Arsenal now have an incredible set of midfielders to choose from every week

After eight league games, we, the great Gunners, have the same points (20) as our NLD rivals Tottenham, though Spurs top the league standings thanks to a superior goal difference. Being able to lead the title race and be ahead of Manchester City is largely owing to our ability to control and win games thanks to an efficient engine room.

This season, our midfield is stacked with great talent and stands head and shoulders above all of our rivals. We are in good form right now, having defeated Manchester City for the first time in the Premier League after 12 league games.

Mikel Arteta, our tactical genius, has been able to collect some of the best players and secure the best performances from them. This season, we have not lost a league game, winning six and drawing two.

What do our different midfielders bring to the table?

Martin Odegaard

Our Norwegian captain is no doubt one of the league’s best creative midfielders. He is quick, competent, and a diligent worker who contributes elegance and eloquence to the squad. His services to the Arsenal squad are unparalleled; he has been instrumental in our strong start to the league this season.

Declan Rice

The ex-West Ham player has been fantastic for us. He has proven that the £105 million we paid for him this summer was well spent. The player has performed admirably. His tackles, passes, and creative play make him one of the league’s greatest defensive midfielders.

Thomas Partey

Since September, we’ve been missing the Ghanaian international’s services. He has been out injured for some time this season, but it does not diminish his talent. In his first game back from injury (albeit on a cameo appearance), he controlled the midfield and demonstrated his talent with a fantastic long pass that led to Arsenal’s goal against Manchester City.

Fabio Vieira

This season, the ex-Porto player was instrumental in our victories over Manchester City in the Community Shield and Manchester United in the league. His ingenuity as a super sub helps redefine play in the middle of the park. He’s also started to demonstrate his class when he’s on the field.

Kai Havertz

The German has started to settle in at the club, scoring against Bournemouth and assisting Martinelli against Manchester City. Despite his sluggish start at the Emirates, Havertz’s talent is apparent. We have yet to see his best, but there is hope that he will discover his magic.


With Thomas Partey’s injury, we saw Jorginho in all his glory against Man City, and he proved to be a more than capable backup. In fact he probably needs to play more in the future to give us even more options going forward.

How does that incredible choice of midfielders look to you?

Sam P


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  1. What about Smith-Rowe. They say he needs more game time to prove himself, but how can he just sitting on the bench.

    1. How does ESR get in Arsenal’s team now? He has reasonable pace and probably has better shooting than some of the other MF we have but there are many aspects of his game that he will need to improve to get a regular spot.

      1. I don’t think gets back into the team other than domestic cup games. I won’t be surprised if he leaves in January, it’s difficult to see a path for him other than if there are significant injuries. Big fan of him but it’s looking tougher.

          1. And exactly what proof is there, that ESR just isn’t deemed to be good enough for a starting position?
            The slander on JA really is nothing but the usual anti Arteta inventions.

            1. Surely the proof is that MA isn’t selecting him Anders?
              I don’t agree that he “has fallen out with Arteta” but the proof that MA doesn’t rate him, is in his non selection?
              Nothing slanderous about stating the obvious.

              1. My comment was to Ozziegunner, who claims “ESR is another example of falling out with Arteta…”:
                I understand this to be a claim that his non-selection is based on something else than pure footballing reasons.
                Maybe, I have misunderstood???

            2. AndersS, Arteta despite having ESR (who 2 seasons ago was Arsenal’s top scorer in the squad), paid £65 million for Kai Havertz from Chelsea, despite Havertz coming off two poor underwhelming seasons at his first EPL club.
              Another example was the purchase of Willian from Chelsea, who Arteta played in front of both Martinelli and Pepe. Please tell me what Willian contributed compared to either of those two Arsenal players?

              1. But that in no proof at all. It is pure speculation.
                Just because you, and some others, think you know which players should be picked, and they aren’t, it doesn’t mean your would be choices are left out for other than footballing reasons.
                As for ESR versus Havertz, I believe ESR may have more to offer going forward, but Havertz has more to offer allround. Surely, it is a footballing decision.
                As for Willian. He was bought and played without any success. But isn’t that an honest mistake? Tell me, which manager hasn’t made mistakes in buying players and team selections?
                I respect different opinions on what fans and manager sees as best. But it is pure rubbish to claim a manager has another agenda, than what is best for the team, when he doesn’t select the players oneself thinks should be playing.

                1. AndersS, I haven’t talked about Arteta having another “addenda”, but that he obviously treats different players to differing standards. That is his right as the manager; his career at Arsenal will depend on what he delivers given the amount of financial support and backing he has received from the owners and Board.
                  What any of us think, doesn’t matter “a rat’s arse”. Really we all waste our time on here, making comments that allow us an outlet, but count for nought.

                  1. Again, “he obviously treats players to different standards”, is simply just a postulation without any proof.
                    The fact, that he currently chooses Havertz before ESR doesn’t mean there are different standards for ESR than for Havertz. It means, Arteta thinks the team is better with Havertz in it, than with ESR. Some may think differently, and that is fair enough. But why claim Arteta is using different standards, just because you disagree with his selection?

                    1. AndersS, just one metric, how many goal contributions (goals and assists) do you believe Havertz has in him (based on his performances at Chelsea and here) compared to ESR, who two seasons ago was Arsenal’s top scorer?
                      Arsenal needs goals from throughout the team, given that it does not have prolific forwards. ESR’s goals would be a major contributor.

    2. The young guy just need more game time to proof his credentials. I like, and admire him.
      David(Shaya)…”Diehard Gunner”

  2. Don’t forget about our inverted-fullbacks who play DM when we have the ball. We wouldn’t dominate the games without Zinchenko’s playmaking ability

    1. Considering Jorginho has not been playing regularly he did ok against a high quality side like MCity. I guess he would have dominated other teams.
      Arsenal are a real deal this season baring any injury.

      1. Jorginho’s ball control and playmaking abilities are also excellent. Unfortunately, he made a blunder in NLD, but he redeemed himself when we played against Man City

  3. After Partey and Rice we are light in midfield, we need another powerful midfielder to complete the jig saw.

    Smith Rowe needs to be thrown in before he starts gather ring rust

  4. Arsenal need no midfielder except they want to sell. The boys are good.
    Just need to win 4 straight games then believe me, the blend and confidence will be unrivalled.
    Just feel so bad for ESR, I wonder how long his patience will last.
    That midfield is so occupied now

  5. I said it at the beginning of the season that Ivan toney is the remaining piece we need to achieve a lot this season. Jesus miss against Spurs was criminal and might be a talking point in the future. Jesus is a tireless worker on and off the ball but he lacks the cold bloodedness of Denise berkamp and Henry to thrive as a CF. Toney will do it with the plethora of midfielders we have to give him colossal services

  6. It was great to see Partey and Rice together, a great combination for some games. I still think Odegaard has too many games where he is below average, that’s the difference between a good player and a great player, consistency. He still has time to mature, but he needs to do so.

    1. Odegard will keep getting better, I’d say saka is the most consistent player in our team, we ran him to the ground towards the end of last season. But it’s my hope that Arteta rotates the team more to avoid such scenarios .

  7. We still have Elneny and Smith Rowe. One player I will like to see play for us soonest is Charlie Patino. He’s such a talent. I wish he would improve physically and get the ground running. I envision him as the perfect replacement to the Xhaka’s role. We have other players on loan like Lokonga and Matt Smith

  8. Good options, party and Rice in midfield is the way to being champions, injuries notwithstanding. I really could wish to see how it bans out in a few games of them playing together.

  9. Granit who? Yes, we have a very good midfield but don’t get ahead of yourself. Viera and Harvetz are likely to let you down at a certain point while Jorghinio is static and will only thrive when the team is not under pressure. As for Elneny and, come on. Let’s get real.

  10. Jorginho was superb against City. Lacking pace, physic and dynamics, his brain was in control of the match. He ran and defended like an old school pro. Never seen him so tired when he was subbed for Partey.

  11. I blame Arteta for whatever Smith Rowe is going through now. How can one improve without a game time? He can do better than some players ahead of him if given equal opportunities. I laugh each time I remember his situation. This is a player that was compared to Paul Gascoigne before his injury. Arteta please, let him go if you don’t want him. The young talent is waisting.

  12. I would prefer to play Havertz upfront as a false no.9, he has got good hold up play. In the midfield, ESR is better than Havertz. A combination of Partey as no.6 and Odegaard and Rice as the other 2 midfielders is our best midfield. I hope we do not do the mistake of selling Partey, the man is irreplaceable for Arsenal.

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