Arsenal now favourites to secure hotshot Chelsea striker

Arsenal closing in on Tammy Abraham 

Arsenal have reportedly positioned themselves as the frontrunners for the signature of Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham. 

As reported by The Sun, the deal is accelerating between the two parties. Arsenal want a one-year loan with an obligation to buy and the Blues are ready to meet their demands. 

Several Premier League clubs have shown strong interest in the 23-year-old such as Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United. Even Leicester City throwed admiring glances before chasing RB Salzburg striker Patson Daka.  

After failing to impress new boss Thomas Tuchel, the Champions League winners are willing to let Abraham join Arsenal. However, a fee of £40million is proving to be a sticking for many.  

With Alexander Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah looking likely to make a move away from the Emirates Stadium this summer, Mikel Arteta is in need of a fresh piece.  

Although Gabriel Martinelli and highly rated Folarin Balogun can fill the spot, both are believed to be not ready for the step-up this season. While Martinelli will be given plenty of chances on the wing, Arteta seems to be a bit cautious on fielding Balogun, who has only made six appearances for the first team.  

I come in the small minority of Arsenal fans who want to see Abraham at North London.  

The Englishman is a more rounded player than Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette, due to the fact that he can do a bit of what the duo provides to the team.  

It is also worth considering that he scored 48 goals in 78 Championship appearances before turning 21. The Englishman was also the top scorer for Chelsea with 18 in the 2019/20 season. 

Although I agree that the fee is a bit expensive, (25m sounds about perfect) just imagine if someone had told you about a 23yo striker with six appearances in the national team. Has scored 48 goals in the Championship and has also proved in the Premier League when given the chances. 

Maybe Arsenal fans’ opinion are blurred after they signed Petr Cech, David Luiz and Willian. But Abraham does not belong to that camp. He is not reaching the twilight stage of his career. He is still only 23 with bags of potential. 

Yash Bisht 

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    1. He should replace auba. Auba is too costly and if he makes the same statistical year as last one it would be so bad. We can’t expect that from him. From one of the highest earners in the prem. I would give his minutes to balogun and Martinelli as we are in rebuilding mode.

  1. What exactly does Tammy offer that is special, Aerial threat ? How many headers has He scored?

    For me, an easy pass. Not interested in another static striker.

    1. You are right but this guy offer other things. He is young. Can improve. Would help build a new English core that can progress together with Saka, esr, white… This was a strong reason i think in Wenger failure to replicate his early success. He was never able to really count on local grown guys like the Adams, known, wright he inherited… Abraham was an arsenal fan. Lot of things that we can’t have from Auba that seems now to just pile the huge money we give him. I might be wrong and next months will tell for Auba. But Abraham would be a good signing. I am just concerned we would have to pay 40m while in the meantime Leicester sign patson Daka for 23 (and probably smaller wages)

  2. wish we could swap Lacazette with him, as it seems we are not happy with what we have cos we are not giving him a new deal and Chelsea are not happy with what they have. i believe if Abraham goes, Chelsea will be out to buy a new striker so we can get Laca wages off our books.

  3. Assuming Laca and Nketiah are offloaded, this would be an excellent signing. 40m is a bit steep but sales of the former two should cover his fee.

  4. Backwards move, another overrated Chelsea player. Totally inconsistent and it’s obvious why Tuchel does not play him. £40,000,000….insanity. Edu would be as irresponsible as Raul Sanllehí. How low can we go? Just not good enough.

  5. I don’t understand this transfer. What happens to Martinelli and Balogun?

    I’m pretty tired of Arsenal not giving some youngsters are chance and repeatedly giving others who keep failing more chances, and now we want to buy Tammy Abraham whos clearly going to stunt Martinelli and Balogun’s progress.

    This doesn’t make sense, unless we’ve actually given Martinelli and Balogun as many chances as Nketiah has had then we could consider Tammy.

    This transfer just smells of more Arsenal transfer mismanagement where we’ll pay for it in future with a bloated squad and wage bill. We need to stop making decisions from emotions and use logic.

    Logically speaking Martinelli and Balogun need game time in order for us to truly gauge whether a Tammy Abraham is needed, if we can’t give them a chance then why sign them to long term contracts, and what’s the point of loaning them out when their spot will be already taken by Tammy if we buy him?

    1. Although if he’s a loan to buy I don’t see a problem with trying him out, I totally see your point re GM and Balogun. Unless Auba and Laca leave.

    2. I understand your point but Abraham is young. Who is hampering balogun and martinelli minutes ?! Auba and laca. Though one of them would be ok to have for the experience (and for that laca is the best as he showed really positive signs of that with youngsters) we don’t need both at all… At some point if we are in rebuild mode, we are in rebuild mode.

      1. That doesn’t make sense, if you buy another young player when you already have 2 waiting will make a bad situation.

        I’d rather we stick with Laca and Auba while Martinelli and Balogun are groomed for the position and we make a decision after they get their chances, and THEN we can look at other options like Tammy etc.

        You can’t just buy players out of an emotional response thinking Martinelli and Balogun aren’t good enough when they haven’t gotten a decent chance. Because there’s more of a chance Tammy comes in and is just average and now we need to stick with him and stunt GM’s and Balogun’s progress.

  6. I am worried about the kind of decisions Arteta and Edu make. Willian did not deserve the 3 year contract we gave him.
    We should stop signing players simply because they are available. We should rather sign players we need.
    imo, 2 players are needed in attack.
    1. Aouar(25m pounds)
    2. Raheem Sterling(60m pounds)

    1. You can only sign players that ARE available though Skills! And that we can afford (Abraham is loan to buy). And who want to come here. With respect Abraham is a lot younger than Willian or Luiz or Cech, and has a future rather than a past. And as a gooner fan we will at least get a fully committed player.

  7. 40m no please… I’d rather take Dominic Calvert Lewin from Everton, everything about this deal is infuriating…
    Daka slipped, Isak interest not registered early enough. DLC offers aerial threat, eye for goal, young and fairly consistent.
    BIG NO, I pray it doesn’t work out

  8. I’m coming round on this one. If as reported it’s a season loan with an obligation to buy IF he plays a minimum number of games, what do we have to lose? He has a lot of attributes and lots of scope to improve, so we could get a diamond. True he’s been a nearly man until now but who knows when it can click into place. At least he tries and never hides. Sorry saying Teuchel prefers Werner is not a good enough reason to turn him down. And he’s young and English.

  9. This would be a very strange move, we don’t need another striker. Balogun? Martinelli? Can’t forget about John-Jules who’s next in line, or even Nketiah who Arteta doesn’t seem to wanna let go off. All these youngsters in addition to Laca and Auba. Why go for another Chelsea cast-off?
    The only reason why I can see this coming off is because like Saliba, Arteta doesn’t fancy Martinelli and Balogun and he knows fans are gonna put him under immense pressure to play them. You want Saliba? I’ll replace him with an expensive English cb that I’ll absolutely have to play. You want Martinelli and Balogun? I’ll replace them with an expensive English striker that I’ll absolutely have to play.
    I can’t wait to see the back off these clowns honestly

    1. Your theory is interesting… Maybe you are right. Artetaa seems to show some concerning stubbornness. To not try saliba or to keep trying an underachieving William for example last year… while giving almost zero minute to balogun (except few minutes in UEL where he scored !!!). There is positive with him. I liked at the beginning when he arrived claiming there were rules and blabla… Only to see later than rules apply only to certain people (William going to Dubai during pandemic… Not a problem)… that being said i am not against the signing of Abraham. Nketiah is probably going. But in that case I hope the club get rid of Willian and Auba (even if they will rather probably sell laca) so all the youngsters (balogun, Martinelli) who are hungry and want to win and want to progress can thrive and progress. Both are now past their prime and probably just here because they had the best deals.

  10. To suggest that he is a more rounded player than Laca, quite frankly casts doubts as to your knowledge of the game.Abraham is a wholehearted trier but not a particularly good player.

      1. Hey Ozzie, Nikolaj Moller will join German side FC Viktoria Koln on a 1 year loan deal (Chris Wheatley).
        Good luck to him!

  11. lets offer xhaka to chelsea in part exchange for tammy . if xhaka is as good as a lot of fans say he is, on here, then we will have no problem finding him a new home.its really simple,if the proposed move to italy falls through, then, do the swap with chelsea. after all, in some peoples eyes he is world class.

    1. In the right league he IS world class – he would be superb in Italy as the pace is slower and you get time on the ball. In England he would never flourish – hence why many of us rate him highly yet know we will never see the best of him here.
      From the way you talk about Xhaka I gather you were not impressed with him in the Euros for Switzerland?

  12. Very surprising to read that Chelsea would loan or sell us a player like TA they obviously don’t see us as direct competition.

    1. Of course we are no more competition for them… Sad to say when I remember the Chelsea of the early 2000 before Abramovitch that were a way smaller club than us. They had money for sure but they also got a very good English spine with lampard and terry plus Drogba while Wenger got rid little by little of the invincibles without really replacing the crucial leadership needed, pretexting a need of money for the stadium. I don’t say Wenger was the problem but while he maintained us in the top4 he was unable to make us competing again seriously for a title during 10 years.

  13. Poor of arsenal always considering players who fall shot of expectations at their parents clubs because of economics. From Benayun,Welbeck, Petr Check ,Luiz,Willian and now the list is about to continue with Tabby. Tabby having idolized Titi will be of no added value knowing his inconsistent nature.Sometimes he delivers but many times he is nowhere. We would rather grow Matineli and or Bologun. How will the two feel when we add a dead wood from the blues . Dear boss much as you admire Tabby someday we shall come for your head with the plane Arteta out past the Emirates on a workday when the club is loosing a game to a bottom table team and that Tabby will be in the lineup with no results. My dear club kindly consider the two (Borogun or Matineli) or possibly buy from elsewhere. I feel so frustrated by our way of doing business. While I will still respect the clubs final decision please remember choices have consequences and a double digit number in the table should not make us worry as we had the time to remember our history of doing business but rather than changing we ended doing old habits which are had to change. Edu I pray you read this

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