Arsenal now hot favourites for Odegaard signing

Well it now seems very certain that Mikel Arteta is going to get his Number One summer target after all. Martin Odegaard only came to us on loan in January, but he obviously impressed Arteta so much that he made it very clear that he wanted the Norwegian back at the Emirates for the new campaign.

In fact Arteta told “Well we have a very clear and strong opinion on what we would like to do. He’s not our player. We’ll have discussions in the next few weeks, but first of all we need to respect that he’s a Real Madrid player. We’ll have those communications. We’ve tried to make everything that we could to get Martin performing for the team, which I think he’s done, and he has adapted really well to our way of playing and to our football club.”

But ten weeks later, after it looked like Carlo Ancelotti intended to keep the youngster at Real Madrid, the Italian coach has now failed to register Odegaard in his matchday squad and has basically told him that he needs to leave: “The situation with Odegaard is like with Vallejo, it’s down to where we are right now, we can’t register all of them,” Ancelotti told Marca.

“Tomorrow [Saturday] that could change. We have until September 2 to make the final decision. I’ve told Odegaard that there are eight players in his position, but it’s not final. I had to choose.”

Having checked all the bookies, I have found only two offering odds on Odegaard coming back to Arsenal, and both make him very short odds-on to return.

I am sure this will cheer Arteta up, but how will the fans feel about it?

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  1. David says:

    Another slow, sideways passing player with no goal threat and little creativity. Yep this sounds like an arteta signing. Hopefully we sign him on a huge transfer fee with massive wages that will really put the icing on the cake.

  2. gunnerforlife says:

    Dont know what to say. After the disastrous Brenford game, we seem to be lacking in everything everywhere including our manager.

    1. Eniola says:

      Very very same I swear what’s all this ..brenford haaaa

  3. Dan kit says:

    1/6 on ..on sky bet
    Imagine watching him play here last season and then thinking it will be a great idea to bidup to 40 million for him .
    The worry we have is Arteta signs all these players then gets sacked we are then stuck once again with players that a new manager won’t probably rate ,a vicious circle .

    1. GunneRay says:

      Saying that though Dan, MA is the biggest problem. Odegaard (like most at Arsenal) would most likely be a better player under a better manager!?

    2. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      people don’t seem to get this fact DK…this is why I was so vehement about getting rid of Arteta before the summer window…he had his chance and chose a retool over a rebuild, so the whole “process” gig was just a desperate ploy to extend his stay…problem is, if you back him, as it seems they have with talk of others incoming and bids being made, and he makes more poor decisions, this place will be a bloody mess, with no more funds to spend for the foreseeable future…naturally this will have a domino effect when it comes to asset management and recruitment, especially considering how Arteta has either sold or ostracized several of our more youthful prospects, which will likely require us to, once again, sell your best and brightest within a few years time

  4. Palmer17 says:

    We spent 50m on white and yet for about 5m more we could’ve signed the players Leicester have and covered 3 positions we badly needed sorting

  5. Blackszykowsky #003 says:

    Zidane please come to the rescue fo this once great club. #artetaout #eduout #kroenkeout… We just need our arsenal bck

  6. Blackszykowsky #003 says:

    Please anyone who has an idea of where kroenke lives can direct me becoz I’m tired of what he’s done for our club

  7. siamois says:

    OT:can someone explain to me how on earth LT was allowed to post a picture of himself his wife and kids in a theme park in Madrid on Instagram on Friday?what is he doing in Madrid?

    1. arie82 says:

      he had bonus holiday for his action in copa america with uruguay nt.
      why he got that?
      arteta seem just give up and dont care about him.

    2. Sue says:

      Dan Critchlow posted this- Uruguay are on the red list for the UK, he had to travel via another country to avoid being stuck quarantining in a hotel for 10 days. So he’s in Madrid, where he can train until he’s free to travel to England…

      1. siamois says:


    3. RSH says:

      who cares. get rid of him ASAP. i saw him post that while we were playing the game. disrespectful nonsense yet again. another player we shuldve never signed, is probably overpaid and doesnt want to be here.

  8. BUNDUBOYS says:

    As good as Odegaard is, I feel we need a complete player. There are too many up and coming players at Arsenal we need a player in their prime.

  9. PJ-SA says:

    No creative midfielder will do well in under MA’s tactics let’s be honest.

    Ode is a good player, but definitely won’t look good for us or be effective at all. Don’t blame him at all.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Kroenke has given too much trust and too much money to spend to an experiment (inexperienced manager) who is probably going to get the sack

    This is a problem for our next manager because he will inherit these expensive players that he can’t get rid of and have fewer funds to get more players

    £50 million for a defender wasn’t necessary considering we had a good defense last season

    In terms of £40 million for this midfielder who is neither that creative enough nor threat on goal

    £90 million could have been spent on a creative midfielder and goal scorer

  11. Alex Maj says:

    This Martin Odegaard is just not good enough for that kind of money. The problem is Arteta, who might not last in this job anyway.

  12. RSH says:

    have to ask why even make more big signings? Arteta is a dead man walking and it’s going to be that way for months. any big moves will become the next managers problem. i doubt the next manager will want odegaard around if they have any sense because we are the only club that rates him highly and would pay this amount for him.

    1. Kev82 says:

      Because the club have to save face and make it look like they knew what they were doing in appointing peps cone collector so they will keep backing Arteta in the transfer windows rather than just admit they appointed Morecambe and Wise aka Arteta/Edu.

  13. Martin says:

    MA is a one eye coach, this will be another mistake by the eye and Edu. I have seen the guy last season. He is good with the ball at his feet, but he slow the pace of the game. He is absolutely not physical enough for this league. What I notice when he dribbles that he miss good opportunities in front of him. A good average player will settle nicely in our middle-table team. Now unless for you the one or from the school of blindness you wouldn’t see this little things that is going to make a big difference. Just like with Mari, what did the one eye saw in him, because I could see in his first game that he does have pace. The blindness school said he bring calmness to the back line, it was so calm last night that the rookies from Brentfort just slide past the back line. The 50 mil Ben looks more like a 22 mil signing, he is not tall enough for a back 2, one of this day we will have to use him in a back 3 like most mid-table teams. Please the one eye is not the guy to turn us around, he is taking us down.

    1. Wayne says:

      Both Arteta and Edu should be sacked, not just Arteta. Because if Edu stays, it is still going to be a problem for the new coach. Edu is incompetent and lacks the negotiation skills to get deals done swiftly . Also,he has conflict of interest issues.

  14. Makama says:

    With Arteta as Head Coach, Arsenal is a potential Championship club

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