Arsenal now playing with hope rather than belief

You could see it on the faces of the Arsenal players like Olivier Giroud, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez last night in the home game against our perennial pains in the neck Swansea City, as chance after chance went begging and the passes started to go astray as well.

At first it was frustration and then exasperation, disbelief and finally despair and resignation that absolutely sod all is going right for the Gunners at the moment. To be fair to the players, this has been going on for some time now, starting with the game again st Liverpool at Anfield when we scored three goals but conceded a last minute equaliser.

That was the last game in which Ramsey or Giroud scored and despite creating plenty of chances and dominating most of the games since, the results have just refused to go our way. After the poor performance and defeat to Man United at Old Trafford, we needed a response and for a while it looked like we would get it.

But once again things went against us and that undeserved Swansea equaliser just sapped any growing belief from the Arsenal team. After that it seemed as though we played with hope but no belief. Speculative long balls and passes did not come off and even the great Ozil’s radar went off kilter.

I firmly believe that Arsenal’s belief would have grown and we would have gone on to add to Campbell’s excellent opener if the referee had blown for that foul on Ozil in the build up to Routledge’s goal. Instead it was the visitors that gained belief while we were quickly losing it.

The problem is, though, identifying the problem does not solve it, so how can Arsene Wenger instill belief and morale in the players when everything keeps knocking it out of them? A good win would probably do it, but if we are playing more in hope than expectation, how is that confidence boosting win going to come?

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  1. Wenger ‘ s decision to take off joel Campbell just about summed up how our season, has been with his delusional tactics!

  2. Personally I think it’s amazing that a manager that coached the likes of Sol Campbell, Bergkamp, Henry, Adams etc believesthat it’s only technical ability that wins championships. With the exception of Campbell, Cech and Coquelin there wasn’t a single player out there that took any responsibility for the match which is a damning indictment considering we’re playing for the title and our biggest competition are Leicester and Spurs. If you can’t be motivated to beat Spurs to a title I don’t know what will motivate you.

    A perfect example of this was Giroud’s miss. Now Giroud going missing isnt a big deal, the REAL issue was Mertesacker’s head back. Mertesacker was about 5 yards out, onside and the tallest man on the pitch, it was easier for him to score than miss but he gave up the chance, he pushed the responsibility on someone else and THAT sums up Arsenal.

    You’d never see Terry or Ivanovic or Kompany pass up that chance. When the going gets tough they put the team on their back and lead. That’s the biggest difference between a team like Chelsea going for the title and us. For years it was always “Russian oil money” or “Arab oil money”, but the fact of the matter is we always shirk responsibility when it gets tough.

    Arsenal have some of the most technically brilliant footballers in the EPL, but the biggest trait we need wedon’t have, we’re not winners.

    1. This Arsenal team is a winner dude. Back to back FA Cup was the example. They have the mentality within. Arsene’s shovel is not sharp enough to dig it more.

    1. You can’t use that as an excuse for our lame performances!
      Cazorla wasn’t exactly scoring any goals… Was he?
      And scoring goals is our main problem right now!

    2. It has a point. Cazorla is our second brain beside Ozil. His attacking vision with Ozil, and his defensive role with Coquelin keep the team in balance and also made more options in attack. Rambo couldn’t get and combine this two things as good as him. He should be quicker in turn over ball and should be more discipline when defend.

  3. When one of our star players ( Sanchez ) Comes out and says that the team has no self belief or hunger to win the premier league then there’s no point in us fan’s killing ourselves with stress and anxiety about winning this trophy!

    Most fans are anticipating that we can still close the gap between us and Leicester but whilst they are looking at the two teams above us, they are obviously ignoring the pack bunching up behind us!

    If things weren’t bad enough already, it’s about to get worse what with Cech and Koscielny missing!
    As much as I want to delude myself about us winning the premier league, the small matter of our recent results and previous history slaps me back into reality!

    It’s going to be a painful day on Saturday and we need to accept that our team is only used to battling for Champions league qualification and not for Premier league titles!
    And that battle for 4th is about to hot up in the coming weeks!

    1. However, WE CAN NOT SURRENDER now. Collect all three points from all remain fixtures and see what happened at the end. Normally, 81 points won’t win you title, but this is the craziest EPL season ever, so anything could still be happen. The whole team are bunches of useless men if they don’t realize it. Sanchez himself has problem on his own. So DIG IT and FIX IT gunners!

  4. Former Arsenal forward Kanu has urged the current players to step up their game and start winning again.

    @Arsenal What is going on with arsenal and can someone tell me?come on boys is time to show character and believe,start winning we Kan do it

    — Kanu Nwankwo (@papilokanu) March 3, 2016

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