Arsenal now reportedly have more chance to tempt Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham To Arsenal: Why Not?

In terms of their midfield, Arsenal has some unfinished business. Arsenal are hungry for another great midfielder to join Arteta’s project and are willing to drain their wallets to do so, as evidenced by their constant pursuit of Moises Caicedo.

Caicedo’s agreement fell through because Brighton were unwilling to accept Arsenal’s asking price for Jorginho. However, Jorginho’s signing is viewed as a short-term option for Arsenal, who require a long-term solution for their midfield.

Declan Rice and Moises Caicedo are the top midfielders who many see as the ultimate solution to Arsenal’s midfield. But why doesn’t Arsenal take advantage of the Jude Bellingham transfer race, which is currently wide open?

Bellingham is as good as Rice or Caicedo, and he has the potential to elevate Arsenal’s midfield to world-class status. He has been linked with a move to Liverpool in recent months.

At one point, it appeared that any other PL team chasing the Dortmund midfield talent would be second best to Liverpool. Reports are now suggesting Liverpool has backed out of the contest to sign the England star.

With Liverpool out of the running, there is no Premier League team favourite to sign him, allowing Arsenal to take advantage of the scenario. And, with the possibility of Champions League football on the table, I don’t see why they can’t persuade him they’re the club for him.

Anyway, before we get our hopes up that Arsenal might persuade Bellingham to join Arteta’s project, the question is if Arsenal can afford to pay his over £100 million price tag?

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  1. “The question is if Arsenal can afford to pay his over £100 million price tag?”. NO, they can’t.

    1. Yes they can!!! Most deals are based on a finance structuring system so of course he can be brought. The question is only does the manager want him and does he want to come.

      1. No, the owners will never spend that much after the whole Pepe scenario. It’s a lesson that the Americans will never forget and will have a long lasting bad taste.

        1. GunneRay @
          We bid 97 million on Mudryk 3 months ago also a 70 million bid on Caicedo,no offence but your comment makes no sense .

        2. Pepe deal was dirty business which led to Raul being fired so i doubt it will impact future transfers. With our return to CL our revenue will jump by more than 100m and Kroenke clearly believe in Arteta as they have been backing him ever since he took the helm as a rookie, now 3 years wiser and having taken us to our 1st title fight in 15 years, you think they won’t spend the money.

  2. No not for that price. For the rumored fee we could bring in 2 quality midfielders for the CM and DM spots.

  3. Yes we can, but no we wont. People forget this is the new AFC, managed by former players who are young and prudent to make astute signings.

  4. Honestly, too expensive for us but he will fit that Xhaka role like a glove. Also can play Odegaard’s position. Plus add lavia or Caicedo, then we have a very good midfield for the next 8 – 10 years.

  5. Bellingham would be ridiculously overpriced but buy him and we are set for at least a decade for xhaka position while making a huge statement on the transfer market.

    But at this price we can buy 2 top level midfielders to cover both xhaka and partey positions. We cannot risk a season challenging both in the EPL and CL on partey fitness.

  6. Fair play to Klopp for his comments about the ridiculous £135 million price tag. His comparisons about a kid wanting a Ferrari are spot on. It’s about time owners and managers stood up to selling clubs and agents !

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