recently signed Mathieu Debuchy from Newcastle as a replacement for City bound Bacary Sagna, but after Debuchy obtained an injury, Bellerin stepped up to the task. The young Spaniard hasn’t looked back since and is holding the right back spot down as his own, although this season he will also face competition from the much favoured Gooner Carl Jenkinson.

We’ll if there is any truth to the rumour that Bellerin is gathering interest from Manchester City, then at least Arsenal have been strong enough to put their foot down, because Bellerin is one special talent we cannot afford to lose! And ifwe ever do, we certainly won’t let him go to Manchester City. Those days are over…..



  1. We shouldn’t sell any of our Top players to any of our rivals

    We shouldn’t have even sold RVP to United or Sagna to City
    If Wenger sold Bellerin to City it would be insane

    1. We did not sell sagna to city. Sagna worked to the end of his contrct. He was free to go to any team in the world. He chose manc.

        1. To me Bacary Sagna was a world class right back and was good enough for world class teams that’s why he was linked with Real Madrid several times.But Arsenal fans will say ooh he can’t dribble and do anything flashy bla bla bla.Sagna was a world class right back one of the few who are actually good in attack and defending in most games.But like all players some games he was destroyed but he was world class.

          1. Yes. Sagna wanted £120,000 and I think we should have paid it
            But instead we pay £140,000 per week to Walcott

            Sagna was awesome and better than Debuchy

      1. Sorry my mistake. Mistakes happen sometimes
        We should have paid the money he wanted and kept him

        1. Perhaps I should not have nit picked, basically we did not renew his contact amd he went to city, we perhaps could have persuaded him to stay.

  2. Yes lets sell players to City.
    Wilshere 25 mill
    Walcott 25 mill
    Chamberlain 20 mill
    Sanogo 10p.
    Then buy Morata 40 mill and Koulibali 30 mill

  3. The players who should be sold to man city should be Mertesacker,Joel Campbell,Giroud,Welbeck,Jenkinson,Debuchy,Ospina and the like.These are players I don’t rate and will not continue to rate no matter what happens as unlike some I don’t change my mind over one game or over one tournament but I judge them after a season or after long period weighing their effect.I however rate Chamberlain,Wilshere,Ramsey and the like as I think if not for injuries they would all have been world class.As a result they should also be sold to better teams who can relieve them of this curse and help them fulfill their potential so as to save them from ungrateful fans and keep mouths shut.

    1. I suggest you look at ospinas saves in WC and two copa americas. Also look up his stats for arsenal for PL season 2014/15, best stats of any keeper by a long way, equivalent of 23 goals in a whole PL season.

      1. @ jonm am sorry but I beg to differ. Ospina is a very good keeper but I rate Szczesny higher than him and I think if tops teams in the world were to choodse between Szczesny and Ospina and basing it on stats,accolades,potential and having that something special who do you think they’ll go for.Be honest.Listen I know Ospina’s stats were very impressive in that season but stats don’t really tell the full story.I’ve watched Ospina enough and to be honest for a lot of players out there thir stats don’t actually present reality.Was it not this same Lucas Leiva who people are saying is average where there was a time where he was the best defensive midfielder by tackles in 2015 over some months in 2015.Yh and then you mention his saves in WC and Copa America and I’m gonna give credit here its due but to be honest I just don’t see him becoming a goalkeeping legend and I for one think Arsenal is probably gonna be the best team he’s ever gonna play with.Mark my words if Arsenal sell Szczesny over Ospina they’ll curse themselves one day.remember this comment of mine forever.

        1. Kev, i watched ospina in the world cup, before he was linked to arsenal and was very impressed. Then when I heard we had signed him was pleased. I agree stats do not tell you eveything and in the case of goals conceeded it is a reflection of the defense as a whole. I actually like szczesny as well, it was great when he took over from almunia. My personal preference is ospina but my main concern, like virtually everyone else is the striker situation.

  4. Another article stating that stadium debt has been paid off.

    On the latest full year financiial results are for financial year 2014/15. This states that the debt is £233.9m.

  5. I also feel like vomiting after muffdiver said Giroud was a steal at 10mill.It makes me sick.So in your case what is Giroud worth up to.Forgive me but I just think he’s an average player who’s had creative players around him and I mead super super creative not just creative.Arsenal is one of the best teams in Europe when it comes to creating chances which aren’t taken.To me Giroud is just average and to be honest I think we are gonna suffer in selling him unless his price is below 14Mmill cos tbh I don’t see a coach who’s actually watched Giroud on television and on the pitch to actually put in a bid of 20mill or more for Giroud and call that success.He makes me sick I tell ya just sick.I’m tired of seeing such ugly football from a very handsome player.

    1. come on kevster.
      15 -20 goals a season, works hard for team, defends is a france international

      hes no first choice cf but all that in mind and within the market value hes over 25 mill to me
      so yes 10 mills a steal

      but hey listen regarding the vomit, if its projectile vomit aim it at jose, lets see him park the bus on that attack …..

  6. @kev
    Totally disagree with you about girouds value. Like him love him giroud does have a resale value of a significant amount especially when you consider Morata 60mm higuain 70m lukaku 50m I etc. , . It’s about having a back up striker to allow him to rest or have a break when his form drops which it almost always does with strikers at some point. Also getting the best from him and we are not. Did you not see griezman and him together at the euros? Saying all this we do need a striker who can do it alone an aguero type who can score goals from nothing. Sanchez does it on his day. What frustrates me about giroud is his apparent lethargy and moody shrugs of the shoulders when things don’t go well but this is a more an emotive point and doesn’t really effect his market value. #buychicaritoarsene

    1. I get what you are saying but I just dont see any coach who has actually watched Giroud note I said who’s actually watched Giroud to pay above 20mill for him.Trust me when the time comes for him to go we aint gonna get a lot of cash.i also expect him to be going to a lesser team and not a top team.Trust me he’s really lucky to be an Arsenal player as some of our playrrs here are.I don’t want to mention names because my blood boils up when I even think of them in the team.There are so many players in this team I don’t rate but hey I guess I gotta keep em to myself.Sadly Giroud is one of them.It’s not like I hate or I refuse to see the light but it’s just that my eyes are telling me he’s average when I watch him.So if anything please blame my eyes.

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