Arsenal now has the second most valuable squad in the world

Arsenal now has the second most valuable squad in the world following their surge to becoming the second-best Premier League club over the last two seasons.

Mikel Arteta’s side has competed for the title in back-to-back seasons, and this is clearly helped by the improving performance of their players.

The Gunners have also made some impressive signings who have all performed well since moving to the Emirates.

This makes Arsenal one of the strongest teams on the continent, and the value of most of their players has significantly improved.

Football Benchmark has now released its latest list of the most valuable football squads in the world, with Manchester City topping the standings with a squad valued at 1.3 billion euros.

Arsenal is second in the standings, with their squad now valued at 1.184 billion euros, which is more than Real Madrid’s.

The Spaniards have the third most valuable squad at 1.130 billion euros, with Bayern Munich completing the top four with a value of 1 billion euros.

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As we continue to make progress, our players’ value will continue to increase and this ranking around the top of the most valuable clubs will become a norm.

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  1. Saved, if Arsenal wins the Premier League title this season on Sunday. Will the €1.184 billion of the 2nd most value squad price tag in the world of Arsenal. Above the serial title winners Real Madrid ranked 3rd on €1,130 billion squad value behind Arsenal. Will I be convinced the ranking is justifiable and convincing.
    So, prayerfully and hopefully. Arsenal will win the Epl title at the very end of this season’s campaign on Sunday.
    To thereby justify us Arsenal being ranked by the Football Benchmark as 2nd in the world with the most value players squad.

  2. The number one on that list will soon be hunted down by FFP. There must be 115 ways to leave your lover…

    1. Well said 👏 Hope FA are not corrupted and take bribes so citys punishment is light. That’s my only concern.

  3. It is indeed so impressive and appreciative that Arsenal are ahead of both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, both European giants, in terms of value of the team. Really, arteta and the men have done a great job.

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