Arsenal reportedly offer loan-to-buy deal worth £26.6m to sign defender

According to Ukrainian outlet, Arsenal are offering a loan fee of €5.3m (£4.5m) to secure the January signing of Shakhtar Donetsk defender Mykola Matviyenko.

It’s claimed that the north London outfit’s bid also includes the obligation for the deal to be made permanent in the summer for a fee of €26.3m (£22.1m).

Football.London recently reported that the centre-back’s representatives claimed that the Gunners were in talks to capture the Ukraine international’s signature this month.

It remains to be seen whether this offer for the 23-year-old will be expected as report that Shakhtar value the ace at €35m (£29.5m). The proposed loan-to-buy deal that the Gunners are offering is worth a total of €31.6m (£26.6m).

Matviyenko has made 21 appearances across all competitions for the Ukrainian giants this season, the ace played in all six of his side’s Champions League group stage games earlier this term.

The defender has already won 20 caps for Ukraine and he’s showed his versatility in the past by deputising at full-back, could this make the ace an attractive option to Mikel Arteta? The Arsenal boss was directly asked about the possibility of Matviyenko arriving in the Express, but he refused to discuss it, but he certainly didn’t deny it as he has with other rumours.

The touted fee does however seem quite steep for a talent that’s unproven in one of Europe’s top leagues.

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  1. Loaning a player first to check his adaptability is great, as what they did with Ceballos

    I wish we could do that to all our future targets, but I guess this only applies to fringe players and the ones who play in smaller leagues

  2. My first team and second team for next season:

    Sergej savic/Xhaka
    Auba or laca(if one stays)/ Jimenez
    Formation: 4-3-3

    Other squad players:
    Chambers luiz nketiah willock
    AMN Nelson

    1. So I take it your paying Ozil £350k a week out of your own pocket not to have him at the club next season are you?

      1. Lol forget Ozil, he’ll need in excess of 300mil just to sign all the other players he’s put in his squad

  3. Matviyenko is a real talent,and while he is only 5ft11″ ,which is short for our PL,he reads the game well and is quick unlike our current group of centre backs.Add to that the fact he can also play left back and as a DM and you can understand why After a likes him.

  4. Yes Grandad both Frank Mclintock and Bobby Moore we’re less than 5ft 11” and we’re great centre backs, very different era but it’s not all about height.

  5. If he is coming to Arsenal and if he is really good, and that is what MA and Edu must have thought, than great. We need desperately a CB who is reliable and stable.

        1. Well I’m sure you have it recorded Sue 😂😂 3 new players by next week? Would you bet on it 😆 winter break after next week it’ll feel like the international break 😂

          1. Haha that will keep you to ticking over Sue 😂 but what about me ? 😂😂 Hopefully we get a surprise 😀

  6. Saliba Mustafi Holding Socritis Chambers and Luiz and this fullah makes seven.
    So with Saliba already on tick makes sense to believe we gotta
    sell a couple of CB’s to pay for these new players unless they coming free.
    Perhaps this is all a smoke screen for some other player in another position?

  7. We have Holding & Mav who are our best CB pair today.

    I predict Arteta to play sokra-Xhaka instead ir Sokra available.

    That Ukraine player will need time to adapt, an average defender as we have plenty!

    We should have locked Koulibaly handed to us! Napoli wanting Torreira & kolas mad it easier for us. Too late now, Paris made an offer we can’t match; a 12M wage !

    1. I’m not sure why you feel Mav is one of our two best central Defenders.He has played how many games exactly?
      A couple of decent games and a couple of average at best performances.If he was as highly rated as you believe why has he been allowed to go out on loan for the rest of the season when he is finally fit and we are desperate for CB’s ?

    1. Shevchenko? Yarmalenko plays for West Ham.
      What about our very own Oleg Luzhny?
      Also Ukraine topped the World Cup Qualifying group ahead of Portugal. They can’t be that bad….

      1. Yeah that’s what I mean Shevchenko was an abject failure at Chelski
        and Yarmalenko is a part timer at cellar dwellars Westham.
        Just no

      2. AdminPat-what @Stevi asked was “how many Ukrainianshad been a big success in the Premier League” not how many had played in it.And he is right.Spuds had Shevchenkos strike partner who I can’t remember his name.Shows what an impact he made.
        Not one single Ukrainian has ever been a success so I agree with Stevie.But if we are paying £30m for a CB we need that to work not fail.

  8. Matviyenko’s height should not be a major problem,depends on where he plays though.But i have seen defenders not having much height but who knew to use their body well,the biggest example is CARLES PUYOL(The legend).

    And against players like ronaldo,van dijk,bale etc height doesnt matter to them,all i wish is a defender who knows the basics and to have good match awareness.I hope matviyenko is the guy

  9. If true, it means we will probably have Matvyenko and Saliba at the center of our defense.

    Hmmm. Not bad at all.

    With Chambers and Holding in the mix as well. Mouth watering…

  10. Can anyone hazard a guess as to how many players Arsenal were ostensibly interested in/negotiating with/talking to/on the point of signing, in this tramsfer window? Completely and utterly ridiculous, and all just to make a headline so that someone can sell a paper or get more advertising on a blog. Pitiful, really. Makes you wonder about and ponder the human mentality if we are so gullible for fake news.

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