Arsenal now battling Man City for Mbappe transfer?

There is an element of good news and an element of bad news, from an Arsenal fan’s point of view, in these latest transfer rumours from Spain which suggest that our Premier League rivals Manchester city are looking to splash some of their incredible wealth on the transfer of Kylian Mbappe from Monaco.

Sky Sports are reporting that people from Man City are working very hard to persuade the young striker and his representatives that working under Pep Guardiola at the Etihad stadium would be the best way to develop his prodigious talent.

If this story is true then the best outcome for the Gunners would be for them to fail and for the France international to either stay where he is or to decide to sign for one of the other clubs outside the English Premier League, with PSG and Real Madrid strongly linked.

The fact that City are trying to sign him is good news for Arsenal as it tells me that they have given up on getting Alexis Sanchez, this summer at least, so Wenger’s defiant statements on not selling to a rival would appear to be true.

However we do not want Mbappe joining City as that would mean our own transfer hopes were dashed and we would have the extra pain of having him strengthen a rival and be playing against us.


  1. city paying 50 mill for kyle walker LOL
    mbappe aint going anywhere this season

    just a thought, if lemar really happens – our forward line is midget heavy
    sanchez laca lemar ozil- who isnt short but isnt strong either

    perhaps go after a flat track bully in the market? its a real physical league
    just a thought

    1. I have it before now we need a metallic midfield man U would be coming hard, so we need to be Ready for bully games

    2. Lemar has enough physicality to be a decent tackler so long as he listens, understands and is fully committed. Ozil is a problem, that’s the spine which is most crucial. But with three CB’s and a more balanced midfield centre, it should not be as problematic as it has been at times. Wingers don’t have to be excellent defenders otherwise they’d be fullbacks. Keeping shape and getting tight on people is the most part for a winger when defending, and not being afraid of contact. Lacazette is the striker, again the striker doesn’t need to be an excellent defender. Effort counts though, closing people down so to force errors is the only real defending a lone striker needs good at. Height does matter though. Aerial threat can be a killer, but with three CB’s, Kolasinac, and hopefully two tall CM players, as well as Welbeck, Giroud for such occasions then we should be fine, oh yeah and a tall brave GK.

  2. Just focus on Lemar first. The chances of Mbappe coming to Arsenal were always very low and it seems we’ve already tried all last month to convince him. It’s out of our hands at this point what he decides to do.

  3. They can have him! I’d take Alexis over Mbappe all day long! And you cannot expect Arsenal to sign Mbappe, and keep Alexis. We have to sell at some point.

  4. Well with Morata staying at Madrid, looks like Mbappe won’t go there this summer. More likely that he will stay at Monaco and go to Madrid next year.

    I think we have a better chance than PSG. Monaco would want to avoid selling him to a rival.

    If it’s true that we bid £123 million then it’s possible. Wenger had a 3 hour meeting with Mbappe and Wenger has been in communication with his family. Wenger is also French which helps.

    But Man City can outbid us and pay a higher salary. Also Pep is very well regarded even more than Wenger. Also City are more experienced at purchasing and convincing big talent to join them

    I think we are still huge underdogs. But it’s not impossible.

    My gut feeling though is that he will stay for a year and go to Madrid or if Morata is sold (Chelsea want him) go there this summer.

    1. Now Zlatan and Rooney are no longer paid mega money at UTD, if the rumors over £280k a week is true then that would make them the league’s top earners(I think), £240k a week is City top earners.

      It is easy to say City will pay more in wages but will they really?

  5. I think it is pretty safe to say Mbappe won’t come to Arsenal this summer and will most likely stay in Monaco or join Real late in the window.

    Our best bet is to try to close on Lemar ASAP. Should Real manage to convince Monaco to sell Mbappe the chance they would also sell Lemar would go down IMO.

    Monaco is losing some good players so let’s push hard on Lemar before they get sick of seeing all their good players go.

  6. Many city is a no go they couldn’t promise him guaranteed playing time
    Madrid are keeping Morata so unlikely this year
    PSG don’t think Monaco want to sell to a rival

    In my opinion if he leaves he will come here if not he will stay in Monoco and then Madrid next season

  7. This would have been the best time and season for both Arsenal and Mmbape in case he signed for Arsenal .it’s so because he would gotten chance to prove himself in a European championship where you play without brakes on.This game prepares players mentally , physically and gives a mature aspect to play in champion league without a problem,and when both Arsenal and Mmbape comes from Europa,it wouldve been easier for them to win champions league.Wenger should show seriousness and buy Mmbape.

  8. Mbabbe has become to big, and we have nothing to offern what others can not do as well if not better. We need to move on and look for alernatives as i am still not convinced that we have done enough in the transfer marked.

    If we lose on Sanchez we are going to start the season worse than before. If Sanchez remains, Cl football, i mean the Wenger trophy is a thing for sure.

  9. Mbabbe stays, as Ronaldos era is not done yet, and after he is gone, a new Real m. is going to be build, and a player in Mbabbe will have a future ther.

    Thats why hims staying makes sense and him ignoring us, as you can see clearly that the plan is of him ending up in Real.

  10. I’d be happy if we missed mbappe but retained Sanchez. We already know what Sanchez can do in the EPL.

  11. Mbappe looks like he’s staying at Monaco, so Pep will have to look elsewhere. We never had much hope of signing him, so it’s better that he stays, since the more players Monaco sell, the more reluctant they will be to sell Lemar to us. Lemar IS the signing we need to get over the line, and after that, any more signings will be a bonus.

  12. The last thing the boy needs is to be seen as a money grabber and why I doubt he’ll go to City. Besides, Pep is too experimental in his approach to the game which could be detrimental to his chances of making the French team for the World Cup. How many young players have Pep actually developed so far? Messi? Rijkaard gave Messi his debut and he would have blossomed under any manager in any case. He didn’t know what to do with Fabregas when he went back to Barca, Sane, so far so good but not out of this world just yet, Sterling still hot and cold…so much uncertainty and confusion will plague the young man if he moved to city and I’m sure his handlers are savvy enough to see that.

  13. We should sell Sanchez, no player is bigger than the club. Yes he is super talented but let’s be honest he does have his floors. For instance he holds on to the ball too much and also loses It more often than necessary. Let him go back to his beloved pep so he can warm the bench again like he did at barca. He seems to have forgotten that we bought him from the bench and was frustrated with always playing the last ten minutes. Or better yet swop him for Aguero.

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