Arsenal now with just Liverpool in way of TOP January transfer?

Even though most Arsenal fans were left disappointed with the amount of transfer action completed by the club during the summer transfer window, and perhaps dismayed by the idea that Arsene Wenger is still lagging behind all of his Premier League rivals with his transfer policy, it appears that the boss did try to smash the transfer record.

From the many Arsenal transfer rumours both before and after the deadline day, it would appear that Wenger was ready to spend getting on for double the price he paid to bring Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon in order to sign the bright young France international winger Thomas Lemar from AS Monaco.

There were reports that Lemar turned down the move but these have since been refuted and it was his club that stopped the transfer happening, but it is expected that Arsenal will try again in January and the chances of us getting our man this time have had a major boost with the news from the German media that Bayern Munich have ended their interest due to the amount of money involved.

That seems to leave just Liverpool in the way and with Wenger having actually made a profit this summer will we now be able to outbid the Anfield mob and bring Lemar to north London_



  1. Remember Resource? says:

    Arsenal with arsene wenger, liverpool, stan kroenke, chips keswick, ambition, will to win, character in way from january signing. If the player is good then there is no chance arsenal can get him. As he will be snapped up by spurs, chelsea, utd, liverpool, city, everton and stoke…maybe even west ham .. They have money to spend even after buying a 200m pound stadium.

  2. Kamikaze says:

    hahah i find it funny when arsenal fans talk about transfer rumours especially given that the previous transfer window nothing concrete happened now you are already starting those stories again…are you people really normal???!!!

  3. arsenal4life says:

    Yes we need to promote
    our young local talent.
    Lemar of course grew up in London
    ten minutes walk from Emir stadium.
    We don’t buy 50 mill foreigners.
    No we prefer to promote our local talent like
    Ozil Sanchez Bellerin Kolasinac Lacazette
    Xhaka Giroud Cazorla Elneny +Mustafi
    born and raised lads from Norf London.

    1. kklin says:

      I guess you are just goofing around

      1. arsenal4life says:


  4. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I don’t see why Lemar should change club few months to World Cup. And with France where competition for spaces is rife. That is suicidal !!!!!

    1. arsenal4life says:

      If Lemar is any good it is
      likely he would go to a
      seriously competitive club.
      PSG, Man City, Man Utd ,Barcelona come to mind.

  5. jon fox says:

    I have long ago ceased worrying which players will come to or leave Arsenal. Players, though clearly of great importance, cannot by themselves make or break a club. But the manager CAN and this one DOES break our club. Our football worldwide reputation as scaredy cats , and timid boys, rather than warrior men is now well established throughout football and will linger long after Wenger goes and things change for the better. It takes time to shed a deserved reputation, outside of our own fans, and thanks entirely to Wenger this weakness tag will haunt our club for some time to come, even when the architect who caused it has left. To show my point, long after we had stopped being a hugely talented and warrior side back before 2005, people still feared us, even though we has the likes of Denilson, Senderos and Almunia and much other weak dross in our team. The only positive news is that I ,at least, now firmly believe that on the balance of probabilities , Wenger will be sacked , no later than next May/ June and quite possibly this winter. If , as I believe we will, we suffer two heavy defeats to Spurs and City shortly and fan unrest vastly increases, watch the board squirm and finally make the decision they SHOULD have made many years ago. Please God!!!

  6. jon fox says:

    I have long ago ceased caring overmuch which players come to or leave Arsenal, as no player by himself, not even Sanchez, can totally make or break a club. But managers can and do, for good or ill. And Wenger has long ago broken our club and caused our club to be widely regarded throughout the football world as timid, scaredy cats with no backbone. This deserved reputatation will not leave us either for some time, even after Wenger is gone. The reverse is also true. Long after our warrior side of pre-2006 ceased to be warriors and we had by then dross such as Senderos, Denilson, Almunia and a succession of ” dwarf ten stone dripping wet” midfielders playing, teams still feared us and most were slow to cotton on to the awful truth. Thanks entirely to Wenger and the timid players he picks and fails to motivate(or coach) we are widely derided as cowards and timid little boys. But take heart Gooners, for I, at least, now believe Wengers immediate future is seriously being discussed at boardroom level. LAST SUMMER , TWO DIRECTORS, INCLUDING JOSH KROENKE, were for sacking him – or not renewing his contract, so effectively the same thing – and if we lose heavily to Spurs and Man City shortly, as I think we will, fan unrest will explode even further, I truly believe his days here are numbered. I think he will be sacked at latest by MAY/ JUNE next year and quite possibly, around Christmas. Our evident club disarray is obvious even to the cowardly and inept Gazidis and board. Plese God I am right. FRIENDS, PLEASE PILE ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESSURE AND UNREST TO ENABLE THIS RESCUE TO HAPPEN SOONER RATHER THAN LATER, AND THUS RESCUE OUR CLUB. THEN WE CAN BEGIN THE BATTLE TO THE DEATH TO REMOVE KROENKE AND FINALLY CURE THE CANCER!!

  7. Turbo says:

    I’m hoping Lemar might still be possible. There’s still that bit of in with Wegner having a reputation as good with young talent, especially if French. And Lemar might be more likely to get regular starting time with Arsenal rather than other options and see it as chance to be a major player in a potentially serious (and at least traditionally very serious) EPL team. Yeah he could land at a “higher” team, but are they going to value him as much? He’s probably maxed out his potential at Monaco, and with the recent exodus PSG are looking pretty dominant for L1.

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