Arsenal now have everyone back in training

The final Euro stars return to training!

Arsenal players who featured in the latter rounds of the European Championships in France this summer were granted extended holiday periods in order to ensure they would return fully fit and well rested over the summer period. These players included Ozil, Giroud and Koscielny, as well as Aaron Ramsey, who despite playing in the semi finals of the competition, returned to training early.

Ozil, Koscielny and Giroud however are all now back in light training ahead of the new season and its a breath of fresh air to know that they are back as options should we need to call upon them. Having only returned to the pitch yesterday, of course they are nowhere near match fit and so will not feature in the opening fixture against Liverpool. However they may need to quick step up their game in training in order to ensure they are fit and ready for Arsenal second game against reigning premier league champions Leicester City. Arsenal are currently running on thin ice in both defence and attack at the moment, with no recognised quality striker and in defence, we only have two recognised first team centre backs.
It is therefore vital that Giroud and Koscielny especially train hard this week to make sure they are fit enough to play some part of the match next weekend, even if it is from an impacting substitute role.

It’s good to know that we have all our stars (besides those injured) back in first team training, as it means that Arsenal are now ready to kick off the season, hopefully starting with a win. The Liverpool opposition will not come easy and so Arsenal will have to work hard with the weakened side, especially in defence. Let’s hope that seeing Ozil and co’s return to training will give the boys a big boost in grabbing all three points from their opening fixture.



  1. It’s not as if Wenger didn’t give the likes of Ozil, days off, here and there, when needed, last season.
    Infact a few players were made to skip normal training, in an attempt to keep them injury free lol

    My point being… Was it really necessary for Ozil and Co to have that extra break off?
    How bizarre when Sanchez has been busting his balls non-stop for the past two seasons! And His only break in that time was because of a hamstring injury.

    1. YES, Fatty they were needed extra off. Did you ever heard “metal fatigues” caused plane crashed? That’s a solid steel part of plane bro. How about human flesh and its muscles? We don’t want any “crack” happen to those key players do we?
      You must late for daily medication as usual dude, hahaha…

    1. I can guess how “real” and “credible” the transfer news from THE ARSENAL HORSE are, LOL.
      It’s a flat line. As dead as a zombie, just like the real world one.

  2. if only giroud could have one hell of a season. maybe wenger should try ‘442, playing giroud and sanchez upfront. it would ease the goal scoring burden on giroud

    1. Now would be a good time to try it, we have good CMs to do so. And with Ozil out it makes it easier to try.

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