Arsenal odds on Top Four slashed after Tottenham demolition

Arsenal were able to record an impressive win on Sunday in the North London derby which resulted in the Gunners leapfrogging their bitter rivals Spurs into the Premier League’s top four. According to BestBettingSites.Online Unai Emery’s sides’ Top Four Finish odds have been shortened to 6/5: this is not surprising as that was the finest display under the new Spanish manager.

Arsenal are now unbeaten since 19 games with the 4-2 against Tottenham that is the most impressive win of the season. But how has Emery transformed Arsenal is just a few months?

How has Emery transformed Arsenal and how far they can go this season?

One of the main questions asked to Emery was how his attacking style could fare against their biggest rivals.

On Sunday lots of those questions were answered as Arsenal showed that it is possible to play that style of attacking football also against the biggest guns in the league. We did see glimpses of that in the 1-1 draw with Liverpool but against Tottenham, the performance was entirely on another level and there is a lot of optimism amongst fans.

Tottenham arrived at the Emirates Stadium on the back of a glorious win as they were able to defeat both Chelsea and Inter Milan at Wembley. Arsenal were in Ukraine on Thursday, and not many would have expected the Gunners to overcome Mauricio Pochettino’s side on energy, potency and dynamism.

It is clear that the Emirates Stadium is alive again after the last few toxic years under Arsene Wenger. The most popular chant was ‘We’ve Got Our Arsenal Back’ which might be a bit harsh on the former French manager but that does carry lots of meanings.

Unai Emery has changed Arsenal like a hurricane: simply speaking it’s like watching a different side in a different stadium. The Emirates Stadium in the last few years was more like a library in the past and Emery has been able to change things completely.

The Spaniard has insisted immediately on playing front-foot football. He is always active on the touchline and also a brave strategist as showed in the half-time break yesterday with the introduction of Lacazette and Ramsey that changed the game.

Since the start of the season, we could see proof that things were changing but surely the Gunners needed a genuine big result against a big team to confirm all the progress made: the win arrived against their fiercest rivals which was the best Emery’s and Arsenal’s fans could have ever asked.

One of the main differences compared with Wenger’s time is the midfield. Emery’s Arsenal is showing great resilience having collected an unbeaten run of 12 League games even though they were not leading at half-time in any of those encounters.

Against Spurs, they showed a great momentum that was just too much for their opponents. Arsenal are a tough team to face now, and this is for everyone, as we have seen against Liverpool for instance.

The last time that Arsenal managed to win a north London derby in the Premier League after they were trailing at half-time was 11 years ago. They have also scored more goals in the second part of the game (24) than any other teams in the Premier League.

If the Premier League matches had ended at half-time, Arsenal would be 19th in the table right now.

Can Arsenal remain in the top four?

Arsenal never challenged for the top 4  last season as they ended 12 points adrift of Liverpool. Now they have made it into the top 4, and surely there is a lot of belief in the team and the fans.

Arsenal are strong in every department, and they have shown to be able to cope with Mesut Ozil’s absence. As we saw with Leicester a couple of years ago, dreaming is not forbidden. Without going too far though, we believe that Arsenal have shown to be a proper top 4 finishing contenders.

Updated: December 3, 2018 — 2:16 pm


  1. We could see Arsenal’s chance in top four finish after the Man United game. Two tough battles have been won successfully and the Old Trafford match would be the final test

    Mourinho should be as predictable as Pochettino, but he seems to know how to beat Arsenal’s tactics very well and he has many towering players that are dominant in the air. But i believe Emery and his staffs can surprise Man United

  2. A top 4 finish would be a fantastic achievement in Emery’s first year. He inherited some great players and a few mediocre ones but with little or no confidence, just look at them now. He deserves a contract extension now to tie him down to our club and to let him plan for the future – he’s that good!. Maybe even Stan will loosen his purse strings next month and buy a quality CB, probably the only position that needs strengthening. Our strikers are as good as anything in the EPL, and our midfield, now with that little fearless Jack Russell (Torreira) looks impressive and balanced. But we must beware injuries to key players.

    By the way, did anyone see Dele Alli’s face when he was bundled over the touchline by Torreira?

    Our most impressive and satisfying win for many a year!!! Long may it last.

  3. If we finish 4th a big reason would have been Emery getting Torreira. Wenger avoided quality defensive midfielders for over a decade. Emery got two his first summer

    Torreira is the best defensive midfielder since Gilberto and one of the best in the Premier League.
    In the summer we need to find 2 more central midfielders. another Cazorla/Viera/or Rosicky type player and a CAM (if Ozil and Mkhitaryan don’t improve)

    1. I AM CONVINCED that Emery has now definitely decided to sell Ozil as soon as he can for a decent offer. I think he has also done likewise with Mkhi and I confidently predict that neither will ever wear our shirt again beyond this season. iT SHOULD BE UTTERLY CLEAR TO ALL THAT EMERY WILL NOT TOLERATE LAZINESS AND COASTING AS WENGER SO BLITHELY DID AND FOR SO LONG TOO. (WALCOTT ANYONE?) I predict you are totally right in saying we need two more gifted central creative midfielders to replace BOTH these non committed players. I see no way that either Ozil or Mkhi will change to become hardworkers; it is just not IN them. The best asset this club has right now and by a huge distance too is clearly Emery himself.

    2. Why did you feel like jumping on the bandwagon of praise Emery without giving Sven his credit?
      Poor Sven, he has done a wonderful job, he doesn’t get thanked by our fans nearly as often as he should be.

      Not a knock on Emery, I think he has done a wonderful job, his coaching has rejuvenated the squad 🙂
      Can’t we as fans say well done Sven when he finds good players?

  4. As a betting man, I am today spending much time working out my own personal odds of us making top four and seeing what odds are around to either back or lay. I see it like this: Top four with two certainly already taken in City and Liverpool. Two places available and four possible teams left to fight for them with one in United, unless they sack Mourinho by Christmas, almost certain to miss out, as he has clearly lost the dressing room and things will not improve while he remains. I feel he will be sacked as soon as United exit CL and so hope they stay in a long as possible. They are also already 8 points adrift of us and Spuds and9 from Chelski. Our main disadvantage versus our London rivals is our defence is far more porous than both of theirs. Conversely we score more goals. So it becomes a trade off between a better attack and a poorer defence. I also realise Spurs have three home games in hand whereas we play three away games, which should be factored in. Thus we have two places for three teams with just one of the three missing out. All in all I think the bookies odds of around 6/5 against us are broadly correct as at today. I will look for opportunities where one result changes the odds more than it really should. And that DOES happen. If you bet regularly, you will surely be doing much the same. Generally best odds are found on Betfair, where you may both back and lay on all markets and even during the games in running.

  5. Old man your dislike for Walcott knows no bounds….but I feel you …Walcott was a waste…ozil and mhki hasn’t been impressive either they both need to improve or step up to the challenge.

    1. “You feel me?” Oh no you don’t! I have no clue what point on Walcott you are trying to make but there appears to be some sort of contradiction, though your post is hard to decipher. Try it in English next time!

      1. Walcott is not our player anymore, why not leave the dude alone and concentrate more on Arsenal players?

        1. I was not the one who brought the subject of WaLCOTT UP. WHY NOT SPEAK TO THE MAN WHO DID INSTEAD?

          1. Dec 3rd at 4:06

            Dec 4th (next day!)
            “I was not the one who brought the subject of WaLCOTT UP.”

            So what was you talking about on the 3rd, the day before?

            I will admit the design of this site is questionable for the users to communicate with each other, much easier to talk to someone in a forum who gets notifications when they get a reply, easy to have really fun debates 🙂

            Be honest though Jon, you do bring up anyone when it means you can bash Wenger, you constantly do it.
            Like how you was slating Bellerin at the start of the season while I was saying give Emery the chance, you refused as bashing Bellerin was also a bash on Wenger.

            I wonder how you are going to tell me I am wrong..
            You didn’t make that post on the 3rd? Aliens?
            No no no… I got it!


  6. Your assertion that “Arsenal are strong in every department” is simply not the case and a win over an under par Spurs does not cover over the cracks which any balanced, realistic fan can see are still there.That is not a slight on our performance yesterday which was immense and demonstrated the spirit which Emery has brought to the team.We remain weak at centre back and left back hence the need for Emery being obliged to play Kolasinac as a wing back where his defensive frailties will not be exposed as they would be in a flat back four.That said under Emery we are moving in the right direction and like JF i suspect that Ozil may well be on his way out in the not too distant future.MAN Utd will be fired up for the match on Wednesday but I feel we are good enough to at least get a point.

  7. Why do you describe Spurs as under par? Were they missing any regular starter? Can we use the same argument to explain Spurs victory over Chelsea? We should always avoid using expressions that can’t be substantiated. If Spurs were under par because Arsenal were a superior I will agree with you. I know people will keep shifting goal posts. When Spurs beats Chelsea it is a super team but when it loses to Arsenal it is below par! What kind of inverted logic is that? The people who doubted Arsenal’s ability to beat Spurs have now found new solace in the forthcoming game against Man U. They now argue that since Mourinho is like a wounded animal he will be very difficult to play against. They further talk of Man U towering players which seems to be directed at Torreira. Man U may have the home advantage, a wounded Mourinho and towering players but Arsenal has a new found resilience and spirit which can neutralise all that. Well let’s wait and see.

    1. David, on your central point about “inverted logic” I think this whole subject is a far wider one , involving the natural bias of MOST devoted fans of all clubs. This double standards is rife throughout football fans. I realise by describing myself as “a realist” which I truly believe I am in football matters, I upset many of our own double standard fans on here. This does not make either them or me bad people but to my way of thinking only demonstrates that being able to separate unbiased THINKING from our own natural Arsenal bias is not easy and I can only do it now, having spent 60 years attending Arsenal games and being a mature man with a life philosophy of being totally honest with myself. I always keep to that principle in all lifes key decisions. It helps enormously in being able to tackle my personal faults and change them for the better. WHETHER WITTINGLY OR UNWITTINGLY, YOU OPEN UP A HUGE PANDORAS BOX WITH YOUR “INVERTED LOGIC” COMMENT. This is just my personal take and others, as in all other life opinions will disagree. This is what makes for healthy debate and is the main reason I am on here at all. BTW, I still have personal double standards and bias in certain areas of life, though mostly in ones which are far more important to society EVEN than football. I am also thankful that I have never yet met a perfect person and don’t expect to ever do so. That would be far too intimidating!

  8. I was saying from day one we would be competing for top 4, I have been saying we will be competing for the title, we had some very good players before Emery arrived and I have been repeating myself about Emery coaching and how our players need a clean slate with Emery.

    I’ve defended players from people like Jon who only moans about our players, Bellerin is the perfect example, from match day one I was pointing at how Bellerin had improved his end result in such a short time that he will surprise us if he keeps working hard.

    I have been saying from the start that to win the EPL we would need a bit of luck, it isn’t something I expect as Emery does deserve time however I am going to support our players and the team. With a bit of luck then anything is possible.


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