Arsenal now expected to take serious steps to sign defender next week

Arsenal has been in the news because of their pursuit of Aaron Hickey in the last few months.

The left-back has been developing well at Bologna in Serie A, and he could be the next player from the Italian club that joins the Gunners, a year apart.

They added Takehiro Tomiyasu to their squad in the last summer transfer window, and the Japanese star has been a great signing.

His impact will fill Arsenal with confidence that Hickey will also do well if he moves to the Emirates.

News of their interest in the Scotsman died down a little in the last few weeks, and it seemed Brentford will beat them to his signature.

However, Sport Witness reports that Arsenal is now poised to take serious steps towards adding him to their squad.

The Gunners are expected to make a move next week by making an offer for his signature next week.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Hickey looks more exciting and composed than Nuno Tavares, who has only spent a season at the Emirates.

A move for him will help us replace the underperforming Portugal youth player.

But Hickey might also need time to get up to speed with how we play before he delivers flawless performances.

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  1. What I don’t get is why “next week” and not now? Anyway, not that I think there is anything wrong with Tavares, and why if Hickey is that good would he come to be standby when he starts for Brentford?

  2. We have lots of defenders.
    We have no strikers – literally no strikers given that Eddie can walk tomorrow if he wants.
    The priority is not a defender it is surely a striker.
    Man City have Haaland
    Liverpool will sign Nunez.
    We have Eddie.
    What a complete fecking joke…

    1. I was just about to write something similar
      Top 2 have gone out and just bought the best there is while we have just signed the 19 year old Brazilian lad Marquinhos .
      Levels to this game and we are fallen further and further behind .
      The club from top to bottom are not good enough and that includes bathe owner manager and players .

    2. Honestly we need a senior striker who can make that needed difference when everyone is under performing. With all due respect Nketiah can be used as twin striker .

  3. Nuno Tavares had a terrific start at Arsenal. Then one bad game and after that Tavares is considered to be a poor defender. There is a learning curve in the PL. Hallo, this is football not Formula One, where the memory in the paddock is very poor. Give the player a fair chance. He will IMO come good. I was very impressed with Tavares and his start at Arsenal.

      1. That was the most piss awful decision anyone could have made.
        He literally destroyed Tavarez’ confidence by stating that a poor central midfielder could be trusted to do a better job out of position as left back than him – why did he waste money on buying the player in the first place if he didn’t trust him to do the job? This is not an error of judgement from an inexperienced manager but more a decision by a clueless buffoon..

    1. Yes 👍 also look at Pepe,the player has not been given enough playing time and now they want him out,yet he could save Arsenal millions ,just as you said there’s a learning curve,i would rather send Pepe on loan than selling coz he has un utilized skill.

  4. I was really excited that we are enjoying upward trajectory, but the indecisiveness in our dealings is really demoralizing. Teams that don’t need upgrades are busy buying the best there is, whilst we are planning to make a move in a week’s time… Maybe we should go and play in Championship instead. We really need to up our game in the market if we want to be taken serious next season.
    I have no issues with adding Hickey as long as he will play behind Taveres, but we need offensive players instead and we need them fast.

  5. Well, it is still early in this transfer window, but I am beginning to get that old Deja Vu feeling.

    We have had the “Lots of Kroenke money available to buy players” teaser, which seems to be shrinking like a puddle in the Sahara.

    Most of the Harrod players seem to have been snapped, so our rumors are now aimed at the Marks & Sparks specials.

    However, sadly I am just waiting for the “Edu and Arteta rhetoric” hyping the Walworth’s bargains we have so cleverly bought.

    I am sitting here with both fingers and toes crossed (no small feet at my age) that the “Dream Team” have a master plan to snatch some nuggets from under everybody else’s nose, but I am not holding my breath!!

  6. Tavares has talent in bundles.

    He is physical and fast also.

    If none of the twenty plus coaches can sort out his defensive short-comings then they should be fired not the young man!

  7. Clubs buy players after observing their previous performances. Due to bad lack, they don’t benefit from the players but one painful thing, giving long-term contracts to the new young players before assessing them well.

    My opinion tells me Tavarez doesn’t fit in Arsenal.

  8. Tavares is a good player but we need upgrade on that position, But Edu should consider a sticker like Jesus and Tielesman to handle mildfield

  9. Unlikely to get him. Should put mor effort towards Zinchenko anyways who is way more proven and will improve the overall squad. This guy is never going to be a starter. Plus, rumor has it Lino Sousa is going to be fast-tracked to first team

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