Arsenal now wants injury-prone player to leave immediately

The latest reports suggest that Arsenal is growing frustrated with Thomas Partey’s recurring injuries and is now open to the idea of the Ghanaian midfielder leaving the club. Despite being considered one of the finest players in the Gunners squad when fit, Partey’s frequent injuries have limited his playing time.

Arsenal has reportedly attempted to support Partey in overcoming his fitness issues, but it appears that his injury concerns persist. At the age of 30, there are concerns about Partey’s ability to complete an entire campaign without succumbing to injuries.

Amidst this situation, Tuttojuve claims that Juventus, among other clubs, has expressed interest in Thomas Partey. According to the report, Arsenal is now willing to offload the Ghanaian midfielder, and the club would be content to sell him to Juventus or another suitor during the January transfer window.

This suggests that Arsenal is considering parting ways with Partey, and Juve could be a potential destination for the midfielder if the transfer materialises.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Partey’s injury problem is now too much for us to bear and we have to offload him while we can.

It is hard to see him ever fully fit, so we have to take our chance and sell him if any club shows up with an offer for him in January.

We also need to start searching for a replacement for him and ensure we sign a player who has a better fitness record.

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  1. Partey’s injury record was quite good prior to joining us, kind of makes you wonder if it was only advancing age. In any case, you can’t fault the club for meeting AMadrid’s 45 million release clause at the time and given his importance to the club’s subsequent resurgence. Life (or football) is like a box of chocolates – you know the rest.

  2. That’s not surprising at all. His name will remain in the annuls of Arsenal history, long after Arteta is gone. We will never get to see the unstoppable MF of Partey, Rice and Odergaard that would certainly give us the title. Gone are those long, accurate, between the lines passes that allowed Saka, Jesus and Martinelli to go behind defences and score. I wish players could talk openly about these things.

  3. Never throw away your stick before you cross the water.
    Not sure we need rush the world class player through the door just yet, we will only slash his value.
    He could well play a hand in the title race when it matters most.

  4. Partey is one of the finest central midfielders I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt and the fact that he has become injury prone is so unfortunate for him and our Club.I have read some flippant comments recently on JA from fans who are effectively showing a lack of appreciation and respect for a player who ,in football terms will be hard to replace.A number of potential replacements have been mentioned but other than Fofana of Monaco, none of them can hold a candle to TP in my opinion.

    1. Exactly the point. The disrespect is just too much. Man city have debryne who is equally or more injury prone but they still keep him because he’s class. Jeez!!

  5. I haven’t found or read anything from the club regarding the theme of this article.
    The latest news on Partey was that he was nearly back to full fitness and, if THAT is true, why on earth would we even think about letting him leave, at least until we have the equivalent top player signed on?
    Of course, if Juve were interested and MA WAS thinking of selling him, aren’t we, reportedly, looking at one of their players?
    Now THAT would be interesting… once we have said replacement.

    1. Ken, While what you say about the club saying nothing is fair comment, it is not the clubs policy to let Gooners or the football world know in advance what is being planned.

      Seems almost certain to my mind that PARTEY has finally reached PAST the point of no return, through lack of available fitness.
      I do firmly agree with all the article says about both his quality and his lack of reliable fitness too.

      All things considered, I personally think it WISE to try to move him on and, as I say above, I think the club has ALREADY decided on that cause of action, even though unsurprisingly, its not pre announced to we “prols”!

  6. He is miraculously always fit and injury free in January each and every year in time for the Africans Cup. Like the TV series V, The mothership is waiting!

  7. Unfortunate his injury record with Arsenal. A shame such a player missed so many games. With that being said, and him on the out apparently due to injury record, does that mean Jesus is next?

  8. I know this is going to sound scandalous,but could Partey be actually older than the age he’s listed at? As an African myself,I’ve often heard whispers of some athletes from our continent and even South America whose official ages have been questioned. I still remember the tongue in cheek comment Mourinho made years ago about his then Chelsea player Samuel Eto’o :
    “I have Eto’o but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?” I also have a countryman who played over there in England. I used to watch him as a kid when he was already a grown man but somehow when he made it to the Epl,his listed official age was only two or three more than mine.It didn’t make sense.

    Anyway,it’s just speculation and conjecture on my part. That said,I believe there are many athletes out there,particularly from countries with less efficient registration systems,whose “official” ages are less than their actual biological ages. It’s unethical,but I understand why they do it. With their careers short, I can see why some would cheat regarding age – to lengthen their careers . With the poverty in our part of the world,and many people back home depending on these athletes,I can see why they would do anything to play for longer.

    1. Onyango, firstly, I’m really sorry to hear about the poverty in the area you live in – it seems obscene to me that, for example, an individual such as Musk, can have so much wealth and be comfortable with that, while around the world millions of people are in poverty.
      I hope things improve for you and your people.

      On to your point about age and I don’t understand how, by saying one is younger than he / she is, helps prolong their career, if the body stays true to it’s actual age?
      Am I missing your point?

      Like Grandad says above, Thomas Partey is one of the finest midfielders we’ve had since Patrick Vieria (not including Rice of course) and IF we could see him, Rice and Odegaard in that area, we could would be such a strong outfit.

      1. KEN, not so much prolonging their career but prolonging a contract thEy might not otherwise be offered at all, were ther true age known to the parent club.

        Look at Parteys face, which to me looks older than his given age.

        Usually I am not into conspiracy theories, but what Onyanga said in his post DOES go on OFTEN in Africa.

    2. Is ESR also faking his age? At what age did Jack Wilshere retire from football and why? You ever thought about Risicky and Van Persie? Are they all Africans too? Conspiracy theory bullshit.

  9. Ken,what Onyango is trying to say is that the athletes whose official ages belie their actual ages have a lot of downtimes(injuries) and keep playing on once they recover, thus reducing their overall efficiency(compared to if they were adopting their actual ages,especially for those who had late breakthroughs in soccer).In this type of scenario,if they state their real ages, they’ll have shorter careers.

  10. Looks like every journalist’s opinion is that a Partey replacement is needed. I argue, we do need a second, nay third option to slot into that midfield but also someone to pair Rice with. But we also need to sell more than Partey and the trouble is it is difficult to find the right price or club for some of these players; El Neny, Cedric, Jorginho,(maybe the latter yes.)

    P.S: Just Arsenal, I left some mail.

  11. To sell Partey im January would be absolutely self destructive. Imagine Rice getting a serious injury. Who would reliably replace him. Not every new recruit can just come in and fit in immediately. Most players need time to settle in whereas Partey knows the system and we are better with him.

    I say lets keep him untill end season and perharps a fresh and fit Partey can pull us over the line to a title.

    This conspiracy theory about Partey being older then what he is, i think is total nonsense. With all the technology im sure real age tests of players is one of the 1st things clubs check when medicals are done.

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