Arsenal now favourites over Man United to land Marco Reus?

This seems like the never-ending Arsenal transfer rumour to follow on from the yearly links with Salomon Kalou and Karim Benzema. Marco Reus is the latest all year rumour, but it was lately thought that Bayern Munich were nailed on to snatch the Dortmund winger at the end of the season.

Now it seems that Bayern have dropped out of the running, according to a report in the Telegraph, and Arsenal are now the favourites over Manchester United to sign the German international star. There is now very little chance that Dortmund will reach the Champions League this season, so it makes sense that a few of their stars will be looking to move on as soon as possible and Reus will certainly command a giant transfer fee if he moves to the Premiership.

With Rosicky and Arteta reaching the end of their sell-by date it would seem prudent for Arsenal to be looking to strengthen the midfield yet again this summer, and there are very few Gooners that would say no to the 25 year-old despite his well-known injury problems.

The report goes on to say that the Gunners are still very keen on bringing Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin to the Emirates (an Arteta replacement?) but that deal will probably hang on whether Arsenal or Southampton manage to stay in the Top Four or not.

If you had a choice, would you pick Reus or Schneiderlin?

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  1. Boys, stop dreaming and focus on the weekends game, i don’t see us buying anybody, 4-0 to the arsenal walcot scores one

    1. mehn!….. A man can dream…. But there are some dreams that just needs one taking anti-malariaL drugs in the aftermath

      1. Thought he was going to Madrid? Heard he was learning Spanish. This is probably the real reason Bayern have lost interest… Would love him, dont see it happening unfortunately.

      1. The Telegraph are usually bang on. This ‘report’ was not from The Telegraph. It was quoted from German paper Bild. They are the German DailyMail.

  2. Reus? really?! This seems like a pipe dream.
    In the Summer clubs will be clambering for him and we know we cant compete financially with the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man City.

    On Schneiderlin, yes I hope this is being worked on for the Summer.
    I hope that Koeman has accepted the player wants to try another club and will allow him to move on once he’s done his bit to help them in their CL spot fight.

    Anyway as @Ayzay said let’s focus on the game at the weekend.
    A game that everyone is saying we should win comfortably as Villa have struggled for away goals. I hope this is the case but we have Ox, Welbeck and Sanchez out and with their new signing Carlos Gill they seem to have hit a resurgence. Also with Benteke, Weiman and Delph on the pitch anything can happen on any given day.
    3-1 to Arsenal, COYG!

    1. Why so negative? Sure we have no chance in getting rues but city and Chelsea? Really? We couldn’t in the past compete with them due to our own wage cap but now arsenal and united can compete and beat them.

      As for villa, yeah they have great players. They have had them very same players while losing all season. Why so negative? Arsenal have plenty enough quality to replace any quality lost through injury.

  3. Reus to Arsenal..?? What are you smoking there mate..??
    Well a year back we all would have said yes.. but not anymore.. We r already loaded on the attacking front..

  4. Schneiderlin in the summer please. We can forget about Reus he’s out of our reach. When the likes of Real/Bayern/Man city comes knocking, we usually get blown out of the water. Sad but true.

    1. We already had our chance on Reus, injury ko’d a great Arsenal player in the making, pity. We got Sanchez though and how many teams would want our Chilean special talent, even che could do with a bit of Sanchez from time to time and i wouldnt swap him for Hazard. Back to Reus – Wonder how many would prefer Bale to Reus, surely not enough room for Bale Ronaldo Neymar Rodriguez and Reus, personally id sell Neymar if the decision were mine as ive felt him overrated.

      1. Got mixed up there Neymar is barca of course, but id still expect madrid to sell someone off. Sorry bout that, still got a hang over.

  5. Got Real Madrid written all over him. Brilliant player, but a waste of breath at this stage because even if we were in the running for his signature it wouldn’t be until the summer. And there’s plenty more important things to worry about between then and now.

    Looks like business in this window is done which is a shame, a lot of “impact talent” (poldi, sanogo, JC) left without any replacement. Thought we might see a loan or something come in just to give us that boost. Hopefully we don’t reach a point where we’re wishing for some Poldi magic off the bench etc.

  6. Reus 40 mill and injury prone?
    Ozil 42 mill on the bench half
    last season and half this season.
    Schneiderlin is not worth 30 mill.
    Give them 10 mill and send Chamberlain back.
    I think DM needs intelligence patience and discipline.
    I would like to try Ramsey and Chambers first.

    1. I don’t think Ramsey is a disciplined player. All this season we’ve criticised his getting forward too much in search of goals. Even against City he was the one that was stepping out of position when they tried luring us out at the start of the second half.

      Chambers on the other hand, I think he could be a very good defensive midfielder, though he’s need time to adapt of course.

      As for sending Chamberlain back, why? He’s looked very impressive so far this season. Don’t forget he’s still young at 22. He just needs to add goals to his game really.

    2. again davidz with a comment that gets thumbs down… how abt u just zip it as your not the manager and everything you say sounds like something coming out a bulls as$…

  7. Oh how I’d love to see Reus in an Arsenal shirt.. But we have our priorities: a defensive midfielder is more important. We don’t really need a new winger – we have too many as it is, that’s why Podolski and Campbell have been loaned out.

  8. To go into the squad now – Schneiderlin. The better signing – signing world class will always help you reach the highest level and there arent many players considered better than Reus whereas with Schneiderlin im certain there are a fair number of available players who could do a similar job,.

    The only chance of Reus becoming a Gunner is if he joins the Military.

  9. Not going to happen Wenger is finished in this transfer window. So we got a kid and a Brazilian
    defender. Do you remember the last Brazilian defender Wenger bought Santos that did not work out at all. So overall nothing New from Wenger again the usual rumors about ARSENAL interest in TOP TOP Class Player that never happen. WENGER OUT.

  10. I agree that Wenger won’t get Reus

    I disagree that we have no room for him
    1. Every year we are plagued with injuries
    2. Reus can play on both wings. He can play CAM and even striker
    3.With Podolski on loan (probably sold in summer), Campbell on loan, Sanogo on loan, Reus will still be needed.
    4. Competition for other players.
    5. He is World Class and is better than nothing if Wenger doesn’t want to get a WC striker (who we Def need).

  11. We need Schneiderlin or similar DM, but How do we compete for CL and PL without a TOP Striker

    Look at these players who are at Top teams capable of winning CL

    Benzema (he is better than Giroud/Welbeck)

  12. I’d love to see Marco Reus in an Arsenal shirt, a proven world class player that is versatile. Could play any attacking role even up front. He would be a great addition, however, it’s unlikely we’ll get him. Morgan Schneiderlin is a must buy, and we certainly need another fullback and goalkeeper. That can be left to the summer. COYG!

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